Best Health Gifts for Christmas

When we think of health, we tend to think about things like eating right or eating the right amount of calories, or not consuming sugars, but health isn’t as simple as that. It’s a lot more complex and goes much further than the food we eat. Some of the things mentioned in this guide? They show something that once upon was fundamental for humans, meanwhile other things, they are pieces of tech that solve a lot of issues that tech created in the first place. You get anyone any of these health gifts, and they will be grateful.

Oh, and you should get some for yourself too.

Breath – The New Science of a Lost Art

Breath is the most vital part of health. One that most of us never think of, that can solve a majority of our issues, and that we have lost mastery of.

Research shows that we have fundamentally got worse at breathing correctly, resulting from or co-resulting in most of the health issues we have today. And not only is this a disease issue, but it’s also a physical issue. Native Americans had perfect teeth. They also breathed through their noses. 90% of our population breaths through the mouth and our teeth are not great. They are crooked. And that’s why we spend so much money on dentists. Book your next appointment with Mindarie Quinns Dental Care for a good priced dental check up, you should find the best clinic in your are, find also their aesthetic services.

The back of the book states this quote:

And it sums the book up.

Whether you know someone with respiratory issues, allergies, athletes, snorers, or simply someone that wants to feel a bit better, this is a must-have book for them. In fact, this was our favorite book we read this year.

Master the lost art of breathing, and your health will be changed.

…Unfortunately most doctors, researchers, and scientists, until recently, forgot about it. Or rather ignored breathing, stating that it doesn’t matter how you do it. Except, it does. That’s why free divers can dive for 12 minutes hundreds of meters down, meanwhile, people like me couldn’t hold their breath for up to 30 seconds in the water. It’s all about how you breathe.

Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is the most advanced health tracker currently out there.

Things you can track with it?

  • Heart Rate Variability⁣
  • Sleep (3 stages, Deep, REM & Light)⁣
  • Resting Heart Rate⁣
  • Respiratory Rate⁣
  • Body Temperate ⁣(Super useful during COVID times)
  • Calories Burnt⁣ & steps walked
  • Meditation stats ⁣

If you are a female, all these data sets can help you predict your period. And that perhaps sums up why this ring is so important for health.

It gives you feedback based on data, rather than just giving you data.

…And when it connects the dots, it tells you.

If you should chill out today because it looks like you are catching something, it will tell you that.

This is a must for health-optimization.

We recently did a post about it and the data it collected during COVID.

Polar Grit X

The Oura Ring is incredible but if there’s one thing that it lacks on. It’s the activity aspect.

If you want to train and want to see the distance you are running, your pace, or how much fat you are burning VS the rest, you can do that on the Polar Grit X.

It gives you those insights as you are working out that the Oura just can’t provide as it doesn’t have a screen. And it is a much better fitness tracker than the Oura because of its GPS features that just give you that extra set of data.

Data like speed. Like patterns. At what time you ran at a certain speed. If you do any sports at all, that’s super important data that Oura itself doesn’t deliver.

With the Polar, I also really like graphs like this which show me that in the past week, I’ve sat way too much: 

This is a great example of why most people need a standing desk, although we aren’t featuring one in this post.

The issue with a lot of smartwatches we had in the past was that they weren’t fitness-oriented and that they were too bulky making it hard to sleep with them for sleep tracking.

The Grit X is much lighter and smaller than a lot of smartwatches making it convenient for sleeping with, although, we, of course, would still recommend the Oura Ring for that aspect.

LiveSmart – Blood Tests From Home

Covid has made going to a doctor much more difficult.

In the next few years, that’s going to have detrimental effects on health.

Diseases and issues that could have been prevented by knowing something was off are going to go unnoticed because we weren’t able to attend doctors as easily.

…If you weren’t physically badly sick, it wasn’t enough to get an appointment. And many that were, didn’t go because they didn’t think their issue was big enough to bother the doctor.

That’s why for this Christmas, one of the best gifts you could get is something like LiveSmart.Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019

LiveSmart is a blood testing kit platform that allows you to get tested by yourself from home. Collect your blood with their kit. Ship it. They analyze. And their Plus test will measure 34 blood markers and give you 3 months of health coaching.

The primary issue with getting health tests back in the day of health tests? They were vague. Doctors would not call you unless things were very very bad. There was also not enough context.

LiveSmart? You write what’s bothering you. You can give that context, and then they give you feedback based on the context and the issues you have. But they’ll also tell you the little things that aren’t an issue right now, but that could be an issue in the future.

Oh, and a Vitamin D test is included in all their tests. Super important. 80% of hospital COVID cases were deficient on Vitamin D. I also happened to be almost deficient last time I got tested on the platform. And I thought that my vitamin D levels would be great. And most people think that too.

23andMe – DNA Test

Your DNA? It’s able to tell things about you that you otherwise would not be able to find out.

That’s why getting a DNA test is so valuable.

best tech for health 2019 23andme


I have an increased risk of age-related macular degeneration.

…Now that I know, I can take the right measures to hopefully prevent this from happening in the future.

…My grandfather has recently had eye issues. The cause? This.

You or your loved one that you are getting a gift? They might have no issues, or they might have much worse issues. Knowing can save lives. 

Apart from genetic factors, 23andMe is quite useful for other aspects. Based on your genes, it’s able to predict whether you will develop a bold patch or not, while of course, also being able to provide you with data about your ancestry.

