Apps That Will Help You Get More Done in 2019 on the Internet

Whether you pay $500 or $1000 for a phone or a laptop, how useful something is going down to the apps at the end of the day. A great device will only make your life better if you use it to its potential, and the apps that we are about to talk about, these apps that will help you get more done in 2019. They for sure helped me and the rest of this team achieve a lot more. 

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Ultimately it stills goes down to your work ethic, but if you put in the work, these apps will help you get more done in 2019 for sure. We are talking several hours every week saved. That can be spent on doing even more, or perhaps on family time.

Text Expander

Regardless of what you do on the internet, it consists largely of writing. And even when it doesn’t, you will be sharing information with someone in some capacity.

Text Expander isn’t a service you will see around on posts about the must-have apps to get more done in 2019 on the internet as most aren’t aware of it. Yet, it’s one of the most important tools to have out there.

Apps That Will Help You Get More Done in 2019 on the Internet

How many times do you share your email per day? How many times do you write something that’s repetitive? What if you had code names? That’s what Text Expander is. A tool where if you type in a code name, something else comes up. 

I personally do a lot of work for other blogs where a lot of linking to different sites is involved. Every time I need to link to something, I need to go back and forth to copy and paste the link. Text Expander eliminates that.

At first, it will take a while to get used to it as you do need to come up with names for certain text or paragraphs that you want to duplicate once a certain phrase is typed in, but once you do, Text Expander is one of the apps that will allow you get more done in 2019 on the internet.

Did you ever go into someone’s website trying to reach out only to find no way of contacting at all minus calling?

Apps That Will Help You Get More Done in 2019 on the Internet

Hunter is a tool that locates all email addresses hidden within a site allowing you to reach whoever you need to email through the means of email.

This tool also makes it tremendously easier to reach the right people rather than just “people.” For instance, on certain sites, you can reach the founders of companies directly. On others, you can reach marketing people directly. And that can make a massive difference because you reaching the right people can save a lot of time, and prevent an email that would be of interest to someone from never potentially reaching them.

Hunter saves me hours daily on emailing. It’s a truly unique tool and one of the apps that will help you get more done in 2019 on the internet, regardless of what you do.


You could call this a stalker tool if you like, but Mailtrack is one of these tools that will really help you as far as pitching goes whether it’s for products or working with a company. Follow-ups are a crucial aspect of pitching. 50% of sales occur after the 5th follow up. The problem is that it’s impossible to tell if someone read your email and didn’t reply, or if they didn’t read the email. That factor alone can be the difference between a successful pitch or not. Mailtrack allows you to see who opens your email and how many times.

Apps That Will Help You Get More Done in 2019 on the Internet

If you use that information right, you can be a lot more successful with your emails. But we aren’t going to get into the specifics of that. That’s something you’ll have to figure out or wait until we do a post on it.

We? We personally use it for following up with someone that we know that opened but didn’t respond. And for tracking how many emails we send. Even more importantly for having data on what kind of emails get the most opens, replies, and overall success. That kind of data that can be achieved by Mailtrack knowing how many emails are opened, that’s something that can make a massive difference, and thus Mailtrack is one of the apps that will help you get more done in 2019 on the internet.


We have been testing Grammarly from all kinds of perspective for the last few weeks now with a full review talking about all the good and the bad coming soon.

To sum up why Grammarly is one of the apps that will help you get more done in 2019,  as your grammar sucks. And not because you suck. It’s more so that our brains that love to skip things. Especially when you write a lot. Unless you correct everything as you go. But in that case, you are missing out on the “flow” which essentially means that you aren’t working to your full potential meaning that you are getting less done than you can. And you are here to get more done in 2019.

Apps That Will Help You Get More Done in 2019 on the Internet

Grammarly will find all the mistakes that you won’t notice. The obvious, the less obvious, if using Grammarly, it will be found. And even if you have some special grammar correcting abilities, Grammarly will still spot what you don’t. It’s just an essential tool whether you are a student, a writer, a teacher, a blogger, or whatever it is you do. We all make mistakes. We often can’t see them. Grammarly sees them.

Grammarly doesn’t just correct your mistakes though. It also offers suggestions on how to improve your writing. Perhaps you use certain words too much. Perhaps you are too vague or your style doesn’t match your audience.

There’s a lot of “AI” apps out there. Grammarly is actually an “AI” app that uses AI to make your life better.


How long do you work for? Whether you are working on something on the side, are a student, or work online full-time? Just because you are in work for 8 hours or set aside 8 hours for a task does not mean you work that 8 hours. In fact, you most likely work less than half of that time.

Here’s the thing. And this applies whether you workout or whether you work. If you don’t track, you will always get random results. Sometimes you’ll do great, and sometimes worse, and while you won’t always have great days, with tracking you will at least have consistency.

And Clockify? It’s perhaps the best tool for tracking that there is. And there is a lot. The reason? It has a free version that offers the most functionality out of all the time trackers out there.

Using a tracking app will allow you to know how much time you actually spent working on a specific task. Does it work? It does. Why? As you will feel bad if time is going on and you aren’t executing a certain task. Clockify allows you to track, segregate, and put billing on your projects, all for free. I especially love how you get a dashboard that gives you an outlook on things. And that outlook on things, in the long-term, is why you should use a tracking app.

In the long-term, you will be able to see that perhaps certain tasks take you longer in the morning than in the afternoon, and that can allow you do more by merely changing when you doing certain tasks. As here’s the thing. Nobody can tell you what will work best for you. Unless you have data. And that’s why Clockify is one of the apps to get more done in 2019.

Lastly, I think everybody needs a great tool for planning their day out. A tool that you can plan with precisely or non-precisely depending on who you are. 

Apps That Will Help You Get More Done in 2019 on the Internet

There’s a lot of tools for planning, and while I do wish that they had a had mobile version instead of just a web app that isn’t fully optimized, this tool is great at freedom. You can plan in your own way, and that allows us to work the way we work best while still having that element of planning.

Time goals, daily goals, whatever you want. Whether you want special categories for plans or whether you want to work based on days or hours.

These Apps Will Help You Get More Done in 2019 on the Internet

If you are looking to get more done in 2019, these apps, these apps are the greatest bunch of apps that you can have on your side on that mission. If you put in the work.

And if you are looking for more things that will help you, make sure to check out our other posts, like about the tech that will help you do more in 2019.

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