Trump. To Trust Him or Not? Wait With Judgment.

Trump could be shit. Trump could be great. You don’t know. It’s like judging a girl as a girlfriend before having a girlfriend. Sure, he has done terrible things. So has everyone else. He at least talks openly about what he stands for.  People preaching “lives matter” while making fun of how someone looks. It’s all a game, a game of pretending. Caring for something or someone when it’s convenient.

“YOU SUPPORT TRUMP? WHAT? YOU SHOULD DIE OMG!” No. I don’t care. I frankly don’t care about him. Judge him, say shit. Use all the curse words there is. Do that. Do whatever. I simply cannot see the value of judging someone before they do something. Judge him as a person. Separate him as a president. These are two different things. Do you judge maths experts on their weakest subjects in school? You don’t. People, however, look at the worse in people.


Most people pretend they care about certain values, but when it comes down to it, they don’t. He’s a cunt in many aspects, but he’s honest. I appreciate cunts that are honest, more than people that claim they stand for something,  people that preach that all lives matter but yet, but yet they are laughing at that child that has a funny accent. Trump speaks his mind. Speaking your mind is not acceptable in today’s world. Being brutal is viewed as insane today. I know that. That’s how society feels today. Freedom of expression, but if someone doesn’t align with your views, then she or he are evil.

This post isn’t about the shit Trump has done. It isn’t about the good he has done. This is a post that shows you that you should not judge until work is done. That system doesn’t work. We judge so often.

This quote isn't about Trump. It simply to show that mistakes don't always define us.
This quote isn’t about Trump. It simply to show that mistakes don’t always define us.

Judge Him as a Person.

Yes, say whatever you have to say about him. But judge him as a person only. Judge him as a president separately. Separately, after he actually becomes one, after he is in the office for a certain period of time. Otherwise, how can you?  Would you say that your club will be relegated because you don’t like the new manager? You can’t say that until you actually see that manager at work. You might not like him, but he might be effective. You don’t know.

I love nice people, but there’s this misconception about Hollywood stars, how do all of them seem so nice? Ironically, they act.

They didn’t sign a contract that said that they must follow certain beliefs and live a certain lifestyle that is viewed acceptable by the society. But then they do something, and it’s like they are bad. No, they are humans doing the same shit most humans do, it’s just public, and people think that this justifies why certain things should not be done. We became so allergic to what people around us do. If someone wants to watch stuff, do stuff, let them be. If you were to nail out all the sins of the greatest leaders, you might end up calling them the exact opposite. Einstein stated that atomic bombs should be made. That led to many many innocent people dying. People will argue that it was a choice that had to be made, but we all sometimes do terrible things, doesn’t make us bad at the great things we can do.

“Stop giving my children a bad example.” No, maybe tell the paparazzi’s to stop stalking people. Let “celebrities”  live their lives. Let actors, athletes, or whoever it is, let them live their lives the way they want to, not the way you want them to.

I’ve never seen a president that delivered on everything they promised. Wait until it’s judgment day, not when it’s convenient before.  We never even seen Trump as a president. How the FUCK could you judge? He could be fucking worse than you even think, wait until you judge. There have been people elected numerous times that seemed like great candidates, but turned out the exact opposite, thus don’t judge his presidency prior to his presidency.

white-house-1022633Am I a Trump Supporter?

It doesn’t matter. I love helping people. I care a lot about people. I’m not racist. My best friend is from Nigeria. I don’t have anything against immigrants. It’s lazy people I have something against. If you do nothing. Leave. Regardless of your nationality. It’s not immigrants. Lazy people are the problem.

My message, don’t judge. By all means, if he is shit, then fucking go at him, I will help you. But save it. Don’t underestimate people. Things are not always how they seem. Some people make mistakes but turn out to be great. The thing about Trump is, he is consistent, watch his interviews throughout the last 30 years. He could be shit. He could be great. Whether I’m a Trump supporter, I will save that for judgment day, because I am too educated to judge someone that didn’t even enter his office yet.


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