How to Start Traveling With Very Little Money – Travel as a Student

Being a student? More like being broke. Let me rephrase this. You are broke. You are either broke or not reading this.

And I don’t blame you. You have parties to attend. Friends to meet up with. Loans. You gotta get a car that drives. You also gotta eat. By the time you factor all of that in, travel isn’t a possibility.

But yet, while most people give up travel because they can’t afford it, when I look around, one of the biggest regrets of students is that they didn’t travel.

Why not travel as a student without feeling broke and without having regrets? You can.

You have one advantage. You aren’t limited to a short holiday. Being a student gives you freedom in that way. You still have to attend, but you can leave a lot more.

You have one disadvantage. You don’t necessarily have the money that adults with full-time jobs have.

But you don’t need a lot of money to travel. That’s what you have been told by companies that want to take the most money from you.Think

This blog will teach you two things. How to start traveling and how to make some money while you do it. It’s 2017. It’s easy.

Travel as a student – Biggest issue? Starting.

“I have no money.” If I got paid for every time that somebody said that to me then I would never have to write a blog post again.

If you are in that mindset, you will never be able to travel. Waiting for money will result in you never traveling.

When you need money to travel, you won’t get it because nothing will happen if you don’t have it. You just won’t travel.

But if you need to pay for a hotel that you booked, then you need to pay for it. You aren’t safe. There’s an urgency. You need to make that money, and that is the difference between you sitting at home and traveling. There are consequences, and you don’t want them.Travel as a student

If you want to travel as a student, don’t wait until you have enough money. Book right now. You will think outside of the box.

In today’s world, many hotels accept payment on the day. Same with accommodations. Email. Ask. It’s not that hard.

The Rule: Book First. Worry later.

If you know that you have a place, then everything else is easier to get because you need to get it. If want to save some money on flights, there’s a blog post on that.

And a hotel isn’t an only option. Perhaps you have a friend that knows someone in a place. Try Couchsurfing. Try Airbnb. There’s a lot of ways to do it.

Hotels are only great in certain locations. Airbnb is only great in certain places. Research what works best in the area you are staying in.

If you want to travel as a student, you need to be smart. That requires extra research.

So How Do You Actually Make Money?

We are not living in the 1980’s anymore. It’s 2017. You can make money online. Do you know how many people want to have social media graphics done for their social media page? It’s a big market. It might not pay a lot but how long does it actually take?

10 years ago you would not have been able to travel while making money. Not as easily anyway. That means that you were constantly losing money. And if you were constantly losing money then you weren’t able to travel for too long.

It’s different today.

When you work online, you can work and travel. That gives comfort.

You need to find out what you are good at or have potential in, and go all in on it!

Use Creativity

How to Travel as a Student With Very Little MoneyThe jobs that exist today didn’t exist 10 years ago. People are looking for graphic designers so they can make social media designs. People are looking for influencers. People are looking for social media marketers. People are looking for writers for Instagram descriptions. Guess how many of these need degrees? ZERO. You need examples.

If you are good enough, then you are good enough. You just need to show it.

I help companies with blog posts while traveling

If you are a great artist, sell your work. Offer your work. Email all of your Instagram followers and offer them art for $300, that can be a lot for you, it isn’t a lot to a lot of people. Victor Ajayi makes over $500 per drawing.

You need to direct message everyone that might need your services. 100 people can reject you, but all you need is one. $300 will last you 2 weeks if you know how to use it. And you can have a lot of fun with that $300. Subscribe to the newsletter to find out exactly how to travel for 2 weeks with that budget.

The Formula to Making Money on the Internet


That’s it.

Don’t just email. DM. Snap. Do them all. DM is better for art for instance.

Say what you offer, back it up with examples and experience and state how you might add value. If you contact 100 companies, at least 1 will be interested and if not then your services either suck, you are offering something that has no value, or your pitch is pathetic.

If you want to travel as a student and make money doing so that you can continue to travel, you need to use this formula.

What to Avoid


On Upwork you will get paid about $20 per blog post. You either write a great blog post and only get paid $20 in a day, or you rush them and actually survive. You can’t make more than $600 without rushing. And if you do, then are you actually traveling as a student or are you simply working?

UpWork is great for terrible work unless that work is very simple. Thumbnails designs are simple. You get paid about $1 per thumbnail, but the work takes 2 minutes.

When I used UpWork, I searched for projects that required testing an app. You get paid about $40 for a quick test. You give feedback on an app. It’s simple, and it actually pays pretty well.


If there’s something you have some experience in, you can probably get paid to do it on the Internet, and if you are really good, then you can not only travel but also live a very comfortable life. If you want to travel as a student, this is how you do it.

Internet gave you opportunities. Use them.

You can find someone that will pay you for your services as long as you provide value.


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