Sudio VASA BLÅ – Real Review

I’ve had great earphones. I’ve had terrible earphones. These are closer to the first. Put on $20 earphones. Take them off. Try these. You will feel that difference. Try these. Take them off. Put on $150 earphones. You won’t feel that much of a difference. Sudio VASA BLÅ. These are $90. A price justified?

A nice case. One that’s compact. A nice package. A nice looking clip. A variety of earbuds that actually fit my ear. I’m not a giant. The presentation reminds me of Apple. USB cable? It’s okay. Hmm. That really reminds me of Apple. Pretty neat packaging. But what’s shown and how it’s shown does not represent the product. It does give you high hopes though.

Designed for People With Style

That’s for sure.

The product itself? Modern, modern, modern. You don’t see any 2005 style designs. Something that’s present too much. This product is modern from every angle. From the packaging to the actual earphones. Colors? Modern. Rose gold. These earphones look like the future. The most modern looking earphones out there.

They are light. Jaybird X2’s rocked, but they were massive. Way too big. Even with the smallest buds, they still felt too big. These? They fit perfectly and most importantly don’t stick out. They are visible enough for people to notice, but not big enough for people to ask why are you wearing such.

Coming from $20 earphones, the difference is enormous. There’s bass present. That itself is a big difference that anyone with earphones under $50 will notice. These are Bluetooth earphones, with a great signal. I’m not an expert, but I do have Bluetooth products, and I do know how bad some can be when it comes to that. Good signal matters. You don’t want to be listening with disturbance.

Battery? That’s one of the most important things when it comes to any product. A battery to our phones or earphones is what sleep is to us. Now, I’ve never gone without charging the earphones when I knew I would be using them. Therefore, it’s hard to state. I’d say 6 hours. They state 8. Let’s be honest. Companies tend to do less than consumers when doing these tests. 6 hours is good enough. You will more than likely not need more than 6 hours per day unless you are traveling, then it could be a problem. But then again there are not many companies that offer any better. Especially if you are looking for a light product. And that’s another topic worth mentioning. They are very nicely balanced. Some people claim differently. From my experience, they are.

And that’s important. Now, these earphones are made for normal use but let’s say you go for a run. Go and sprint. Be moving a lot. Your earphones start to swing from left to right. A bad weight balance could result in them falling off. They stay in your ears. Perhaps this wouldn’t be a worry if the cable was shorter or if there was some sort of a capability to shorten the length of it by tying it.

I will say, the customer service isn’t as great as the packaging. But other than that, It’s a product I really enjoyed. Now, I’m not a music expert, but I do love music. I do love fitness. I do love modern design. I’m just an ordinary user. If you are reading this, you probably are too. You are looking for something that will deliver quality. Sudio VASA BLÅ deliver.

Not perfect. By no means. They do have a slight problem with playback sometimes. I do have a problem talking to people on Snapchat with them on. I would like to see an ability to customize the buttons and along with a way to customize the EQ in the hardware.

Would I buy them? For this price? Definitely. Sudio VASA BLÅ. An unusual name. A great product.

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