Why Planning Might Not Work for You (Regardless of What the Studies Say)

All these experts are saying that you should plan. Studies are saying that. Why is planning not working for you if it’s so special? I write these blogs that are meant to help people. I get these planners with fantastic reviews. I try them. I never finish them. What the hell is going on? Why is that some of us can’t plan? Are we lazy?

Or maybe the studies forgot that regardless of how old somebody is or where they come from, people have different personalities.

“Planning works for most people” is not enough. Its phrases like that result in people being excluded. People that work better without planning. We are told that our lack of planning is bad and that it’s making us perform badly regardless of whether it is or not. And then we start to believe even though we know that planning doesn’t work for us.

You are not most people.

Did you ever consider that we have different tendencies?

A Little Bit About the Four Tendencies

My favorite author, Gretchen Rubin recently released a book. The Four Tendencies talks about the what the title suggests. You do a quiz. Based on that you find out your tendency. Actually, that’s something that was around on the internet for a while. This book though, it goes deep into these tendencies.

And reading it made me realize why I cannot plan. It made me realize why you probably cannot plan either

Reason Behind Us Not Being Able to Plan 

So this book states that if you are a rebel, then you are more likely to be a business owner or a freelancer. And ironically, here I am writing this for you.

It also states that if you are a rebel, then plans and schedules don’t work well for you.

Rebels work better without being forced to do something.

I’m a rebel. I’m driven by freedom. I never went into employment. I work from home. This book? It describes my personality almost like an autobiography.

So here it is, after so many years of trying to plan because everyone told me to have a plan, I find out my lack of planning is actually okay. And what I thought wasn’t just my imagination. I actually work better without planning.

The Four TendenciesPeople never liked my lack of planning but they didn’t understand that I work better without.  Sometimes they made believe otherwise. And they probably did that you too.

This blog post is simply here to confirm that planning isn’t necessarily the only way to get things done as if you are a rebel, the lack of planning might be better for you than planning.

A quote in this book describes rebels perfectly.

“A rebel on a mission is a force of nature, a superstar. No need for checklists, for routines, rules, or habits to get things done.”

Rebels work better when they can do what they want whenever they want. That often complicates things for other people but we work better like that.

But people don’t understand that. They force us into planning without realizing that we might resist even more.

Rebels can only do things if they want to do them. You had a planner because everyone was telling you that you need to have one.

So you know what you could do? You could get a copy of this book for everyone that is telling you that you should plan.  Perhaps highlight all the stuff that applies to you. Maybe they will understand you then. And maybe they’ll understand themselves better too.

Maybe There’s an Alternative to Planning

This book mentions something that I’ve actually been doing before reading this book.

No schedules. No proper plans.

Instead. Simply a list of things that would benefit you if you got them done.

No to-dos, musts, or times. Just a list. That you can get done in whatever order it works for you.

Planning Works for Almost Everyone

Now, by the way, planning might work for you and you might this is stupid, and that’s the thing, planning works for most people. Without a doubt. Studies show that.

But not for all, and this blog post is for the people that planning doesn’t work for. For people that are forced to plan because they are told that this is the only way.


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