Best Boots for Creatives? Thursday Boots President Review

Thursday Boots President? They are for sure better than some presidents, but are they worth it? Or should you perhaps get something like the Thursday Boots Captain’s or perhaps a boot from a different company?

Before we made this written Thursday Boots President review, we’ve tested them for 7 months, with the last 5 months being spent wearing them every single day we walked, not that we walked as much in the last 2 months for obvious reasons.

And side alert, this Sandstone color isn’t on sale anymore. Thursday love to stop selling the colors we ask for, shortly after we get them.

Thursday Boots President ReviewAs you can see, these boots, they aren’t spotless clean, and that’s because boots should be reviewed on adventures, not inside a home or a studio when super clean.


The first thing that you should be looking at when getting a boot, especially if you plan to go adventures, is the grip or as people call it, outsoles. 

The rubber outsole, is something Thursday Boots rock on almost all models, and it’s a feature that a lot of other brands don’t have, and I wish they did.  After all, it’s something that’s worth having. Especially since you are going to be taking these on adventures.  

These are incredible for adventures.

Whatever you are doing, they will help you.

As long as there is no ice, wet rocks, near lakes or snow.

If you are looking for boots for that, that’s what the Thursday Boots Explorer boots which we tested in Iceland came with.

They don’t sell them anymore…

Thursday Boots Explorer

One thing that separates boot quality, is how long the outsole lasts, and while the boots did a great job for a very long time, taking in all kinds of rocks whether it be in Ireland or Sweden, they actually failed in Italy.

6 months into wearing them, the stitching wore off and the front of the boot eventually opened up.

I superglued them so it’s fine now, but since we always review products honestly, this is something we had to mention. It is however also worth saying that I’ve tried many pairs of Thursday Boots in the past and this has never happened on them. The theory? This color has an issue and they stopped selling it. Or…that this boot was just unlucky.

Either way, after supergluing, the boot is now fine and back on adventures in Sweden.

Of course, if you ever find a need, these boots are re-solable.


For us, the best photography/video trips are when the weather isn’t “nice” as defined my normal people. Meaning when it’s cloudy and even rainy.

And this is an aspect Thursday Boots have stood out in for years.

Thursday Boots President review

While I expect leather boots, to deal with water, when it comes to Thursday Boots, both their suede and leather boots deal with it so that if it’s pouring rain, they will be fine. That’s not always a case with boots, and that’s a problem, especially if you live in a wet country. 

My favorite part of boot reviews is putting the boots into water, and them staying dry, and as far as these Presidents go, they kept me dry, and not just when it rained, but also when I had my feet in the water, and that’s both due to what Thursday Boots do with their material, but also due to the good year welt construction. 

Thursday Boots President review

Although, in this instance, it’s worth mentioning that due to the color of this specific model in Sandstone, when it gets wet, it’s noticeable, which wouldn’t perhaps be the case on a darker model.

Thursday Boots President a


Of course, comfort also matters, and this is where the leather interior lining comes in in this boot which makes a huge difference as far as comfort.

However, it will take some walking in them in order to get the most comfort out of these boots as they adapt to your foot.

Insole wise, these come with a poron shock-absorbing insole, which for sure makes everything less feelable when you are on adventures, making activities such as running far simpler, but my favoriting this about it is how it’s antimicrobial, and that your boots won’t smell from your feet, after adventures.

This has been tested on these and other Thursday Boots and works incredibly.

I do feel like these are slightly thinner inside than the Captain boots though, decreasing the comfort level slightly. 

But speaking of comfort, one of my biggest issues with the Captain Natural boots was the laces. The boots were very durable, the wax laces weren’t, and I found that I had to replace them pretty quickly and that they loved to untie. These boots, just like the Explorer boots rock the Kevlar laces which add flexibility, making it easier to tie the boots, but also making the boot overall more durable.

It is worth noting though that not all President models rock Kevlar laces though.

Are the President Boots Worth it?

Thursday Boots President review

Wondering over what’s the difference between Thursday Boots Captain and President? Very minimal. Design-wise they are almost identical, and there is very few design differences between them.

So which should you get?

Frankly, it depends on the colors available. I would go for the color that you like the most out of the two, as both of these rock the same features.

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