Best Christmas Gifts for Adventure Lovers

We didn’t get to do as many adventures as we planned this year. So imagine giving someone one of these adventure lovers gifts, with a note, “For your adventures, once COVID is over.”

And these gifts? They have something for everyone.

Thursday Boots Captain/President Boots

Thursday Boots President

Great adventures start with the right boots, and these…they are incredible.

They are the best looking and performing boots for the price they come at.

…Sure, you could get someone a pair of boots that everyone knows such as DR Martens, but are you looking at adventures or branding? If adventures, these are the boots for it. And we aren’t just saying that. We tested them in ways people don’t test boots.

  1. Walked in one pair of them for 6 months every day.
  2. Put the boots into water and tested in all kinds of conditions.
  3. Have 2 years+ of wear in some of them.

Thursday Boots President review

This picture says it all…

Thursday Boots Explorer Boots

Now, if you are looking to step it up a notch, that’s where the Explorer Boots come in.

Thursday Boots Explorer review best boots for travel

We’ve tested them in Iceland during winter, and they have survived all our challenges.

What sets them apart from the others? The grip at the bottom. It’s fantastic even on icy patches which the Captain/President boots didn’t perform as well on.Thursday Boots Explorer review vibram sole on snow

Make sure to read our review that we made on them in the past, if you’d like to learn more, but oh yes, we even tested them in ice-cold water.

Thursday Boots Explorer review in sea salt water

P.S. These go out of stock very quickly so be quick. 

Rafiki Foldable

There are many electric bikes out there now, but not only is this one super portable as it folds, but it’s also incredibly fun to drive around with its tick wheels, making it perfect for off-road.

It’s incredibly good looking, especially with its black matt colors, but also has a top speed of 25 KM, and a range of over 30 KM making it great for travel around a city. Review coming of it soon.

Mugsy Jeans

Best gifts for Christmas for fashion lovers Mugsy jeans

Adventures require mobility.

Most jeans are not designed for movement. That means they rip easily, and well, are uncomfortable on adventures.

Mugsy Jeans? They come with a stretch fabric that makes them usable on adventures.

These are incredibly comfortable, allow for all kinds of movement, and even protect items in your pocket more, with tension from the stretch.

We even played football with them.

Must Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better


Oura Ring

To take someone’s adventures to the next level, they need data.

They need to know their heart rate variety, their readiness level, and the Oura ring provides that.

Oura ring review throat

…But this ring isn’t only useful for adventures. Anyone will benefit from it! It comes with the likes of temperature tracking which is super useful during current times, but the ring overall, as a whole, allows people to get out the most of their body.

Want to know more? Read our Oura Ring review.

Sony a6400

Want to help someone document their adventures? This is one of the best Christmas gifts for that.

We wouldn’t call the A6400 a beginner camera as that phasing wouldn’t do justice to this camera, but you can also use it with completely no experience, so from that perspective, it’s an incredible beginner camera that also happens to be an incredible camera for the pros, without breaking the bank, making it a perfect camera for adventures.

sony a6400 review rain

Sony a7 III

Sony A6400 is a great camera, but the A7 III is the best value for money camera one can get.

It’s a full-frame meaning better depth of field on photos and videos, it has significantly greater battery life than the a6400, a bigger screen and viewfinder, better stabilization, and the list could go on.

There is also the Sony A7 S III which has the 4K slow-mo video and the A7R series which brings 48 MP, but the A7 III is the most affordable out of these, while being the perfect mix between the two of these, with its 24 MP sensor that allows for good enough low-light performance, but also good enough for cropping, giving the balance that the two others don’t offer.

Sony a7 III Low-Light Performance

Of course, the camera is also weather-sealed so that the right moments can be captured on adventures.

Mujjo gloves

The problem with most gloves? You need to take them off to be able to use your phone. 

In many ways, it defeats the purpose of gloves.

That’s where the Mujjo insulated layer touchscreen gloves come in.

They work with touchscreens from every single angle, of grip pieces that make it easy to grip to objects on adventures and allow for easy movement which is essential on adventures, but also when it comes to using your phone or camera.

…They don’t work the greatest against rain though, which is where their double insulated pair comes in though.

If you want to read more about gloves, make sure to check out our post on the 3 best touchscreen gloves out there.

Best Christmas Gifts for Adventure Lovers

Get any of these for someone, and guaranteed, their adventures next year, will be top-notch.

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