Thursday Boots – Captain – Perfect Boots for Winter?

Boots aren’t tech. Until you look deep down. Until you realize that boots are what keep your feet safe. We got so used to them that we don’t even call it technology anymore. You need to footwear, especially in winter. Thursday Boots is a company that’s shown by all major fashion bloggers and YouTubers. It was founded in 2014. Are their products any good or are they great at marketing?

There are a few things that really matter when it comes to winter. Comfort, durability, and protection from the weather. And then there’s the last thing, how they look because if you want your boots to be great in terms of you and your day, but you also want to impress.


I’ve worn these boots every day since the 16th of November to the 6th of December. And I don’t mean that I wore them to go to a shop. I averaged 20,000 steps per day. On peak days, I did 40,000 steps. I really walked with these.

And not just in one terrain. I was in several different conditions. I was in Wroclaw, Prague, Milan, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand, Paris, and Dublin with these. I walked on snow. I walked on mountains. I walked on wet surfaces.

These boots survived walking that most people don’t do in 3 months with one pair of shoes. And they still look as good as when I got them initially. They do have a few scrubs or not what. It happens. That’s why you use a polish and a brush though. Something I didn’t have around while on this trip.

If you look at these very closely, there are several clever things going on there that boots at this price don’t tend to provide. For instance, the Goodyear welt construction protects the shoes from water which could destroy the likes of your socks or inside of the boot, but it also means that these boots are completely re-soleable. And shows that there’s quality present. It shows that these are intended to last for many years.

The leather looks and feels like it’s of high quality, now I’m not an expert in leather, so I can’t give you great information on it. I’m just a normal user. But, I do know one thing.  There’s a big difference between these and other products that I have that are made out of leather.

These also aren’t made in China. They are actually made in Mexico. But the leather on this model comes from the Horweeen Tannery in Chicago. And that’s a big benefit. The fact that something is not made in China does not prove it’s of great quality, but it automatically gives you a better feeling about the product before you see it.

Protection From the Weather

This is what matters the most during Winter. You are going to face the harshest weather conditions in Winter. It will be freezing. It will be wet. It will be icy.

Grip. You need that. You don’t want to be walking at a speed of a snail because you are afraid that you will fall, and then you will probably fall anyway. These boots have a fantastic rubber grip. You could see my cameraman who did not share the same luck as me.

The thing I really love about Thursday Boots is the fact they offer special suede. Now, these boots on pictures don’t have that, but my chukkas do. They made the suede in such a way that is water resistant. And if you ever wore suede and it started to rain, then you know that rain and suede don’t get on at all.

And in winter, there’s a lot of rain and snow. If you like suede and want to wear it in winter, you are risking destroying your shoes or boots every time you wear suede. This is not a problem with Thursday Boots.

I already mentioned the sole, that it’s a Goodyear welt construction. Well, that makes your boots completely water resistant. And that’s huge in winter.

Did you ever walk on grass and felt that your socks were wet? It sucks. Right? Problem solved.


The fact they survive harsh conditions is great. But your feet also have to survive.

And that’s what makes these my choice for winter.

My last boots? It was pretty bloody. Blisters love me. They don’t love me on these boots.

Captains have a full glove leather lining that just makes them comfortable to wear. And I’ve worn every day for 20 days. I’ve walked almost 500,000 steps in these. I did not feel any fatigue. I did not get any blisters. I did not feel like I was wearing boots at the end of the day.

They are just extremely comfortable to wear. I would gladly accept if these broke every two months if I got that comfort with every pair of shoes that I get. What’s weird is that they don’t smell either. As in, generally, any type of shoe would have a smell after a certain period of time, these, not including the leather don’t have that. And that’s something that adds to the durability too. They are made to last.


This is the one that depends on what you like. At the end of the day, it goes down to your style. The color. The design. It depends on what you like. But then there come those little things that matter in whatever you like. Laces for instance.  These give a clean look that blends in. The boots itself are made of quality leather that’s imported from Chicago. They won’t stay the same or get worse in time. They will only get better looking. And if the sole ever needs a replacement, that can be done too.

Thursday Boots also don’t over advertise. You won’t see a Nike style logo on them. You need to look inside or at the bottom for that.


It’s the things like water resistance. It’s the things such as the glove lining inside. It’s the comfort. It’s the durability. These boots are made for the conditions of winter with durability to last many winters. With them looking better every winter. That’s what these Thursday Boots Captains do. For $199, I’m not sure if you can get anything better. Can you? Send me an email if you know a better product.

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