Threadbare Hooded Coat Review. Perfect for the Spring.

Go to a shop. Buy a coat. Go home. See your neighbor wearing it. I can’t live with that possibility. Hence I get products online. Is this coat? Is it a trench coat? Is this a jacket? I see it as all. What don’t I see? I normally don’t see this color in this format. It’s not often that I see coats that are fully made from cotton, not in this color. This Threadbare Hooded Coat is.

I live in a small town. But it does still have 9000 people or so. There’s not a single individual in my town that wears this color when it comes to coats. But yet almost every single individual gave me compliments on the street. That’s something. Even my haters didn’t hate on me. But let’s not get excited there. There’s this phenomenon, I don’t know if there’s a name for it, “Too good to wear anything else” is my name for it and it’s happening to me right now. Meaning that I am currently only wearing this coat.

This color goes perfectly with gray. It’s a classy color. It makes the casual classy. 

A common trend I see in coats lately is that many brands provide fake pockets just so it looks like you have extra pockets, sometimes they actually are pockets, but they are tiny. Yes. Thanks for providing pockets. Look at the date. 2017. Where am I supposed to fit my phone? This coat doesn’t have that. The pockets provided are functional.

It’s also nicely proportioned. One of my previous coats was a size bigger, but if I closed it with just the buttons rather than the zip, they would often open up randomly. This coat doesn’t. This doesn’t mean that it has too much material either, it doesn’t. The buttons are simply placed correctly.

This coat is perfect for the temperatures in Spring. If you live in Ireland, it’s probably perfect for the Summer too.  

When it comes to clothing, I’m all about the structure. You will see that in a bag review I made later on, I hate products that are flat. They make a premium product feel like it was made for $5. This product has structure. You can see when you look at its hood. And actually, it’s one of the only products that nearly fits my hair within the hood without making it flat. Nearly. 



It’s more classy than a typical coat. Not too classy to make it formal. It’s perfect for almost every occasion. Casual date. Going to a match. Walking. Threadbare really impressed me with this product.


The factor of decision? Where are you based? Spring will be over in a month or two, in terms of temperature. Look at it this way. This is the best way to judge clothes and whether it’s worth buying them. 2 months = 60 days. If you wear this coat every day for 60 days, the price of $91 suddenly falls to $1.51 a day. That’s less than a Starbucks coffee. You probably spend more on chewing gums each day. But then again, you might be living in a warm country that might already be experiencing warm temperatures. This jacket is certainly not a winter jacket. It’s perfect for spring. It’s a jacket that will last for years too. Investment for the future?


Disclaimer: This was not a date. Also not sponsored by Starbucks. That was a good coffee though.


One thing I will mention. It picks up raindrops. Even just one drop. You will see it. But that’s something you should expect with a coat like this. On the other side, it dries quickly. This Threadbare Hooded Coat is worth every dollar.

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