How to Stand out More With Your Style?

When it comes to style, we are not in the 1980’s. It’s easier to get everything. That’s great. That’s also terrible. Go to a shop. Buy some nice clothes. Great. Great until you see that your friend is wearing the same thing. In a world of massive sales and a market in which clothes are mass produced, it’s hard to stand out. Unless you know a few tricks.

Shop From Smaller Brands

Smaller brands? It doesn’t mean that they are bad. Quite the opposite.

Sure, your friends might not be aware of them. But other than the name, smaller companies often offer higher quality products than the big names.  


Bigger brands charge for their name rather than quality. Smaller brands charge for quality rather than a name because they won’t get away with bad quality like the bigger players in the market do.

A smaller brand will often deliver better quality for the same price. Not always. But most of the time. And products that last can tell a story. They become more than clothing.

Shop Online

When you shop online, firstly, you can find a lot more smaller brands that don’t have shops but sell directly to consumers. Secondly, you expose yourself to the world. You can buy from almost any brand in the world, instead of being limited to what’s in your area. By doing so, you make sure that what you buy will almost certainly be unique.

“But what if something doesn’t fit me.” Yes. A common fear. We live in 2017. Most brands offer free returns.  

A way to make sure?



This is how you make sure you are unique. Who doesn’t have a white shirt? A white shirt at the end of the day is still a white shirt. Regardless of the brand. Accessories will allow you to stand out.

A nice watch. A bow tie. A great pocket square. So many opportunities for uniqueness. If you do it right, you will be the best-looking individual out there. Unless everyone else around you also reads this post and applies what you apply. But if you want to separate yourself from the crowd, this is how you do it.

Bow Ties and Neck Ties

Implementing a bowtie or necktie makes such a difference if done right. But if you are wearing a boring product, forget about it.

People all around you are wearing black. They are wearing white. You don’t even notice it. How are other people going to notice it? Wear something that is unique. Wear something that is bold. Everyone will see it. And you will get more compliments than you would ever get for wearing just a premium shirt. Don’t want to wear a suit but want to add some elegance? A bowtie or a necktie will deliver elegance.

Angelo Igitego offers bow ties that are unique. Materials that you will not see everywhere. Designs that you will most certainly not see everywhere. It’s not just a brand that looks unique. It’s a brand that commits to helping others. 20 by 2020. That’s its goal. To deliver 20 high-quality jobs with health insurance in Rwanda, the home of one of the founders, Angelo.

Pocket Squares

That pocket in your shirt? It’s amazing how underused it is. It makes such a difference. It’s so easy to stand out with a pocket square because not many people implement it. And the people that do? They are too basic. With a pocket square, the ability to self-express is enormous.

From pocket squares with paintings to designs. It’s something that you can implement casually. All you need is a shirt that has a pocket.


Watches are not as common as they used to be. People started replacing their watches with smartphones. But a watch still has a crucial role to play when it comes to style and convenience.

A modern phone? Low battery? Expect that every day. A watch won’t disappoint you. It’s simple. It works. It’s convenient. There’s no need to reach into your pocket.

A watch completes your outfit. It’s an item that suits any outfit, and that will always be respected. And in today’s world, you can get a lot of great watches at a great price. In recent years, wooden watches have become popular in particular.  

Regardless of your style, you can find a unique watch that suits you. And when it comes to an watch, it’s not so much about being unique with it. It’s about actually wearing one.

These are not the only ways to make your style more unique, but they are a sure way to do it.

Buy online if you can, from smaller brands, and implement accessories. Ones that are bold. That way you will stand out.

Check out @AngeloIgitegocollection.

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