The Charge By Brendon Burchard- Review

What if I told you that regardless of your situation right now… Your life can get better? It can. And a lot more better. Only if you make the choice to change something. With the constant  spread of media, in a world in which media promotes what goes viral rather than what improves our lives, it’s really hard to feel connected. Matter of fact it’s very hard to even live a happy life, but some people made a commitment to change that. Brendon Burchard is one of those people. All I need to say about Brendon is that he changed millions of lives.


“You’re connected to everyone & everything online but you don’t feel nearly as connected to the world or to others as you would like”

The lack of living the so called Charge life is the lack of a great strategy and Brendon Burchard did an incredible job to provide that strategy. I know from reading this book that he put his heart into the making of it. He put his heart into helping people. And that’s one of the drives mentioned in the book, matter of fact. The drive for CONTRIBUTION. The chapter on that drive was started  by a deep and meaningful quote “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill.

Brendon stated that “when we feel as though we’re contributing to the world, we gain a profound sense of meaning and purpose.” I have a reason to believe that Brendon contributed a lot towards his charged life by writing this book. By fulfilling his drive for Contribution for example. Not to mention the fact he helped millions of people with this book.

blogposThe Charge talks about the need for strategy, but the book itself is very strategically laid out. It’s separated into two sections. The Five Baseline Drives which essentially are the most basic ones which won’t provide the full charged life, The Five  Forward Drives will create that full charged life, but only with the use of the Baseline Drives, without that it won’t work. Both types are essential. The reality is that you will never master any of the drives mentioned in the book, but the goal is not perfection, it’s progress. And Following the drives in the book will contribute towards you having a deeper, more happy and alive life.


The book however starts with the laying out of the three types of lives. The Caged Life, The Comfortable Life and The Charged Life which is what we ultimately seek.


One thing I love about this book is that it’s not written to fill up a few concepts, I would not be able to debate over which sections of the books I would be able to cut out, that’s how useful everything in it is. His clients problems are explained and then solved. Very important. It adds to the sense of reality. That we are not the only ones with these problems. It’s problems of teenagers, emotionless people, women, men. It has all of it.


This book isn’t just writing. It is also action, it requires you to take actions. Brendon leaves Charge Points and asks you numerous amount of questions that he wants you to answer making you more engaged through out the book.

If you want to be more happy in life, then without any doubt read this book. It will change you. Having said that no masterpiece was ever written in a day. You need to read this book, apply the book to your life, and then read again, and again…


That’s it for this weeks Book Of The Week. I’ll see you on the next one! Cheers!

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