Best Christmas Gifts for creatives – Gifts Vol. 2

You know a creative but don’t know what to get them? The best Christmas gifts for creatives go down to things that help them get more done quicker. That’s it.

The thing is that tech that does that often costs. You might not be able to afford these. That’s fine. Look for something else. Perhaps the best Christmas clothing for fashion lovers. BUT DO NOT GET SOMEBODY CHEAP TECH. There’s nothing worse than cheap tech that doesn’t create value and improves one’s life. People say that it’s the intention that matters. That’s not true. It’s the value that matters.

Here are the best Christmas Gifts for tech lovers and people in the tech industry.

Logitech MX Master 2S

I’m currently in Seoul in South Korea. Before that, I was in Bangkok. When I arrived in Bangkok, I realized that I forgot my mouse. My productivity has not been the same in the last month. A mouse makes such a massive difference, regardless of the touchpad you have on a laptop. There’s just no comparison. It’s much easier and quicker to operate with a mouse. And if you have the right mouse, you can really take your productivity to the next level.

Like with the Logitech MX Master 2S. It’s an incredible mouse that is one of the best Christmas gifts for creatives. A battery life that will make you forget about it for a month at least, comfort, but most importantly, functionality.

Logitech MX Master 2S Best Christmas Gifts for creatives

The scroll wheel? It won’t stop turning until you want it to. If you are on a long page and need to scroll, that feature saves an enormous amount of time. You also got a gesture button along with function buttons that you can map to do what you want. And that makes an enormous difference in terms of productivity. A lot of tasks that we do are repetitive. Being able to press a button for an action to take place is one of those little things that can save 10 seconds here and there, and in a week that builds up to hours.

But one of the things I really love about it that makes it better than any other mouse and makes it the mouse to buy over any mouse is the fact that this mouse works on any surface. No need for any mouse pads. And if the person that you are going to get this mouse travels a lot, this really makes a massive difference.

Logitech MX Master 2S Best Chr istmas gifts for creatives

Lastly, it’s the Logitech eco-system that makes it worth it. The mouse? Well if you have a keyboard, you can make both work together. You can combine gestures increasing productivity even more. And Logitech does an incredible job making sure that all the software you might use is supported for even extra features.

Oh, and then there’s the Logitech Options with a Flow option that makes this mouse one of the best Christmas gifts for fashion lovers for sure. One laptop is great but one screen sucks. 2 devices? That’s more power but those are both separate, and there’s no eco-system in place. Logitech created Flow that works with the Logitech MX Master 2S that turns two devices into one. It’s like having two screens connected to one computer. It works with Wi-Fi, and it does a tremendous job. You can even copy and paste between two devices with this tool, and that makes such a big difference.

WD My Passport

Somebody might already have a mouse that they love. They might not want to change regardless of how good the Logitech MX 2S is.

Regardless of who you are or what hard drives you have, you can never have enough storage. Storage is one of those things that you just need.

One of our cameramen, he has the XPS 13 with just a 512 GB drive. I always tell him to get a portable hard drive, but he claims that he doesn’t need one. That it’s not a priority for him. But then he stores pictures from 9 months ago on his card and is always out of space…

XPS 13 looking at blog

A portable hard drive is one of the best Christmas gifts for creatives because all creatives need storage. Blogging, vlogging, drawing, photographing, writing, whatever you do, storage comes useful.

Especially when you switch between devices often. Having something that stores everything you need makes life great.

Most people think that portable hard drives are expensive. They sure do cost money. That’s for sure. But they are a lot cheaper than just 2 years ago. And the WD My Passport has been my favorite one for over a year. It looks fantastic. That’s one thing. You know creatives, they love good design. This drive looks incredible.

Best Christmas gifts for creatives

Most importantly though, it doesn’t fail. One year later after being flown around the world in backpacks, it’s still in a perfect condition. The cable still works. And all the data I had on it is still on it, even though I did plug it out unsafely at times. And that’s something I appreciate.

