Are Thursday Boots Worth It 1 Year Later? Thursday Boots Captain Natural Review

Are Thursday Boots Worth It 1 Year Later? I always say that the biggest problem with the reviews of boots is that most people reviewing boots have too many and never test them out to their full potential. Instead, they merely do a review based on around 2 weeks of usage. The problem with that is that not everyone can afford to buy a pair of boots every winter, and if they can, perhaps they want to build up a collection of boots that can be worn in years to come.

Are Thursday Boots worth it one year later? Thursday Boots Captain Natural review

We don’t do these kinds of reviews here. That’s why we made a are Thursday Boots worth it 1 year later post. Just like we did after 5 months of wearing these Thursday Boots Captain Natural every single day for 5 months.

thursday boots one year

We want you to know every flaw about a product so that if you are buying it, you are buying it because the pros outweigh the cons.

Thursday boots one year later

Over the past year, these boots have been in 20+ countries in all kinds of conditions whether it’s Russia or snowy Montreal. Mountains, rivers, snow, ice, rain. Over 4000 km or around 2500 miles walked in these. The first 5 months consisting of wearing these every single day.

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We are not sure if there is a Guinness World Record for this, but if there was, we would win for making this Thursday Boots Captain Natural Review the most in-depth boot review based on experience.

But we wanted to step things up. To see if Thursday Boots are worth it 1 year later, we wanted to make the review from the perspective that this review will show the worst possible condition that you can get these to be in. That’s why we did not treat or polish them in any way in the first year of testing them while putting them in conditions that are camera couldn’t always handle.

Thursday boots one year later

Are Thursday Boots worth it 1 year later? Here’s everything you need to know about them, even the bad. And hopefully, that honesty will help you decide whether they are the right choice for you or not.

Thursday Boots Are Water Resistant One Year Later

In our Thursday Boots Captain Natural review period during the year, we tested them in snow many times, whether that’s North American or European snow.

Not a drop of wetness on socks.

Are Thursday Boots worth it 1 year later thursday botos captain natural review

But when we do reviews, we take things to extreme whether it’s playing football in jeans that are meant to be stretchy or whether in this review.

Are Thursday Boots worth it 1 year later t

We wanted to take it up a notch to make sure that if you really need your boots to protect you, that they will. That’s why we put them into a river. Water was hitting these boots at a rate that rain wouldn’t, and these still stayed dry. And that speaks volumes as far as protection against the weather from these boots, even a year later.

Are Thursday Boots worth it 1 year later thursday botos captain natural review

Most boots are able to keep you dry one month later or even 2 months later. But to do so a year later, that’s impressive. That takes quality from every single angle. The Goodyear welt construction that comes with these for sure helps but it’s even more so about how they were overall put together. If you live in a wet climate and are wondering if Thursday Boots are worth it 1 year later, as far as that, absolutely.

Can Thursday Boots Keep You Warm?

This was one of the most commonly asked questions by people that saw some of the previous reviews we made on these. It’s something we didn’t really address earlier as we didn’t have enough experience with these when we did a 5 months later review even though we tested them in snow before.

Are Thursday Boots worth it 1 year later thursday botos captain natural review

But then we went to Montreal where the weather reached -14°C & 6.8°F. I wore a standard pair of Happy Socks that are not of premium materials nor of any warmth, and while I wasn’t warm, I also wasn’t cold. I just felt normal. However, if you put a pair of warmer socks, that’s when you will feel that cozy warmth on your feet. Otherwise, you will still be fine.

And that once again speaks to the build quality if they are as great at maintaining temperature, a year later. And no, you won’t be too warm in the summer either.

These were also tested at 30°C & 86°F several times and also still felt fine. Not that I would recommend wearing boots and jeans in hot temperatures.

Are Thursday Boots Worth It 1 Year Later as Far as the Grip?

I want my boots to keep me dry. I want them to keep me relatively warm. But I also don’t want to slip in them. What’s the point of boots that will keep me dry if I end up slipping an am wet anyway?

Thursday boots one year later

Thursday Boots come with a rubber grip that is just as amazing 1 year later as 5 months later.

This grip was tested on wet rocks in several different mountains whether in snow or not and passed every single time. Matter of fact, the only time I ever slipped with these was when faced with glassy surfaces and melting ice in Montreal.

Other than that, when people were slipping, I was stilling standing.

Of course, after a year of usage, you should expect some damage as far as the grip goes, with that sole being changeable in the future by the way. But the damage that often happens with 3 weeks of using most sneakers never happened in over a year of usage, and these have been used more than just about all boots out there ever reviewed.

The only part of the grip that was slightly touched was at the very back of the boot which you should see in the picture.Thursday boots one year later sole

Some of the stitches also separated as the picture will show, but that overall does not have any negative impact on the boots. The back also slightly rubbed away at an angle.

re Thursday Boots worth it 1 year later thursday botos captain natural review

Some might now be wondering if Thursday Boots are worth it one year later. And as far as the grip goes, for sure. It’s pretty much impossible to find boots at this price that will maintain as much grip 1 year into the usage, especially considering that this review may as well be a 4 years later review based on the usage with these. And most importantly, these can prevent you from slipping.

