Is Bangkok Worth It for a Weekend Trip? 3 Days Impressions

Is Bangkok worth it for a weekend? People told me that I would hate it after 2 days. Well, I’ve been here 3 days, and I don’t want to leave, yet. Wait, so is Bangkok worth it for a weekend? Well, this is a city that is not for everyone. I haven’t been long here, and while I can say everybody will love Lisbon, Bankok is for a certain group of people. And if you belong to that certain group of people, you will absolutely love it.

Pollution Is the Biggest Problem

The second you get out of the airport, you just feel it. And it never stops if you are outside. In Europe, they say that the indoor air quality is worse than outdoor, and that’s true. But in Bangkok, it’s the complete reverse multiplied by 10. 

And if you saw the types of buses and cars they use here, you would not be surprised. Let’s just say that you would go broke having to pay taxes for these vehicles. And the traffic never stops.

Is Bangkok worth it for a weekend trip

You will not feel well with the air Bangkok. And frankly, if you are planning to travel with your children, due to that, automatically do not go to Bangkok. It’s not worth your child’s health.

If you already live in a polluted region, you will be fine. But if you are used to fresh air, gosh, you will not feel well, not for the first few days anyway.

That’s why you should get a mask or some bandana so that the air you breathe is of better quality.  A lot of people in Bangkok don’t do it. And that will kill them. Seriously. We are all worried about pollution in Europe, but it’s regions like Bangkok that are the big issue.

My swimming shorts were wet traveling into Asia, and well, I put them out to dry when I got to Bangkok. They ended up smelling like pollution…

If you are okay with pollution and are asking is Bangkok worth it for a weekend trip, then yes. Bangkok is worth it!

The City Is Modern but yet Also Dirty

Most cities have a certain theme. Bangkok? Dirty motorways. Old Mitsubishi buses. Traffic that never stops. Like never. It takes around an hour to go a short distance within the city. Some homes look like scraps of metal put together. But then there are also the skyscrapers. And let’s not forget all the temples. Bangkok is one of the most diverse cities on this planet as far as architecture goes.

Is Bangkok worth it for a weekend trip?

I’m all about unique experiences, and the diversity in Bangkok creates those!

On one side you have modern shopping centers, on the other, you have dirty allies that don’t look so disgusting that you want to leave but that makes you want to explore.

It’s Extremely Cheap Provided You Are Smart

Whatever is cheap in Europe or the US, is not cheap in Bangkok.

If you want to save money, the key is not to buy brands you know when shopping.

Europen brands don’t want to lose money. It’s cheaper for Asian companies to produce things in Asia both in terms of shipping as well as ingredients.

And frankly, you are missing out if you stick to what you know. And I know that a lot of people do that…

If you try Asian brands that are equally as good, you will save a lot of damn money!

And as far as buying food in restaurants is concerned, Bangkok is just ridiculously cheap. If you go to an Asian restaurant, you will more often not pay more than €2.

It’s Safer Than a Lot of People Say!

If you go onto Google and search about Bangkok and Thailand overall, you will fear for your life.

It all starts with one post. Somebody then has to write about a city without ever being it and copies sections of that post along with sections of other posts. Eventually, Bangkok becomes known as this city that isn’t safe.

And while it’s true that you are more likely to get robbed, and that there is a possibility of getting poisoned if eating outdoors in their cute little cooking places, Bangkok is pretty safe. Like honestly. People are a lot nicer than you think. Google will make you think that everybody is thieves here though.

If something isn’t safe, it’s the traffic. Most of the city is surrounded by a motorway, and it’s hard to cross the road. The only way to do it is to go on full traffic and just do it. Half confidence on doing such can get you killed though. And sometimes there’s no space for people to walk meaning you will have to walk on the likes of tracks.

Bangkok Has Its Own Vibe

If you are wondering whether Bangkok is worth a visit for a weekend, this is the thing that matters. A city needs to have a soul. A lot lack that. There’s no atmosphere at all in plenty of big cities. Bangkok really has its own vibe though!

Gosh, the smells of food being cooked outdoors with local communities gathering to eat and laugh. Incredible! Perhaps there’s often no way for people to pass, but having to walk on tracks, and having to follow the locals, these experiences, those make travel great!

is Bangkok worth it for a weekend trip

Food markets. Lights. Food smells. People. It’s hard to create a truly unique experience. In Europe especially, a lot of places feel all the same.

is Bangkok worth a visit for a weekend

If you are looking for a truly unique experience, Bangkok is one of the few cities in the world that can provide something that other cities don’t offer!

Is Bangkok Worth It for a Weekend Trip?

No. And not because it’s not worth it but because you should stay for many more days. How many? We don’t know yet, but it’s more than just for a weekend!. We haven’t been here long enough to know, but so far we explored only a tiny portion of the city and fell in love both with the culture, the people, and the food.

Is Bangkok worth it for a weekend trip

But for some, the question is not is Bangkok worth it for a weekend trip but merely the question of pollution. Pollution is very bad here. If you have breathing problems, you probably should not visit!

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