The Best Clothing to Wear in Summer For Men

Looking for the best clothing to wear in summer for men? There’s clothing that looks good from known brands that everybody wants to wear, and then there’s clothing that makes your life better. That’s the clothing we are talking about, from shoes to underwear, to stopping sweat.

Not everything will be here, but everything that we tested and found good, is.

The Shoes

Barefoot Company Free your Feet 

Do not even thinking about going anywhere without these during summer. FYF are sock-shoes, and these are a vital thing for summer that most people do not know about. Female or male, get these.

Best clothing for men for summer Barefoot Company FYF

Rocks in the water? Walking on the road? Sand with rocks? These are made for all of that. If you put these on, you are protected from these sharp objects compared to if you go barefoot.

Instead of walking like a snail, you can walk like there’s nothing remotely sharp underneath you, while still not feeling that you are wearing a shoe.

They look great and will get people asking about them so be ready for the questions.

This is one of my favorite pieces of clothing for summer for men.

Oh, and they take up so little space which makes them perfect for travel!

Baabuk Urban Wooler Sneakers

I tend to hate sneakers, and whenever I have a choice not to wear them, I don’t. But during summer, I can’t deny the need for them. I also can’t deny the fact most people will wear them.

Urban Wooler Best sneakers for summer

My pick for sneakers? Baabuk Urban Wooler. I did a review about them recently, so check that out for more details, but to sum them up, instead of brand names for a steep price, you get features.

These come with laces that don’t need to be tied which is a vital feature in the summer.

You have comfort right away without ever getting blisters due to the merino lining inside. They are environment-friendly, dry quick, offer plenty of color choices, they are just the best sneakers out there right now.

Oh, and these come with hard soles, making them a much better choice than the FYF’s when it comes to the likes of glass and son which the first mention cannot protect you from that well.

When it comes to the best clothing to wear in summer for men, as far as sneakers are concerned, there’s nothing better.

Swimms Stride Loafers


Do you want to look stylish during summer? Loafers are the right option for that! Except, the problem with them is that they are not made for water. You expose them too much, and the material is ruined. And all that money you spent is then wasted.
Swimms created loafers that are designed for just about anything. How? As they are made from rubber. And that makes them swimming friendly if you want to wear them, or even washing machine friendly, and that, that is rare in loafers.
Swiims Stride Loafers best clothing to wear in summer for men
Apart from rubber, they consist of a meshy-net that not only ventilates but also helps with drying as all of that water that enters your loafers whether you are in the water or it’s raining, it goes away, and oh yes, it does rain even in warm countries, and that means you have to be weather conscious with loafers.

The Shorts & Jeans

Without a doubt, you should mostly for shorts but jeans or even chinos sometimes are needed during summer. The weather can go bad. It could be cold at night.

We will mention swimwear, shorts, and jeans.

Mugsy Jeans – Damens Shorts

Damens shorts are what you need to be stylish. This post is about clothing that helps but it’s also about looking good. Most people don’t look great in shorts because they wear oversized shorts so that they don’t rip when they move too much or they simply wear tracksuit shorts that are disgusting.

mugsy jeans shorts best clothing to wear in summer for men

Mugsy Jeans provide a fit that fits without the whole ripping part. They come with this extra stretchy fabric that is a game changer when it comes to shorts and jeans. You can have a great fit without any ripping, all while being comfortable.

Swimms Gavitella Swimming Shorts

The company name should not surprise you that we are going back to this company. They make products that are great to swim with.

Frankly, I ordered the wrong size of these Swimms Gavitella, I forgot that while I tend to wear a small size for upper clothing, my legs are of a bigger build. These are hard to put on every time, and frankly, I honestly thought they would eventually rip due to being slightly too small for me in parts, and they never did.

best clothing to wear in summer for men swimms shorts

That’s why you should get them.

When going to swim, you need something that won’t rip so that you don’t have to walk out naked.

Except, you might also be playing volleyball, or even better, volleyball football, and that will require a lot of movement.

swimms shorts best clothing to wear in summer for men

I did all of that, and they are still in perfect condition with no signs of ripping, and that’s a smaller size than I should have. That’s how you know you can trust them.

Oh, and they dry ultra quick!

Mugsy Jeans Studio Blues

The best clothing to wear in summer for men has to consist of dark blue denim jeans. You don’t want to wear them too much as at times it will be too hot, but when the sun is down or the weather is not great, jeans are the choice. And there’s nothing quite like the dark denim jeans.

mugsy jeans dark denim studios best clothing to wear in summer for men

Except, most make your skin blue during summer. Studio Blues don’t. Oh, and they offer the same features as the shorts, except you notice it more on jeans. With the stretchy fabric on the Mugsy Jeans, you can run a marathon. And that’s not a joke.

Oh, and make sure to check out our review of the lighter versions of these!

