What’s the best job you can get?

What’s the best job you can get? Is it playing soccer or perhaps football? Maybe being a CEO of the biggest company in the world?  


The answer is pretty simple. There is no best job in the world, there is no such category. The answer to this question depends on each individual. The best job in the world is doing something you would normally do anyway, regardless  if you are getting paid for it or not. You love playing soccer? Perhaps being a soccer player is the best job for you. And I know it’s not easy. It takes time. You cannot expect to be as good as Messi or Ronaldo if you do as much as them each day. You need to do more than them, and even then that might not be enough, eventually you might reach 10% of their level, and that will probably be good enough.


If not then perhaps if you also love kids, then you can train them, you don’t need to be Messi or Ronaldo to train someone, chances are you know more than children, apply that knowledge to them, or perhaps start a course online, a course to teach people. That way you can make a living doing what you love and help a lot people with it too, and oh yeah, you can also have the freedom to travel then too.


People that tell you, “..you must be this, or otherwise you will not be living a life worth living”, don’t take their advice. In order for you to be happy you need to do what you love, if you hate anything to do with blood but yet your parents want you to be a doctor…. Then that won’t really be a life worth living, will it?


Whatever works for you is the best job for you! Who are we to say that the  “Trash-man”  that collects trash from your house is not a happy man? Just because you may not like their job does not mean they hate it? That could be their dream, don’t ever try to take away someone’s dreams by telling them what you think is right. A soul cannot tell if that necklace on someone’s neck is of pure gold. You might think you know someone but the reality is you don’t. You didn’t go through someones life experiences, you don’t know all of their dreams, all of their thoughts. So don’t judge and let them be. That’s the best thing you can do!


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