Why Can’t You Start?

Wanting to know too much. That’s your problem.

How many questions could you fucking ask before you start doing? How many books could you buy before you start doing? See, it’s not that you’re shit. (/Most of the time.) You are simply not doing. That’s why you are not winning.

Me: “How many companies did you email today?”

Him: “10.”

Me: “Today?”

Him: “No, this week.”

You need to email at least 20… a day.

I keep seeing people waiting for these perfect formulas. Waiting to know exactly what to say. Stop. It’s pathetic. Especially in a world that is changing so much. You will always be behind if you are copying somebody else.


Yes, take advice, but don’t depend on it. A formula will always take you to a certain step. But when somebody asks you a question that wasn’t included in that formula, then you are fucked.

Formula = Trend. “The thing about trends is that once they are copied, they are over copied and suddenly there are too many people doing the same thing.”

“Make me $1000, or I’m going to shoot your Mother.” He declared while pointing the gun at your Mother’s cold, terrified, and trembling face. This could be anyone. Your girlfriend. Your boyfriend. Your father. Perhaps even your sister or brother.

You don’t succeed? “BANG BANG.” It’s over.

Duplicating that, it would be hard. We will not ask anyone to do it, hopefully, it never happens to anyone. If it did, though, you would succeed, wouldn’t you?” 


You Are Not Doing Because You Are Not Under Pressure.

You don’t give a fuck. That’s your problem. You are in a safe environment.  “Okay, I want to live a better life, but I feel safe here. I feel comfortable here. So I’m not going to do anything about it. I’m happy living in my room. I’m happy with my shit friends.” Okay, you are comfortable.

The problem with the advice of most mentors? It’s all about imagining. “Imagine this.” “Imagine that.” Imagination is great but in terms of actually doing? Our brains are not designed for action, they are designed for protection. Imagining is often not enough.

An: “I’ll get x if I succeed system is total nonsense.”  My system, I can’t say if it’s original, but it’s this: “I’m starting off as a loser. I can only regain my pride. I can only become normal if I succeed.”

Too many people are trying to provide a system that pushes towards gaining something. This system is about making sure you don’t lose. I’m not going to tell you to put a gun at your parents head. Instead, if it’s a business that you are trying to create. Book a holiday 3 months away from now. 3 months isn’t enough to create a successful business, but if you can’t make at least $500 for a trip, it’s a sign that things aren’t going well. Book it. A non-refundable trip that you don’t have to pay for until you get there. I can guarantee you that you will get there and that you will have way more than $500.


It’s up to you to make that decision. To commit. “Okay, I’m finished with this fucking shit life. “You shouldn’t be alive. Gary Vaynerchuk says there’s  a 400 trillion in 1 chance of us being alive.  In reality, there’s no chance of us being alive. We came from nothing.

Do you never wonder? Some big bang, whatever, how did it come to be? Something out of nothing. HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? How could something be there out of nothing? And you are here telling me something is impossible? You shouldn’t be alive. If there’s nothing, there should be nothing. And you’re complaining, and your whining that you want a better life. Stop asking questions. Start doing.


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