The Best Clothing to Wear in Summer for Men When It Comes to the Upper Body

For this, we only have one pick. A lot of items didn’t impress us. They were either of too thick materials, not breathable enough, or with a poor fit.

We do however recommend MTailor for shirts that fit you perfectly via a measurement done by your camera, but these will take too long to arrive, to get at this point. But they are a great investment if you want the perfect shirt!

The Pique Polo Shirt by Everlane

Why you should visit Greece

You might have heard about these guys. Everlane is a brand growing a lot in popularity recently due to their business model. They offer the best value there is. You will not buy a polo of this quality for just $35 anywhere else. This Pique Polo Shirt is amazing! It’s breathable. It dries quick. Stains come out easily which is vital with white shirts. And the pricing is just fantastic!

Everlane polo shirt

The problem is that when it comes to shipping worldwide, they only do several times a year.

Everlane - Best clothing to wear in summer for men

Oh, and be careful with sizing, especially if you live in Europe. Size XS fits me perfectly while S was too large.

Everlane pique polo shirt best clothing to wear in summer for men

The Armpit Sweat Stopping

You hate it, right? The whole having armpit sweat problem. It knocks your confidence down. Doesn’t it? I’ve been there. I used to wear jumpers all the time to hide it. It works when it’s cold. Impossible when it’s not. The solution? It does not consist of chemicals.

Best clothing to wear in summer for men

It’s called Thompson Tee, and it’s mentioned a lot on this page! It’s my favorite product ever. Thompson Tee evaporates sweat into an odorless gas. Regardless of how bad you sweat, Thompson Tee will eliminate armpit sweat, even during summer.

This is the biggest essential in my wardrobe and for sure is the best clothing to wear in summer for men, but also for females too!

Underwear Matters Too!

This is a very significant piece of clothing that is often never mentioned and if it is, then is of no significance. Sure, Calvin Klein might be cool to have, but is it the name or the features that you are paying for?

Summer means adventures and that often means sweat. And if you are traveling a lot and can’t change your underwear, you for sure need to invest in something of quality.

That’s where WAMA comes in with their hemp boxers. Most underwear is not good for you. Hemp? It’s one of the most natural fabrics on the planet meaning no chemicals are touching your private parts.

WAMA underwear the best clothing to wear in summer fpr men

In summer you need something that’s breathable, but also anti-microbial, that’s vital for a healthy smell-free trip. Hemp provides that. And WAMA turns hemp into underwear.

Best Backpacks

Lifepack Backpack

I had plenty of backpacks. And frankly, until I had the Lifepack, I hated backpacks. Lifepack? It’s not perfect but it has been my choice for travel due to the features it offers. It has a power bank. It has a speaker. Of course, it looks great, which was the main problem with other backpacks, and oh, yes, it can fit much more than it looks.

Lifepack Backpack

Summer consists of travel, and for that, you always need something that fits and consists of features that help rather than just being a backpack. Lifepack delivers on that.

A full review 1-year later coming soon!

MZ Wallace Metro Backpack

Sometimes you want to grab something smaller. MZ Wallace delivers on that!


Their Metro Backpack looks and feels incredible, and works both on females and males!

MZ Wallace backpack best clothing

It’s not the biggest, it doesn’t have a power bank or such, but it’s stylish, offers enough space, and is overall a great backpack to take on a day-trip!

Best Clothing to Wear in Summer for Men If It’s Raining

Did you really think we would not mention clothing for rain? Here’s the thing. In summer, it rains. Even in warm countries. I was in Athens, it rained.

You should invest in clothing against the rain but that is also light enough so that you survive the warmer temperatures.

Ministry of Supply Dry Days Mac

Dry Days Mac is great for travel as it’s light, great against water, oh, and it’s functional. It comes with 5 pockets. That’s more than just about all jackets provide. And these are fully zippable with a minimalistic zip on all of them that blends in. It’s my favorite rain jacket ever.

There’s nothing like it when it comes to convenience. The major problem with it is that it costs, quite a lot.

Check out the review of the best rain jacket for the summer on our page!

Thursday Boots Captain Natural

Our last pick? Boots. Thursday Boots. There’s nothing worse than getting your feet wet when it’s raining. Best Clothing to wear in summer for men should consist of Thursday Boots if you are going into the mountains or just overall will be experiencing rain.

I wore them for 5 months, every single day when reviewing. These are the most comfortable boots I ever have worn. They never smelled either. About 7 months later, they still look great.


thursday boots

Oh, and recently I put them into water while at a river, and they remained fully dry. And that’s what you should be looking for.

Check out our full review of Thursday Boots on our page too!

Best Clothing to Wear in Summer for Men

We did not include everything. Sunglasses, a lot of upper body stuff, jumpers, socks, and more things are missing. We can’t write about items we didn’t test or don’t think are good. This is a post about the best clothing to wear in summer for men, but it isn’t about all the best clothing.

If you have a product that’s worth reviewing, contact us!

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