Best Earphones for Calls and Sound – Jabra Elite 65e Review

The problem with most reviews is that they are based on one week’s usage. If you are going to call a pair of earphones the “best earphones for calls and sounds” you have to make sure you know every single flaw, and that’s what we did before we made this Jabra Elite 65e review. We took these to Ireland, Thailand, South Korea, and France, testing them on 12 hour flights, 10 hour bus journies, when running, walking, in the rain, in the sun, and let’s just say these have some flaws you should know about before buying, but overall might be the best pair of earphones for calls and sound.

Best Earphones for Calls and Sound looking

I love fully wireless earphones or earbuds, whatever you call them, but they just aren’t there yet.

Regardless of the brand, fully wireless earphones just aren’t there yet, not if you are looking for the best earphones for calls and sound. There’s simply not enough space in them. With that said, we will be making some posts about fully wireless earphone soon if you really need them, but if you are looking for the best earphones for calls and sound, are these neckband earphones by Jabra the best earphones for calls and sound?

Best Earphones for Calls?

Jabra calls these “superior for calls”, and most people think that it’s because these come with active noise cancellation, and while that sure is a feature that for sure helps in cities like Bangkok where you can’t even hear yourself, that’s just one of the reasons that these are great for calls.

Best Earphones for Calls and Sound calls Jabra Elite 65e

If you are pitching somebody, it’s as important for them to hear you as for you to hear them, and Jabra has a few clever things going on here to help with that.

Firstly, their size allows more microphones in different locations. With fully-wireless earphones, you are limited to microphones in two different locations. These? They have microphones on both earbuds but also on the lower part of the cable with that third microphone being the biggest microphone I ever saw on such earphones.

Jabra Elite 65e analyze audio from 3 of the microphones to cut out unnecessary sound, providing you with much clearer audio than otherwise, and the feature, while it doesn’t always work fully right, when it works, it’s absolutely amazing.

Frankly, when it comes to calls, I don’t think this pair of earphones has any competition, at all.

Conversations are not one-sided though, and great audio helps other people hear you better, but not everybody on the other side has great audio. You, of course, want to hear them, and this is where the ANC, which is active noise cancellation comes in. You turn it on, and boom, all these sounds around you, gone. It won’t help if something has poor audio, but it will make things easier.

Except, this is a Jabra Elite 65e review, and not a post about the features that these are meant to have.

The ANC on these, it does not eliminate all the sounds effectively all the time. Do you want to cut the grass? They help. Do you want silence on an airplane? They help. On a metro? They help. They help, but they aren’t always fully effective.

And that’s one of the big problems people have with these.

Best Earphones for Calls and Sound calls Jabra Elite 65e

Personally, the active noise cancellation is good enough for me as it always eliminates some noise, it just doesn’t eliminate all, and I rather have that little idea about what’s going on behind me.

The big issue people have though can easily be solved. Earbud tips seem to be a problem with active noise cancelation. There are not enough variations. And for that, there’s an easy trick, just buy some.


The noise cancellation seems to bring a cracking noise if you move your head to the right or left. And this isn’t something that happened just to me, it also happened to others. Not to all, but to a lot. It seems to be a defect in production.

It’s fine most of the time as you won’t be moving your head in such way, but when you stretch your neck, you will, and that’s when you will notice it, and it will hurt your ears.

Overall though, as far as the best earphones for calls go, the microphones are fantastic here. They really enhance the audio experience. And the active noise cancellation helps too. Sometimes it’s irritating but overall it helps.

The HearThrough Feature Is Great

Best Earphones for Calls and Sound Jabra Elite 65e

Did you ever have a stranger approach you when you are walking, and you don’t want to take your earphones off because you know the conversation will last like two seconds? Perhaps you were walking and saw that there are some sketchy people behind you. Did that ever happen to you? To take off your earphones to see what they are saying is alarming to them.

If you just press a button on your Jabra’s, you will be able to hear it much better than otherwise. And that’s a very great safety feature.

What About Sound Though?

Are these the best earphones for calls and sound or just for calls?

This is where a good pair of cabled earphones can really make a difference as fully-wireless earphones are limited to a point that both need the same components twice. This isn’t the case with wired earphones obviously, and that allows for massive sound advancement.

The problem with most fully wireless earphones is that they are very flat. They are very poor in the bass sector.

These? I’m not going to get into specifics, we aren’t an audiophile site, we write about things that help people, and all I’ll say is that you will not be disappointed. These come with bass on a really solid level, which you will notice especially if you used fully-wireless prior, and the clarity is fantastic too.

You will especially love them if you adjust them to your preferences in the Jabra app. My question for Jabra? Why do you have so many different apps for different earphones? Just create a universal one, damn it!  And one for Windows 10 devices would be great. If you are getting the best earphones for calls and sound, you aren’t just getting them to use with a phone.

Best Earphones for Calls and Sound Need Great Battery life!

These are great for sound, these are great for calls, but ultimately it’s actually the battery life that impressed us the most when making this Jabra Elite 65e review. 

We have been on two 12 hour flights with these while testing them. They lasted both of them. That’s something that not a lot of wireless earphones can do, never mind fully wireless ones. And this was with some active noise cancellation on in certain parts of these trips too.

That’s all we will say. Incredible battery life. Your phone will die before these will.

And if you forget to charge them, a 20-minute charge will be enough for keeping you going for around an extra hour.

Not Too Portable for Wireless Earphones Though

Best Earphones for Calls and Sound

When compared to headphones, of course, these are portable. But these aren’t something that you just put into your pocket easily. That neckband is flexible enough but it’s still there. The best place to store them is actually on your neck, due to that neckband. It’s the most convenient place for that. Pockets, em, not so convenient, unless you abandon the case, but with that, there are a lot of risks.

Oh, and these come with magnets to keep them on your neck when you have them there.

Jabra Makes the Most out of the Size of These

Best Earphones for Calls and Sound

These come with plenty of buttons allowing you to effectively skip music, talk to Google Assistant or whatever you use, or put one of the Jabra features such as HearThrough. The size of these also allows for those 3 microphones, and of course, since the buttons aren’t directly on your earbud, they don’t hurt your ears when pressing them, which is the case with a lot of fully-wireless earphones.

The neckband also comes with a vibration bar that’s great for notifications.

They did forget a USB-C port though. Not a must, but in 2018, you would expect that move forward. Seriously.

Best Earphones for Calls and Sound on floor micro usb

Are the Jabra Elite 65e the Best Earphones for Calls and Sound, and What About the Little Things?

I wish these had a button to take down notes since they already have plenty of buttons. I wish you could use these microphones for recordings. I wish you were able to adjust settings on a computer. That cracking noise is annoying. But overall, to conclude this review of the Jabra Elite 65e, if you are looking for the best earphones for calls and sound, these might just be it.

And while the active noise cancellation isn’t the best, getting a pair of earbuds that fit you fully right will help a lot. But most people stating that the active noise cancellation isn’t the best were comparing them to earphones that cost half extra of what these do. How could you even do that?

At almost €200 or $200, these are a very solid pair.


With that said, we will try to make a review of a fully wireless pair soon, if you are looking for that convenience that fully wireless earphones bring.

In the meantime, check out our review of the budget fully wireless Sudio Sweden Niva’s.

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