Startups from Web Summit That You Should Check Out

I like to wait before writing these kinds of posts. With Dublin Tech Summit, I waited several months. I really wanted to look at them. At Web Summit, there was a lot of startups that already had working products though. A lot sucked though. A lot lacked in ideas. A lot were copies of other products.

Some were good though. But there was a trend. It seemed that a lot of the good startups were about health. That was the main trend this year.



Water. That simple. But most of the water that we drink is not safe. This helps. The problem in terms of the idea? The least safe water is in the poorest areas. Poor people won’t be able to afford this. But this also helps in terms of making the water better. It adds minerals to it. 


Mitte reproduces the water cycle. It brings you the healthiest and safest water possible. It raised 300% of its funding goal on Indiegogo.

I personally love the idea and would have it at home. But I travel. I can’t bring this with me.


This is something I love and hate at the same time. This has enormous potential. At this moment, STYR is a combination of health technology such as trackers and bottles. That’s data. Data helps. Knowing how much water you are drinking is great too. 

Based on data, you get supplements that work best for your body. Great. But it would be greater if I could connect my DNA test results along with my blood tests. Then, I will truly know I’m getting supplements that work for my body.


DNA tests are common. Gut tests? That’s something else. Health matters. Tracking one aspect of it is not enough. It might be that one aspect that you are not tracking that is not doing good.



Passwords suck. Especially when you forget a password to a site and then have to change it, to realize that you actually knew it before. Eventually, you end up with several passwords that you keep forgetting.

NoMorePass makes passwords convenient. You use technology as a password. You always have your phone beside you. NoMorePass uses that as an advantage. When you need to log in, a QR pops up. Scan it with a phone. That’s it.


The pattern is clear. Health was the highlight. There was, however, one startup in the travel niche. It’s called Tradler. This is something that there will be a separate post about soon.

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