Style of The Week. Complete Suit Outfit Under 400$ Dollars

Less than four hundred dollars. One week to go. A need for a matching suit, is it doable? A suit is that one piece of clothing that each man should have, and yet even when they have it there will come a time that perhaps it doesn’t match the color of your dates dress, or perhaps the occasion. What then? You got a few choices. Go to a shop near by, buy a suit that will probably be also owned by a few different individuals at the event and that will probably not be the greatest fit, or take a risk online, end up with a suit that no body else will wear. This outfit will not be super perfect nor is it aimed to be. This style is here to show that it is possible to get a suit that is a reasonable fit and yet is within a average budget. By outfit I mean everything. (Minus the underwear.)


The most essential part to get right is the suit coat. Trousers that are an inch too big or too small in terms of width or height, you can get away with it..I don’t recommend it but it is doable. I went with ASOS. Why, as it’s one of the only sites I use, I’m not sure if it’s the high quality of the products at a great price or the fact that it has  super fast shipment and free returns if a product doesn’t fit. Or perhaps the fact that most of their products do fit as they are designed for everyone rather than just “tall” individuals which is the case with some companies. img_20161008_180514

The ASOS jacket will set you back no more than $137.05 dollars. (Buy It Here:) ( My is being sent back as unfortunately I got too much muscle(joking) and it’s simply too tight buttoned up ( I need 38 inch rather than 36) but other than that it’s perfect. There’s three length options. Short, regular, Long. I got the short version and it fits pretty good, especially considering there was only two measurements provided.

img_20161008_170056And the beauty is that if you are not in a rush you can returned if it doesn’t fit or simply get it tailored.  These are by no means world class Hugo-Boss quality, matter of fact they crumble fairly easy but for an student on an budget, for an individual that needs something quickly.. these are perfect. The bow tie powering this jacket is from New Look. Buy It Here: It’s only 5 Euro (Normally 9.99). That’s about $5.60 img_20161005_213004


img_20161008_180700They even include a pocket square with it.  Since the trousers were already shown I suppose it would be a good idea to mention something about them. They are also made by ASOS and are the same color as the jacket. These cost only $64.49. Buy them here. Mine are 32 inches in width as well as length.





Staying on the same subject, A great belt is needed to hold these trousers. A belt is that separation point between your upper and lower part of the body which is why a good belt is essential. I got mine from Anson belts. Buy It Here:  A great precise system that will give you a precise fit, I mean, adjustments every 1/4 inch.. belt holes don’t provide that. Oh and yeah, that’s right, no holes. Oh and… Lifetime warranty. How good could it get?  It’s a one size fits all solution. Have two Anson belts? No, you actually have four. The buckles and straps are changeable. My belt  cost $49.90.   with a 

fixedBefore we mention shoes, I think it’s right to mention socks. These socks are a a random pair of socks, as in coming from a subscription box. 15 dollars a month. You get a pair each month, this month I got a red pair with black dots. Just so happens that their recommendation was to wear it with a blue suit. “Make that blue suit pop like you never thought you could.”  “Best worn with a navy suit, brown leather Monk-straps shoes…” Oh wait, did somebody say monk straps?img_20161008_175431

This pair of Monks comes from New Look. Buy them here. With the price of 29.99(Euro)(Originally 39) equating to about $33.59, these shoes are the best in their price range. Look fantastic, and you can never really go wrong with a pair of brown shoes, and most defiantly with a pair of monk straps.

Going slightly up to the shirt. ASOS Skinny Fit Oxford Shirt in White With Logo was the shirt I got. The one I was searching for was out of stock for my size which tends to happen a lot with ASOS. Clothing sells out quicker than Justin Bieber concerts over there.  The white shirt is okay, I mean the skinny fit fits me perfectly but it crumbles very easily and isn’t the easiest for ironing either, great fit but simply a lot of work needed to make it work.  It costs $32.25. Buy It Here:11

But a shirt is no good unless there’s a good undershirt, right? Like seriously. Undershirts changed my life. I tend to sweat a lot and that reflects on my clothing which reflects on my confidence. Thompson Tee changed my life. If I just had one thing to recommend, it would be Thompson Tee.  I think this product should be mandatory in every school, every shop… It’s brilliant, Blocks smell and stains. The special patented technology turns sweat into an odorless gas. It’s the best product I ever used. My slim fit cost $29.99. And it’s really the best investment you can make. Why spend so much money on chemicals that don’t work…

The total cost equates to 367 Dollars and 87 cents. The remainder of the budget could be spent on hand accessories, perhaps sunglasses or even a tie bow. All of these products come together to form a solid outfit at a decent price to wear.  One could invest a little bit more in a suit if one possess all the other outfit essentials, but if you have nothing then for this price this is a great deal. Skinny fit provides a great look. The trousers fit great and provide freedom of movement. And if you don’t like any of these or would like them returned then it’s simple, and free. (Speaking of ASOS.)


My name is Michael, this weeks style of the week is over. Checkout my Instagram @SuccessIsForAll or contact me at:

I’ll see you on the next post. Adios.



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