Best Christmas gifts for fashion lovers – Gifts Vol. 1

Christmas is not around for a while, but we won’t make you make the same mistake of waiting too long and not being able to afford all the gifts you wanted to buy for people which is why we made this post about the best Christmas gifts for fashion lovers. In fact, this is going to be an entire series because not everybody wants clothes, some even see it as lame.

But we don’t just write about clothing, we write about products that help. This post about the best Christmas gifts for fashion lovers is just one of many posts on Christmas gifts, that aren’t just great gifts for Christmas.

We will help you get something for everybody, regardless of how weird your brother, sister, partner, or family might be.

Mugsy Jeans

This is an obvious gift for a fashion lover. After all, pretty much everybody wears jeans. That might make you wonder why you should get somebody jeans as a gift if they already have jeans? Well, because while pretty much everybody wears jeans, a lot of people hate jeans.

Best gifts for Christmas for fashion lovers Mugsy jeans

Mugsy Jeans? They aren’t just jeans. They are jeans created for everything. These come with a stretchy fabric that means you can be as comfortable with them as with 2005 oversized jeans, with a modern look. And the big phone lovers will for sure appreciate these as they have the biggest pockets I’ve ever seen in jeans. But most importantly, the stretchy fabric puts tension on the pockets meaning that the items inside of Mugsy Jeans will stay inside.

We made a post about the best jeans for everything. Those were Mugsy Jeans.

At $98, they are one of the best Christmas gifts for fashion lovers as they aren’t just a pair of jeans. They are jeans that help.

You can get somebody jeans for $400, but ultimately they will remember a gift that will help them. And Mugsy Jeans are one of the most important advancements that ever happened to clothes as while a t-shirt is a t-shirt, comfort as far as jeans go, matters the most when it comes to clothing.

If you aren’t sure about whether you should get Mugsy Jeans for somebody, make sure to read our review. Yes, we even played football with these!

Mugsy Jeans Blog Post best Christmas Gifts for fashion lovers

Unless the person that you are buying these jeans for wears chelsea boots. While overall these are great in terms of sizing, I do think that there is too much material at the bottom present to the point that they don’t look that great with chelsea boots, especially if you want to pull something like the picture below will show with other jeans.

The only people that don’t love Mugsy Jeans? Women. As Mugsy Jeans doesn’t have jeans for women. Everlane does though. Are they worth it? We’ll update this post once we find out!

Thursday Boots

You can get away without jeans, but boots are one of those things that are needed in most locations. And if you are going to buy somebody boots, you can’t just buy a pair for $50 or $100. There’s not enough quality at that price. You might think you are doing somebody a favor and that it is a gift that they will appreciate and remember as it something they needed but boots of poor quality, well people notice, and avoid wearing them.

If you are going to get somebody boots, they better be water resistant from the bottom to the top. And they better be able to handle adventures. I tested Thursday Boots every single day for 5 months before making an initial review on them. I wanted to make sure they were really as good as people say they are, and frankly, they are even better!

Best boots for fall

I was in a river in these with water flowing from all sides, and they kept me dry. I don’t know a fashion lover that doesn’t wear boots. These will make all the difference!

thusday boots best boots for fall in water in river best Christmas gifts for fashion lovers

For $199, it doesn’t get better than that. And if it does, you better be emailing us about it right now as we want to know!

If there was a complaint to make, my ones got stuck in customs for over a month. And oh yeah, you will have to pay duties on these due to their value if in Europe.

$199 might be a lot for a gift for just one person though, and we get that, not everybody can afford gifts at this price. But good clothing costs. Luckily we are working on posts about cheaper gifts that don’t consist just of clothing, but that also bring value! But if you really want to get somebody clothing and can’t afford to pay over $100, the next pick will be great for you!

Oh, and Thursday Boots have both boots for men and women! YAY LADIES! We also made a post about them a few days ago from a perspective of fall, make sure to check that out!

Everlane – The Best Christmas Gifts for Fashion Lovers If You Are on a Spending Budget

Everlane is like your premium brands without the fancy features but at much lower prices. How do they do it? For instance, they only have an online shop allowing to cut down on prices.

Best Christmas gifts for fashion lovers Everlane
Shorts and polo from Everlane

They also don’t take as much profit per item. How does that make sense? Well because if somebody saves money, they might buy more clothing and that money is won back.

I love Everlane. It’s a to-go place for basics. I want a nice polo. They got it. A nice jumper? Yep. What I really love about Everlane is that while a lot of brands go for trends, Everlane sticks to things that will never go out of style.

best Christmas gift for fashion lovers

A polo at $35 that would normally retail at $70? Well, frankly, I don’t care about how much it would retail for, but how it feels. And the Everlane Polo has been one of my favorites. It doesn’t have any fancy features but provides what a more premium priced product would, at much less.

And the thing I love about Everlane is that they are very transparent about what factories their clothing is made in.

You might not want to spend $199 on a product, but $35 is for sure more affordable.

And Everlane has a massive collection, meaning you will most likely find whatever you want for somebody, whether they are a woman or a man.

My only complaint is the sizing. An XS barely fits me. And I’m 175cm or 5.9″ which isn’t the tallest but yet not the smallest, yet an S  is too big to wear, and an XS fits more than good, but not perfect either.

Everlane is not a company for small people.

MZ Wallace Metro Backpack – One of the Best Christmas Gifts for Fashion Lovers and Couples

Best Christmas Gifts for fashion lovers

Yes, for couples.

We get it, you don’t want to spend $199 but what if a backpack costs $225 and it’s unisex meaning you can get it for a couple instead of getting both parties two different items? That’s $117.50 per person. Not that bad.

I don’t know a person that doesn’t have a backpack or some sort of a bag, but are you really a fashion lover with one backpack? You need a few.

And MZ Wallace Metro Backpack is a very damn solid choice, that we love! Louis Vuitton has their famous branding on products. MZ Wallace has their famous feel on products. You’ll love it! The padding on the material makes you just want to touch this backpack over and over again. But it doesn’t just feel great, it also looks great. You like you are wearing something premium.

Of course, you can get somebody a backpack for $30, but it’s a terrible idea.

best christmas gifts for fashion lovers MZ Wallace backpack

Imagine somebody takes your gift on an adventure, and the zipper breaks when they are on a ferry, or about to walk into the plane, and everything falls out. That wouldn’t be great. And well, cheap backpacks aren’t great when it comes to durability. MZ Wallace comes with zippers that last and can survive being zipped in situations where the backpack is more than full. And that’s the difference between a backpack that just looks nice, and that makes life better.

Of course, this backpack shown isn’t created for big trips as is not that big so if you are getting a gift for a nomad, this is more than likely only a good backpack for them if they commute a lot.

best christmas gifts for fashion lovers MZ WAllace backpack pato

My favorite thing about this backpack is that both women and men can wear it. And that’s just fantastic because if you ever go on a day trip when on holiday, one backpack is often enough. It being unisex makes it easier to swap it out. And also allows a couple to have more style items they can wear. 2-in-1.

Make sure to check out our full review of it!

Best Christmas Gifts for Fashion Lovers

This is the first episode or volume of the best Christmas gifts for fashion lovers. And there’s a lot more coming, weekly, for all kinds of people!

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And you better start buying or saving! TODAY!

Gifts aren’t everything, but you do want to make someone’s life more meaningful by getting them something of value. These are some of the best Christmas gifts for fashion lovers available!

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