Should You Be Realistic or Unrealistic?

Do you want to be burned at the stake? “YOU ARE A WITCH! A flying device that transports humans? A BROOMSTICK?”

If you told somebody that you were going to build a flying machine that can fly around the world 500 years ago, you would have been considered a witch. Crazy. Insane. Ridiculous. 

But is that any different than today? Maybe you don’t get burned, but you still get hate. You still get comments. You still get people talking about you. People still laugh at you. I didn’t watch many documentaries about witches being burned at the stake but I sure recall that laughing and hatred were a common thing.

Unrealistic people have ideas that have not yet been introduced. That’s what makes them unrealistic. If something is new and nobody is doing it, it’s seen as weird. Do you think everyone was Snapchatting at first? “Pictures disappear? That’s stupid! Why would I want that?”  

There Are Two Types of People

A. People that follow the trends.

B. People that create the trends.

People that create trends are the world changers. They are the ones that people laugh at. They do something that was never done before. It might be a terrible idea, and often is. Sometimes, though, sometimes that idea changes the world. The market is constantly changing. People that are trying out new things are the ones that are winning.

The other type of people? They copy the trends. That works in the short term, but you will never duplicate that initial success. The thing about trends is that once they are copied, they are over copied and suddenly there are too many people doing the same thing. That method doesn’t become as effective. People start to hate this trend. There’s a need for a new trend. The people that are creating trends are winning because of that. They are always on top.

That’s the problem with depending on education. It teaches about what worked. That’s great in terms of developing ideas as most ideas are based on older principles, but we cannot be educated quickly enough on the demands of the public. It’s changing so rapidly in the world of technology. People that can predict these demands win.

But you know what? You are either going to be right or terribly wrong. Regardless of what you do. Gary Vaynerchuk in his recent talk in Dublin stated that regardless of how you debate it in your head, you are either going to be right, or you are going to be wrong. But debating it in your head won’t do anything.

And if you doubt why you should be unrealistic. You are fucking alive. I sometimes look at the stars and go into this weird sense of emotions. We should not be here. It’s not even a 400 trillion into 1. We should not be here. NO WAY! Sure. Some explosion happened but how? How could there be something if there’s nothing? How? If you think about it on that level, you will see that any unrealistic idea can be a possibility and that in the end, it really doesn’t matter if we fail, because we shouldn’t be here. If you put yourself into that mindset of “How am I even here?” You will start to see your possibilities.

Obviously, you need to think. Don’t jump off a cliff expecting to survive. You gotta mix being unrealistic with common sense.  You also got to time yourself right. I’m pretty sure HD Netflix streaming would not have worked in the 1980’s.


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