3 Best Tools for Pitching Clients on the Internet (Convert More & Faster)

If your pitch sucks, it doesn’t matter if you have one thousand best tools for pitching clients on the internet, you will not get that client. Okay…perhaps that’s not totally true as I did once get a long-term client with a pitch that went against all of the pitching advice…

But this is not a post about pitching. It’s about the 3 best tools for pitching clients on the internet that will help you get the most out of pitching clients on the internet and ultimately save you time and increase your success rate.

best tools for pitching clients on the internet

Mailtrack Because Tracking Emails Is the Best Thing That Happened to Email Since Gmail

You see when somebody opens your Snapchat or Instagram. When it comes to email? You don’t. That email you sent could have been opened 3 weeks ago, or it could have been open just 5 minutes ago.

Why does that matter? As 80% of pitches require at least 5 follow-ups.

How many times did you follow up?

Mailtrack helps you time your follow-ups right by allowing you to see how many times people opened your email and what they clicked on. And if you are smart, you will know how to leverage that data and get that client.

3 Best Tools for Pitching Clients on the Internet

Perhaps somebody isn’t replying because whenever you use a particular title, a majority of people you email don’t open it? Perhaps the emails that don’t get replies are the ones that are too long…or too short? Oh, and perhaps your examples are poor?

Data fuels pitches. Mailtrack gives you data about your emails.

Most importantly, at the start of a new day, you get a notification about how many emails you sent, and that’s important as pitching clients on the internet isn’t just about the tools and how well the pitch is done, it’s also about writing enough pitches. Something that most think they do but fail on.

best tools for pitching clients on the internet

One of the cool things about Mailtrack is that the second somebody re-opens your email, you get a notification. And due to that, you can prepare yourself for a reply, or not.

But this is one of those plugins that require a premium subscription if we are to call it one of the best tools for pitching clients on the internet.

Tools for pitching clients on the internet

The free version is not bad by any means, but in order to get those daily notifications along with an ability to track the likes of links, you need the premium version.

Tools for pitching clients on the internet

Oh, and there’s a version for Android too!

Grammarly Because Professionals Aren’t Meant to Make Mistakes

Imagine I sent you an email stating I will help your company with a bunch of typos. They are noticeable, and they will be seen. And regardless of how good you think you are at writing, they happen.

Our brains suck at reading our mistakes. We just skip through what we write. We might be looking at the biggest and simplest mistakes possible to make but not notice them.

best tools for pitching clients on the internet

Until it’s too late.

And then, you either do nothing and hope they don’t notice or you send a follow-up stating you placed a typo hoping that individual read the entire email.

Grammarly eliminates this issue by seeing the stupid and even the harder mistakes to notice for you. It’s like your assistant, but for writing.

And it isn’t just great for pitching. It’s also a very great piece of software for writers as stopping to stop all mistakes while writing will get you out of the writing flow meanwhile not stopping will result in you missing even more mistakes than when just writing a pitch.

best tools for pitching clients

Once again, this one of those tools for pitching on the internet that require a premium subscription. The free version will correct some problems, but it won’t correct all of them. And that’s a problem.

(Get)Plan as Some Form of Planning Is Needed Regardless of Who You Are

Not all planning works for everybody, but planning does work.

“The most important thing is to know ourselves, and to choose the habit strategies that work for us.” – Gretchen Rubin

When it comes to the best tools for pitching clients on the internet, ultimately it won’t matter if you make a mistake or follow up, if you don’t send enough pitches. Planning can allow you to send enough. If it’s done right.

get plan

Plan which I hate the name of as the website is called getplan.co and when you search for them on Google, they are nowhere to be found because there is a lot of damn projects called the same, is the best tool ever for planning.

And I tried them all. In fact, I was so fed up with the planners I tried that I gave up planners altogether for 2 years. Until Plan entered my life.

Planning works differently for everyone, and Plan although it should be called GetPlan as the site, to avoid confusion, is the best planner I ever found.

Why? As it allows you to structure your day in a way that works regardless of who you are.

Best Tools for pitching clients on the internet

Do you need times for tasks? Done. You work better with just a list? Also done. Oh, are you a team? You can assign tasks to others.

Plan is a tool that allows you to organize your life in a way that isn’t too complicated. Create lists for different projects. Add people to these projects. Tick them off once they are finished. Sync with your Google account to be aware of your flights. Plan is an ultimate tool for planning that most importantly doesn’t limit you with the free version.

Best Tools for pitching clients on the internet

The tool is amazing. I have been getting so much more done since I started using it, and oh damn, it is going to be mentioned a lot more in the upcoming weeks!

Whether you like it or not, even as a freelancer, everybody needs some sort of structure, otherwise you think you get a lot done, but you never really are getting enough done. I’ve been there. I know.

These Are the 3 Best Tools for Pitching Clients on the Internet

There’s no right or wrong way to do it. There’s also a tremendous amount of tools available.  But it all goes down to your hustle. You can write the best pitch in the history, but you might still not get the client. 3 pretty good emails are better than 1 perfect email.

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