“You Are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero – Book Review

Why do the best teams in the world lose? Mindest. Why are you not making money to get whatever you desire in life? Mindset. You can have talent, you can have the skills, without the right mindset, it won’t matter. “You Are a Badass at Making Money won’t provide you with any formulas on how to make money, that’s for you to discover, this book will put you into that mindset that will, as a result, make you money.

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"You Are a Badass at Making Money"

This book won’t just help you become rich. It will set your mind straight about what it means to be rich. “RICH: Able to afford all things and experiences required to fully experience your most authentic life.” em. Making money isn’t that hard. Being in the right mindset, that isn’t that easy. Jen Sincero did an excellent job to make sure it will be easier. It’s a book that will show you that it’s not your age that matters, it’s your mindset.

“If you’re ready to make money, you can.” How about that for a start.

Main Lesson? 

If there’s just one thing you take from this book, it’s that you need to know what you want, and if you don’t then you need to work with what you got figured out and then fill in the blanks as you go along.

And by want, it doesn’t mean that you need to know that you want $50k, you need to know exactly why you want it. Details. And that works. I personally can’t explain why it works, but writing down why I want something and what exactly it is that I want to have has a profound effect on me.

“If you feel like you have all the time in the world to do something, you will take all the time in the world. If you have twenty minutes, the task will take you twenty minutes.”

Do whatever you need to do with what you know. Waiting around isn’t an option. Jen needed $85,000. She got it. If she waited around until she got it working her job, she would have taken that opportunity. Do you want to travel? Book your accommodation now. Work on the details later.

I did find that this book could have been 60 pages shorter at least. But then 9/10 books that I read are guilty of this. There were a few unnecessary bits. Some information provided should be included in the book description rather than within this book.

"You Are a Badass at Making Money"

Quote of the Book:

“When it comes to having sex and making money, you’re supposed to know what you’re doing and be all great at it, but nobody teaches you anything about it, and you’re never supposed to talk about it because it’s inappropriate, dirty, not so classy… We’re ashamed if we don’t have it, we’re even more ashamed to admit we want it.”

This is a book that many of you need! Without the right mindset, you won’t succeed. “You Are a Badass at Making Money” deserves a strong 7/10.

I never met Jen, but I’m sure we would get along great due to our similar views.

“You Are a Badass at Making Money” – Get it here: http://amzn.to/2oS9WzS 

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