Blue Light Blockers – Barner & Swanwick

Blue light is harmful. 

It’s no a “woo-woo” thing. Blue light, if too much of it, at the wrong time is harmful because it destroys the way your body regulates sleep.

Meaning your sleep suffers because your body thinks it’s day when it isn’t day, making it harder to fall asleep and to get good quality sleep.

Blue light glasses help solve that issue.

These? These are the Barner glasses, and they are the best looking “computer” glasses out there. 

Is the Sony a6500 worth the upgrade
Yes, that’s the Eiffel Tower behind.

However, while marketers did a great job of making everyone think that these see-through blue light blockers are sufficient, that is not true.

The Barner glasses are great at limiting harmful blue light from your computer’s screen, without changing how your screen looks too much which is important if you edit photos or videos.

And that’s where the likes of the Swanwick glasses come in.

These are developed with the night in mind, meaning the block all the blue light around you, at the cost of you seeing everything in an orange tint.

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019

However, apart from their aviator glasses, most of their models while working great, don’t look great. So if you are considering this as a gift, think about whether the person you are getting them for, will care.

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019

Do you want to see the standard models? Okay, don’t laugh…

Are blue light blocking glasses worth it for better sleep Swanwick glasses reviewAre blue light blocking glasses worth it for better sleep Swanwick glasses

Red Light Therapy – Joov

Red light therapy? How does it work? Red light reaches the mitochondria of your cells, which then soaks it up, resulting in more energy being made.Health Tech That Will Improve Your Life

More simplified? They allow your cells to work much closer to their full potential.

And if your cells are working to their full potential, your body is able to deal better with everything.

But how can a certain type of light do that? For the skeptics, radiation is not visible, yet it will damage your cells.

Red light therapy is today used a lot for face treatments as it does help skin heal much quicker, and we have recently used it to help a football player with the healing of her hand after her 2 hand operations, and it has worked great.

The device isn’t super cheap, which is why the Joov Go is a great option. And the new version of it actually comes with a stand which is great as the first one was hard to operate without it.

Earth Grounding

Grounding has very crucial benefits for your body, most importantly when it comes to fighting inflammation which so many humans suffer from these days.

…Yet most people don’t do it. Even though it’s so simple.

Grounding? It’s the act of connecting with the electrons from the surface of Earth. To do it, you will need to be barefoot, touching the earth.

It’s not woo-woo. Electrons are a thing, and things on the planet are connected.

Unfortunately, most of the population does not use this ancient technique anymore. We all just wear Vessi shoes now. 

Groundology makes many different types of grouping products, but one we really love is the mat because a lot of people spend time at the computer. 

We do recommend people just go outside barefoot, but during winter, it’s hard, although those that do it, will get huge benefits from the cold too. I personally love grounding in a lake. 2 in 1.


The company also sells bed duvets, and those are great to implement grounding when sleeping.

Vitastiq 2

The Vitastiq 2 is a vitamin and mineral tracker. Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019

Is it fully accurate? It doesn’t matter.

What one needs to know is whether something is on the right track or not, and this device lets you do that.

Here’s why it works though.

Vitastiq doesn’t give numerical values. It tells you if something is good, mild, not good, and so on. And those results are close to what blood tests would give. And for the majority of people that never get their blood tests done, that is all that’s needed.

Here’s a study regarding the accuracy of it.  It shows that the Vitastiq is at least 70% accurate.

Oh, and this project was funded by the EU.

Faradays Underwear 5G Protection Underwear

This is a controversial topic.

Does EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation hurt us?

Here’s the thing.

Humanity’s definition of what is dangerous or not is…weird.

Cannabis which contains CBD that can be turned into many health supplements and is known for solving many health issues like seizures is viewed as dangerous.

EMF which is shown to have major long-term and some short-term effects is viewed as safe. It also happens to be the by-product of essential services.

EMF’s? They won’t specifically kill you today.

EMF might now have any effect on you now or even next year, but it will have some sort of an effect on your body at some point. And it might even already be having an impact with some issue you have, but you might not know it.

IS emf a danger to you? - Faradays Underwear that protects your private parts

Research regarding the long-term impacts of EMF is overwhelming.

In the short term, EMF is responsible for the likes of headaches and feeling foggy, which I specifically experienced recently while living in an apartment that had a 4G tower in front of it.

That’s where the Faraday Underwear comes in.

Is Emf a Danger to You or Is It a Conspiracy Theory?

It’s not a long-term solution and it only protects your private parts, but as EMF was increasing due to upgrades in cellular technology, as went up from 2G to 3G and so on, sperm count has drastically decreased.

Atomic Habits

Habits do not restrict freedom. They create it. In fact, people who do not have their habits handled are often the ones with the least amount of freedom.”

Atomic Habits? It’s a crucial book for health. Without implementing strategies mentioned in it, you or one that got one of these gifts, won’t be able to maintain the habits of applying what’s shared in this post.

After all, we all want to go running and to stay healthy, but how many of us do it?

This book is incredible for solving this issue.

Best Health Tech Gifts for Christmas

These are some of the best health tech gifts for Christmas that we know of, and that we use daily.

Is that it?


People need a great mattress to get the best sleep possible. They need a great pillow. They need a great standing desk to limit their sitting and a great chair for when they are sitting. All of these things? We’ll talk about them when in the future, but for now, these are the best health gifts and best health products that we tested and know that work.

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