Why It’s Better to Travel Alone

“Travel alone? But then you won’t have anyone to talk to.” Oh, exactly, that’s the point.

I’m blessed enough to be able to travel a bunch. I’ve been to Krakow, London, Budapest, Hamburg, Vienna, Prague, and Amsterdam in the last 2 months. And that’s just the big cities.


When you travel, you start to see patterns.

I’ve noticed one pattern.

You don’t get to fully experience unless you are alone.

The Problem With Traveling With Somebody

You are safe. In a comfort zone. You have somebody to go for a coffee with. You have somebody to go to a party with. You have somebody to explore with. That’s great. It sucks a lot though.

When you are in that comfort zone, you are not pushed to talk to anybody. And that means that you aren’t fully experiencing your trip.london eye

Unless you are alone, you will not have to talk to people.

Nobody wants to lack sad and pathetic by being alone. It pushes us to talk because the other option is already bad enough. And that allows us to get the full experience.

Now, there’s still a chance that you won’t talk to people as you might pick up the phone and call somebody, people do that. But that’s on you then.

budapestThe best trips happen when you travel alone. You meet people. Usually nicer people. They don’t know anything about you. No rumors. No drama. You can be yourself.

By traveling alone, I got to meet company founders, I’ve got to meet models, I actually went on holidays with a model as a result of meeting her on a trip. I made connections, connections that I probably wouldn’t have made if I was with somebody.

savile road

Travel isn’t bad with friends. Travel alone is simply better in many cases. It allows you to experience.

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