How to Succeed in Life? Two Steps.

There are no formulas. There are no tricks. It’s simple. Know what you want. Be in the mindset of “I have to do it or I will die.” That’s it. Sounds simple? It is. It’s hard to do that, though.

Firstly, if you don’t know what you want out of life, you will never get anything that will satisfy you. I can’t tell you what you want. TRY EVERYTHING. You can’t know what you want if you only try one thing. I used to want to be a developer. Then a designer. Now I’m a writer. You try new things and your life changes. There’s nothing more when it comes to that part. Don’t know what you can do? Google.

Do or Die.

In “Think and Grow Rich”, there’s a story mentioned about warriors that burned (sunk) their ships. You either win this war or you die. No turning back. Hernando Cortez did this with an army that consisted of fewer men. Guess who won? If you were put in a situation in which I was holding a gun at the face of your Mother, what would you do? If I told you that you need to bring me $1000 at the end of the day. You would find a way. This could be anyone. Your sister. Your Mother. Your Father. Your boyfriend. Your girlfriend. Perhaps even your friend.

It isn’t about providing you with formulas on how to do it. If you have to do it, you will actually find a way. You might have a formula, but you will not be as effective at executing it until you need to. I have a formula I developed for certain emails I write when asking for products, it works most of the time. I don’t use it until I really need to. Even though it works.

Now, we are not going to say that somebody has to be pointing a gun at someone you love. Hopefully, you are never in that situation. But it would work, wouldn’t it? The formula to succeed? Be under that mindset. It’s hard to just put yourself into that mindset.


How to put yourself into that mindset?

Want to go on holidays? Book a non-refundable holiday that doesn’t require a payment yet. Want to get a new car? Buy it now with loans starting next week. Need to make money? Sign a contract with a friend, or perhaps somebody that you hate, that you will give them x amount of money if you don’t succeed. Need to get a new job? Announce to your friend that you will be leaving in two months and sign a contract with them. It might not be smart to tell your employees, they might not treat you as well.

To be in that mindset, the “I have to succeed or I will die” mindset, it’s the key to your success in life. We have it too easy. I mean, we would love change, but yet, we are not living a shitty enough life to make that change. We are comfortable with where we are. That’s the problem. It’s not that people on the internet are scamming you.


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