How to Relieve Stress. Why I Quit Facebook.

Meditation? Cool. Reading books? Cool. Working out? Cool. Having a good diet? Cool. Quitting Facebook? The most powerful stress reliever out there. In May of 2016, I quit Facebook. It wasn’t easy at the start. Not being connected to everyone. It was a nightmare. Almost a year later, looking back on that decision, it was one of the best choices I ever made.


“The most stress-free 30 days of my life.” That’s what I said after just one month. According to my history, I went onto Facebook 68 times within that time. It wasn’t easy. It was a habit. Quitting Facebook. It’s hard because it’s our habit. It’s hard to change a habit.

If you are feeling stressed and nothing is working, try having a break from Facebook. The reality is that Facebook is a source of information. And you see, the news poison us. The news is all about the negative stuff, things that get attention. On TV, most channels have news on only for 20 minutes every few hours. On facebook? It’s in your pocket. Constantly. Facebook, you can access it all day. Instant notifications. The amount of negative stuff you go through each day. Imagine if that stuff just went. You don’t even comprehend the amount of information you process during the day.


Drama. Fights. People bitching. People bitching about how bad this town is. People dying. People giving out about people writing posts about people dying. Fuck. I almost feel stressed right now.

We don’t even realize how that negative information is influencing us. Thousands of negative posts every day. How many pages do you like? When watching the news, you watch one at a time. On Facebook, you scroll through same information through different sources, constantly.

Now, I’m not saying that Facebook is the root of evil. I’m not saying that social media is bad, it’s not. Social media is the most powerful tool there is if used right, all I’m saying is that if you are struggling, try quitting. Try having a break. Maybe that’s affecting you. You don’t know what you don’t track. You can’t really track this. But you can notice once you take a break. It might hurt at first. It might changed your life later on.


Everything has its good side and bad side.  And no, I’m not complaining about the fact that I can talk to my Granny that lives thousand of miles away, that’s great, well until you realize that you have nothing to talk to her about when you meet up face to face. Experiment. Maybe it’s not Facebook. Maybe it is. Try it out.

Somebody might argue that you won’t know anything then. But sometimes it’s better not to know anything. That negative stuff poisons.


You don’t want someone that kind of loves you. Facebook only kind of loves you. It poisons you. It gives you love. Try it out. 30 days. Deactivate your Facebook. See how your life changes. If it doesn’t, by all means, go back.  This is probably one of the hardest things you will have to do because you are so addicted to it. I mean, 1 billion people. Are you strong enough to let it go for a little while? Try it out. If it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work. It could change your life.


Why Facebook? Why not a different platform? Facebook is the most unique. Instagram focuses more on individualism than news. Snapchat allows you to skip the news. Twitter is a source of news. It’s limited. 160 characters. Facebook offers a lot more content.

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