Wrist Society – Review – Best Watches on a budget

img_20161014_201620“You filthy rich bastard.” That’s the first line I heard after somebody seen this watch. Plot twist. it only costs $29. ($39 with the bracelet.)  The problem today is that people assume that if it’s not a known brand, if it’s not the best brand then that it is not good. Not true at all. iPhone’s are sold at an premium price while not necessarily offering more than some less known companies. Branding costs. But a name doesn’t make a product better. Sure you can brag about it more, but if your goal is to look good, to be prepared for every occasion. Wrist society is the choice. One watch won’t cover you. Different watches suit different occasions.


With Wrist society you can be more in style, one watch a month leads to twelve watches a year, a watch for every occasion. Priceless. You can be ready for all kinds of occasions for such a little price. And while it isn’t ROLEX, nor is it gold,  it is a watch you will love and wear proudly knowing you are wearing a fashionable piece on your hand. A piece people will ask you about.


You can subscribe to Wrist Society at wristsociety.com

For me it’s a win-win subscription box. I Highly recommend it.  A 10/10. Great value for the price.

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