Sony A6000 – the Best Camera for Journalists and Travelers?

I’ve had a massive camera. I still have it. They call it D800. Nikon makes it. It’s a beast. It’s also heavy. It’s big, so it doesn’t fit everywhere and is a struggle to carry. Outdates on tech too. Very complicated. And that’s what you want when you are an advanced user, but if you need to take a quick picture to document something, a camera like that might be a struggle. But this exactly what Sony A6000 is not like.

It’s small. It’s easy to use. It’s fast. It’s like a Usain Bolt. But at the same time, it’s a proper camera that is as good as it gets for its price. And you can certainly get this camera with all the accessories that you need for less than the new iPhone X.

Size, Comfort, and the Other Stuff

It’s a modern smartphone in a 2005¬†phone thickness. That’s the best way to put it.

Phones are getting bigger. Cameras are getting smaller. This one, it’s not too small, so you still know it’s a camera. It’s not too big to be inconvenient to walk around with all day. And it’s super light too. This makes it a perfect camera for journalists, bloggers, adventurers, Instagramers and really just about anybody.

And if anything, if you take off the lens, this camera will fit into all messenger bags. And that’s important.


So this camera takes pictures. YAY!

24.3 MP sensor. You probably heard already that pixels don’t matter, but it’s still better to have 24 MP than 14 MP. You can crop more.

One of the features that are in just about all mirrorless cameras is the electronic viewfinder. DSLR’s don’t have this, and that is a problem. You see the reality, but you don’t see what picture you are taking. With an electronic viewfinder, you are seeing what you are taking. And that is a golden feature. It makes picture taking a lot easier.

Autofocus has 25 contrast-detect and 179 phase-detect points. That means absolutely nothing to you and me, but it basically means that your camera will focus much better than a standard DSLR. That’s the great thing about Sony. They tend to provide a lot of AF points.

The screen lacks a 360 tilt. A lot of Sony products do. That’s a problem that most people can survive with. Poor selfies though.

So, you can take quick pictures, with modern 2017 colors. Look at Instagram, a lot of modern looking pictures look like pictures taken by a Sony camera. Extremely fast autofocus and picture taking means that you can stop stressing about shaky pictures.


The Quality

I’m going to let pictures do what they do best.


Judge by yourself. That these pictures were taken without waiting. Just seen the shot and boom. Taken. Great colors. Great quality.

Now, a photo expert will find some problems with these but we are talking about documenting, not showing in an art gallery. It’s about being able to capture with quality that most people find impressive.


For pictures? It’s okay. Should last you a day of shooting. For videos? It sucks. If you are planning to do some interviews or video documenting, you need spare batteries. Without a doubt.

Video Quality

The video quality, it’s good. Let us leave it at that. You can’t focus on the video quality because the overall video is very shaky. All of the videos on this camera are very shaky.

And the audio? We probably shouldn’t talk about that. You need a microphone. Your iPhone microphone will do a better job than this Sony camera. It’s ridiculously bad.

I will not be using this microphone while interviewing people in Lisbon for the Web Summit.

I’ve attached¬†Google Drive files so you can see for yourself. Link 1 and Link 2.


From a perspective of a journalist, this is a perfect camera. It’s small. I can take it everywhere. But you can’t make any interviews with it unless you have a microphone And it’s pretty shaky too.

From a perspective of an average consumer, this is a very affordable camera, and for its price, you really can’t say anything bad about it. It offers quality. It offers functionality. In many cases, it’s better than some more expensive camera.

But I didn’t try its competition yet. I cannot tell if this is the best camera at this price yet. It’s certainly not the newest, therefore, there are cameras that are better. But I’ll test them and get back to you then.

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