The Best Type of Shoe If You Can Only Have One Pair? Sperry Chelsea Boot Review

So here you are. One luggage. You need your coat. You need your jumper. You need at least two shirts. Two pairs of trousers too. You have one pair of shoes on you. You might fit a pair of runners too. But other than that? You are out of space. 

This isn’t just an imaginary scenario. This is the reality for people that travel. Luggage costs. Sometimes more than tickets. That’s why people tend to go with just a carry-on. It’s a reality for people like me. I travel. I’ve been to 10 countries this year. I have a few more to visit. The key to travel is to bring what works with everything. A 2 in 1. 

So what’s a perfect shoe to bring with you?  A Chelsea boot.  Read on to find out why.

Formal Versus Not Formal

Men's Gold Cup Suede Crepe Chelsea

If you are able to travel a lot, it’s either for work, or it’s because you are self-employed. Both of these always bring a possibility of a business meeting. When you are looking for a shoe to bring on your travels, you need something that will fit both situations. And that’s hard to do.

Sneakers don’t work in formal situations. Oxfords don’t work casually. Double monks are more casual but still don’t work either. Chelsea boots? They fit both occasions. You can be fancy. You can be casual. It doesn’t matter. You won’t have to change your shoes when you are changing your outfit with Chelsea boots.

You can dress them up. You can dress them down.

They Make You Stand Out

Men's Gold Cup Suede Crepe Chelsea

Wear a casual outfit. Great. But replace sneakers with some Chelsea boots, and you are automatically looking more masculine. You are automatically looking more mature. You are looking like a person that knows how to make something casual look impressive.

The Type of Chelsea Boots to Choose

Men's Gold Cup Suede Crepe Chelsea

This season? Seude. Without a doubt. Kanye West for sure helped with that last year but Seude is something that you will see even more people wearing. It is an exciting material. But you have to be careful. Make sure that you have the right substances to take care of suede. Make sure that it’s waterproof or that you have a spray to make them waterproof. Suede is great, but it loves to get damaged by the rain.

The Boots that I have in these pictures

These Chelsea boots are from Sperry. The company that invented the boat shoe in 1935. The color? Fantastic. This post isn’t about colors as everyone likes something else but tan is one of those colors that has been in style for several years now, and when you think about it, for a good reason.


Pro advise? Do not wear these for too long when using these for the first time. My skin is still recovering from the blisters I got two weeks ago. Then again, my skin seems to be more delicate than of most people. Other than that, these are one of my favorites. Sperry Men’s Gold Cup Crepe Chelsea is a ridiculously long name though.

Men's Gold Cup Suede Crepe Chelsea

They are comfortable minus the blister part. They match any outfit. The color contrasts outfits nicely. They have great grip even though they are fully flat. That grip makes them great for wintery surfaces. Of course, flat surface is not optimal for winter, but out of flat surface shoes & boots, these do a great job.

Men's Gold Cup Suede Crepe Chelsea I’ll be bringing these when traveling because they fit perfectly with jeans and with something more formal. And that’s something that people notice too. An average person from the age of 18 to 22 does not wear something like this. This gives me an advantage. Especially in business when people don’t always take young people seriously as they consider them as people of not enough experience in fields that are constantly being changed, so there isn’t such thing as enough experience.

If you are looking for a 2-in-1 solution, these Sperries might be worth considering.

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