Best Boots for Fall (For Women Too) Thursday Boots Captain Natural Review

Summer isn’t fully over yet, but it’s better to prepare early and get the best boots for the fall much earlier, especially since 2018 weather has been all over the place. Ireland had snow that wasn’t around in around 10 years. It also had the warmest summer since 1976. Every country I’ve been to slightly different weather than I expected. My guess? Prepare extra for this fall, just in case!

Best boots for fall

The best boots for fall we are talking about today are also for women. And I would have probably been able to get a pair for my girlfriend to test out, except, well, she hates boots…for now. She never tried boots from Thursday Boots.

And yes, the best boots for fall are from a company called Thursday Boots that have been growing their presence enormously in the last couple years. While they aren’t perfect, what they offer makes them the best boots for fall. The specific model? Captain. My color? Natural. Yet, these are not for everybody, but more on that later.

What Does the Fall Consist Of?

Rain. Puddles. Mixed weather. Sometimes slippy surfaces.

For rain and puddles, we took it a bit extra. Instead of rain and snow testing, we did a slightly different test. As far as slippy surfaces go, we walked up mountains in several countries in Europe. We also, of course, walked in snow and ice. Is that not enough for you? Well, I also walked over 2500 kilometers or 1500 miles with these.

Why Not the Likes of Chelsea Boots for Fall?

At Successisforall we love chelsea boots because they are just about as sexy as it gets but boots cost and you most likely can’t afford two pairs.

Sperry Seude Boots best boots for fall

If you can, get a pair of chelsea boots as you will impress for sure. But if you are on a budget, don’t. And if you decide to travel, you won’t be able to bring two pairs. That’s why we would rather if you got more the more classical boot because it’s much more versatile. Not only does it look good and can be worn in most formal situations if done right, but it’s also the best shoe for adventure. You wouldn’t climb the mountains in chelsea boots. Standard boots just work with everything.

Sperry Chelsea Boots Right Size
These chelsea boots are from Sperry

Can They Handle Water?

When it comes to the best boots for fall, this is the most important question.

The best boots for fall can’t make your socks wet whether that’s rain from the top or simply wet grass from the bottom. That’s the issue with cheap boots. If they do one, they don’t do the other, and that makes that one feature pointless as your socks end up wet. And when your socks end up wet, your feet are wet, and wet feet = cold body meaning that whatever clothing you are wearing might not be as effective as far as staying warm is concerned.

Thursday Boots, we could tell you that they survived heavy rain, mud, and snow, but what would be the fun in that?

Let’s get to the best part right away, they survived…water flowing through them in a river, without making my socks wet. And yes, we do have evidence of testing them like that!

thusday boots best boots for fall in water in river

One of the unique features of Thursday Boots is that they offer extreme protection against water. Even with suede and that is a big damn deal!

Seude cannot handle water. Suede that comes with Thursday Boots can, and for people that are looking for suede if they are going to call boots the best boots for fall, Thursday Boots are the right company for that. They call it WeatherSafeTM suede.

Oh, and if you doubt that these were in the snow…

Best shoes for fall against snow too Thursday boots

Comfort Matters

best boots for fall

Best boots for fall must handle water as that’s the must, but for many, fall is about walking at night with a partner while drinking a coffee or hot chocolate. I mentioned that I walked over 2500 kilometers with these which is around 1500 miles.

Thursday Boots best boots for fall

Sometimes I walked 30,000 steps in one day for instance when exploring the city of Lyon. Sometimes I walked 25 kilometers while climbing mountains like in Zakopane for instance.

thursday boots zakopane best boots for fall

I never complained about my feet ever when I had my Thursday Boots.

My Sperry boots that I showed earlier? They looked cool. They were expensive. But I had to throw out my socks after wearing them the first time. And the second time. In fact, months later, I still get light blisters from them. And it’s same with other shoes. My feet love blisters.