The Smell

It’s one of the most embarrassing things for me to take off shoes or boots in a house of a friend for your socks or shoes to smell. And regardless of what you do, it’s bound to happen when you walk for long hours in a pair of boots or shoes every day, except, these Thursday Boots one year later still smell as fresh as when I got them, with that meaning they smell like leather.

Are Thursday Boots Comfortable One Year Later?

Thursday boots one year later milan

Every pair of boots or shoes I tried, bar the Babuk sneakers and these Thursday Boots Captain Naturals gave me a blister.

If you are looking for comfort, these come with leather lining inside, and that is the most comfortable lining I tried thus far. It just feels great to walk in these. There’s a lot of clothing and boots designed to look great but don’t perform as far as features. If you are looking for something comfortable, Thursday Boots are the best choice for that.

The Looks and Durability One Year Later

As far as changes go, this is what most people looking for a 1 year later review would be looking for. Ultimately we want our boots to look great. And that’s where the great boots and okay boots separate in the long-term.

Thursday boots one year later lyon
How Thursday Boots looked 1 month after of usage.

These Thursday Boots one year later? Like already mentioned, we did not clean them or polish them in the year of usage in order for these to be in the worst possible state so you know what you can expect if you walk with these for months every day in all kinds of conditions.

Frankly, it’s hard to showcase the truth of how boots look in pictures as things like lighting, angles, and camera setting play a major role, but a few things are noticeable for sure. Boots are meant to be polished regularly in order to maintain quality. When not worn they should also have shoe trees inside. These? They didn’t have any.

Thursday boots one year later
Thursday Boots after one year of not cleaning.

The boots itself even though not polished or clean maintained a pretty great color, although faded slightly which is expected when you don’t take care of them.

The front did scratch a bit from the likes of rocks in several different mountains, but that’s something that’s solvable with the right brush and leather polish/balm.

Thursday boots one year later

Laces are an issue for me. I had to change them once, and will probably need to change my new ones in 2 months or so. Luckily laces are easy to replace. They just kept untying and eventually lost quality.

Thursday Boots one year later cleaning full a

In the 5 months later review we mentioned that the text inside is still untouched, and while the numbers are not quite as visible as prior, they are still is in pretty great conditions just as with the Thursday Boots logo inside the insole. Something that isn’t the case with most sneakers and boots after the first month or two.

We Did End up Cleaning Them After One Year of Usage

People have been asking for months, so we had to do it.

But to stick to our “this is the worst they will look,” we got the cheapest brush and leather cleaner possible.

Thursday boots one year later

The result?

Thursday boots one year later

Thursday boots one year later
Polished Thursday Boots

We still didn’t clean them fully as you can see on the sides and the product was perhaps slightly too dark. But overall you can see a big difference versus when they weren’t polished after months of usage.

Thursday boots one year later walking a
Thursday Boots 1 year later, not polished.

We have been asked to review some of the Thursday Boots cleaning products though, and that we will, soon!

The Biggest Problem with Thursday Boots

potential insta

You go out. You come back. You take off your boots. And there you see it. Stained socks. Every single time. It happened 1 day later. It happened 5 months later. And yes, it still happens 1 year later.

And this also applies to other Thursday Boots. The stains wash off in the wash, but nevertheless, it is something to consider as if you are going to someone’s home, you will have socks that looked stained. And if you are at an airport, you also will need to take these off once again exposing yourself as somewhat dirty. Imagine you are flying business class and you take off your great looking boots to see your socks being stained. Embarrassing.

thursday boots one year

Luckily that issue is solvable. Just wear darker socks when you know you will need to take off your boots in public.

And then there is the issue of the insoles. In March of 2018, I went on a trip to Dublin, and when I came back, the backs of the insoles were separated. Now, somebody did notify me that perhaps it’s due to how I walk, and that makes sense since it happened on both boots on the same day, but recently on one of the boots, a bit of the leather lining at the back of the boot facing my foot ripped off.

Thursday Boots one year later cleaning full a

Are Thursday Boots Worth It 1 Year Later… or 4 Years Later?

This isn’t a review that gets into specifics of what technology is there and how things are stitched. This is a review by people that explore the planet and that care about practical things such as not slipping or being dry in snow or if things go bad and you end up in a river. This is a are Thursday Boots worth it 1 year later review, but it may as well be 4 years later as we put them through what most won’t, not to mention that most people don’t wear the same pair of boots for 5 months every single day.

thursday boots one year lyon from back

The best way to look at boots when looking for boots for the long-term is by looking at them from the perspective of “what is the worst these can look like,” and that’s what we did. They did an incredible job when not being taken proper care off. Imagine how they can look if properly taken care off.

Does this all apply to all of the other Thursday Boots? We will say “yes” as far as other boots of this type are concerned. However, we can’t say yes for all other types, not until we do those reviews anyway.

thursday boots one year

And yes, they do have some flaws here and there, but that’s the point of these tests in the long-term as all boots have issues in the long-term. It’s about the positives outweighing the cons. And these, at this price range of $199. We didn’t find a company that compares. Yet. Maybe we will soon.

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