If you are going to store something somewhere, you need to trust it. WD is that company that you can trust. I have hard drives at home that are ancient. They are around 10 years old. They work perfectly.

WD My Passport comes with up to 4TB. And I have videos and pictures from trips in Russia, Poland, Sweden, England, Nothern Ireland, Ireland, Greece, Croatia, Bangkok, Seoul, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, France, Italy, and Austria. I still have around 2TB left. And the best thing? It only costs $119 for the 4TB version.

Now, unfortunately, this version doesn’t have a USB-C port. It also doesn’t have a micro-USB cable. Instead, it’s one of those annoying USB 3.0 cables that I only saw on the Galaxy S5 before. However, they did recently release a My Passport Ultra which is slimmer, just as beautiful but also comes with a USB-C port. And it’s only $10 more expensive.Best Christmas gifts for creatives

This is just a hard drive. It’s not an SSD. Thus it might not exactly provide on the speed but I edited videos with over 100GB of footage in full-HD with this hard drive, and it did just fine. Not lightning fast but fast enough for most people. Sometimes there was some slight lag, but other than that, it did an incredible job just being a normal hard drive.

And if someone edits pictures, this will do an incredible job with that. This is one of the best Christmas gifts for creatives but overall one of the best Christmas gifts for creatives and all users of computers and laptops.

256-bit encryption is also present for security.

Logitech Craft Keyboard

A slow computer might be slow but at the end of the day, what you write will still appear. But if you press a wrong key on your laptop keyboard because you are used to the key distance being bigger, that will slow you down, as you will have to go back and make corrections.

Is Logtiech Craft Worth It?

The Logitech Craft Keyboard that we have a review of is the most complete keyboard there is for creatives.

The big problem with laptop keyboards is that they aren’t big enough. The problem with keyboard for travel? They also aren’t big enough. That makes you press the wrong keys. This Logitech Craft keyboard is full sized, but it’s also incredibly thin.

But you aren’t buying a keyboard because it’s thin, you are buying for features. We mentioned the eco-system previously, and this keyboard works great with the Logitech Craft MX Master 2S.

We do just recommend you read our recent Craft keyboard review to know all about it as there’s a lot to talk, but overall the big advantage this keyboard has it the dial. The dial on the left top of this keyboard changes the way you work. Whether that’s you merely skipping through tabs on Google Chrome or whether that’s you adjusting the likes of contrast on Photoshop. Of course, We already mentioned that Logitech supports a massive variety of software, and this also applies to this.

is the logitech craft worth it

A great keyboard will speed up the way somebody works or edits, and this is a keyboard that was designed for productivity rather than gaming.

It’s only $199.

Swanwick Blue Light Day Blocking Glasses

We had to put something more affordable on this list to finish it off. This is the only piece on this list that isn’t electrical.

Best Christmas Gifts for Fashion Lovers

Creatives like us, we work a lot in front of our devices. The devices we work on emit blue light. Now, blue light is good for you but too much of it, that has an impact. Especially on your sleep quality. And if your sleep quality isn’t great, you will feel more tired.

That’s where the Swanwick glasses come in at $69. They block out blue light. If you know somebody that is always tired, perhaps this is the product that makes a difference making it one of the best Christmas gifts for creatives.

They have two versions. An orange and a see-through version. Which is better? Well, it depends on who the person is. The orange version blocks pretty much all blue light while the see-through day version blocks out the most harmful one. The style of the person will matter. Somebody might not want to wear orange frames regardless of how much they help. Especially at parties. That’s why I would recommend the day version as it’s a safe bet. It helps you, and everybody would be more likely to wear it. Oh, and the day version also doesn’t change how the colors look on your screen. That’s important as far as editing of any sorts is considered.

We are humans. We want things to help us. But we care more about our image. The day version is most likely a better choice.

Best Christmas Gifts for Creatives Need to Help

Ultimately you can spend $1000 or $100, but it’s merely the gift that helps that matters. Intentions don’t matter. Value does. And the products here are some of the best Christmas gifts for creatives.

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