These Swims loafers? Blisters…

I don’t know how easy you get blisters, but I do know I get blisters extremely easy, and Thursday Boots are the only boots and shoes I ever have worn that never gave me any blisters or discomfort, and I tested them out the most.

The best boots for fall or not, you want comfort, and the leather lining inside of these Thursday Boots delivers on that.

The Best Boots for Fall Need to Be Durable

These boots? They are meant to last.

best boots for fall

They are made so that you can get them fixed up in 5, 10, or 15 years. The sole is changeable. The leather? It will only get better. The laces could do better for sure, but then again I do suck at tying shoelaces, and they did end up being in puddles and mood more than a few times, so it’s not a surprise they got damages. Laces are replaceable though. Luckily insoles are too as while they lasted perfectly for 5 months. Once the 5th month came the insoles got damaged. It did happen to me on both boots on that day though, and somebody suggested “foot supination” to me, so it was more than likely my fault.

But then again, either way, most of you won’t be walking as much as I did.

See, a metro will get you somewhere quickly, but I prefer exploring and being able to feel the area. That’s how you discover cities.


Best boots for fall

Oh, but if you walk, your soles get used, right? The soles are pretty much in perfect condition. I had sneakers that lost the shape of the sole within 2 weeks. These do have some signs of wear but it’s minimal signs of wear, and it was prone to happen.

They Don’t Smell

I hate smelly shoes. I also know it’s part of life. The more you use your shoes, the more likely they will smell. Except Thursday Boots never did. About 9 months later they still smell fresh inside. Even with all my activities. And I never use chemicals to freshen them up.

thursday boots best boots for fall

But while they don’t smell, they do stain for sure. Be careful because your socks will have black stains.

You Don’t Want to Slip

The only “slip” that we like has “pay” at the start of it. And these? You won’t slip in them. Unless you walk on glass. Thursday Boots do provide more even better grips on different models but the grips on these are sufficient enough for just about anything. And since the sole doesn’t get damaged quickly, the grip also lasts incredibly long. How long? We don’t know. But after my usage of these for 8 to 9 months now, the grip is still perfect and can handle anything minus glass surfaces.


This perhaps is the best thing about the Thursday Boots, these best boots for fall cost less than other products with similar features while still being handmade.

Of course, these cost more than your $40 boots that you can find in a shop, but if you are looking for the best boots for fall, you won’t be paying $40. You also don’t have to pay over $250. Captain Naturals cost $199. If you have been living the $40 life, you will be amazed by the quality of more expensive boots. Especially in how thick the material is. If you are used to paying around $200, you will think that other companies scammed you.


best boots for fall

The question is, are you in the United States though? If not, you will overpay. And I mean, even when you overpay, these are still ultimately worth it, except there’s nothing worse than knowing you have to pay that 25% of extra for not getting anything else in return due to this evil thing called import taxes.

Our advice? You should most likely wait until you are going to the United States if you want to get them. Or get somebody to get you these when they go there.

This is one of the things we hate about Thursday Boots. Smaller companies often have warehouses all over the planet. I don’t see why Thursday Boots don’t.

And Buying from Europe Is an Issue

Best jeans for everything

I had to wait 2 months for these to come in. I was patient. I didn’t give out. I would have preferred having them earlier. They flew from the US to me in Ireland where I was at the time in terms of shipping via Israel. Luckily they arrived on the day I arrived from Lisbon just a day before leaving again.

If they didn’t, I wouldn’t have made most of the content with them as I wasn’t back for a long while after.

And that’s another reason why this post was made now. I don’t want you to buy boots after our recommendation just for them not to come on time.

Thursday Boots, the Best Boots for Fall

The only reason not to consider buying them is if you are not in the United States or if you really can’t afford that $199. But trust us, this is a worthy investment because all of your $40 and $100 will go to the bin several times before your Thursday Boots need fixing. And the features they offer, well with those, you will be set for the fall, and winter.

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