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The best jeans for everything cannot just be about looking good, being comfortable enough, from a well-known brand, and at a nice price. Are you going to show me jeans from Diesel? Please. Am I meant to be impressed? 

Mugsy Jeans best jeans for everything

We talk only about the clothing that will make our life better. And the reality? What are the best jeans for everything? Whether shorts, light denim or dark denim?

mugsy jeans best jeans for everything mountain

Well, these for sure are not any typical jeans they sell in shops.

If you are looking for features, it’s rare to find them.

Imagine playing football (soccer) in a pair of jeans and them being comfortable, not ripping, and breathable to a point they can survive at 30°C.

Well, the best jeans for everything must be able to withstand a game of football, as if they don’t they will have issues. And that’s exactly how we tested Mugsy Jeans

Mugsy Jeans Blog Post

The Dilemma with Buying Jeans

You either look like you are in 2005 or your get skinny jeans that don’t give you space for breathing, reduce your circulation, and rip when you try to do an too intense activity. Except, when it comes to the best jeans for everything, especially as far as travel is concerned, you can’t be climbing the mountains and seeing your jeans rip.

lifepacck backpack

Well, I can’t. Maybe you don’t care.

And what if you have to run to the metro? Whatever it is, you can’t have any risk of ripping. And it’s either a bad fit or ripping in most of the cases.

Oh, and never mind the blue stains on items in your pocket along with your legs and often other clothing when wearing dark denim.

mugsy jeans best jeans for everything sitting

And while it sure is cool to wear clothing from very known brands, is it really?

You pay more than you should for features that aren’t there and other people are wearing them too?

The Stretch Matters When It Comes to the Best Jeans for Everything

Ultimately not including too loose jeans, if you were skinny jeans, they will reduce your blood flow as it is, nevermind when you roll them up to form shorts. Especially when traveling and flying for many hours or on a bus. And that, that’s not healthy. And also adds to the lack of comfort, for sure.

Mugsy Jeans best jeans for everything

Mugsy Jeans come with a stretchy fabric. And sure, stretchy is great, but how stretchy.

How much can these take?


I sprinted. I jumped. Volleys, shots, these survived. And if these survived that, they will survive anything you will throw at them!

mugsy jeans best jeans for everything balll a

This also applies to shorts. Shorts can also be tight especially if you were a skinny fit. Mugsy Jeans? The shorts? When would you need to stretch them to the point that they could rip? When going on a quad. For example.

Mugsy Jeans best jeans for everything going on a quad

Stretch Means Comfort

While most people wear tracksuit bottoms at home for comfort, I wear my Mugsy Jeans.

And sometimes people ask me why I would wear jeans at home, and to answer that, it’s simply because these are more comfortable than anything I can put on.

Mugsy Jeans best jeans for everything

And that’s what you need when it comes to the best jeans for everything!

Durability Is There Too Though

Sure, you can play football in your jeans once and you can go on a quad once, but how many times will they survive the stretch. Normal jeans can survive extreme movement a few times too after all, right?

best jeans for everything

Well, my Lake Shores, I’ve had those for a year. Thousands of kilometers walked. Mountains. Buses. Planes. Sleeping on seats. Playing cap football while waiting for my bus. Done it all. They survived just fine.

Best jeans for everything

If you are worried that these jeans will last a certain amount of time before something happens, lest assured that these are the most durable clothing product I ever used!


Playing football is one thing. Playing football at 30°C or 86°F is another thing. Doing all of that in jeans rather than shorts is just something else altogether.

mugsy jeans best jeans for everything kicking ball

How did these do? Well, we won’t speak about them as if they were the best things ever for this. For jeans, they are for sure but like in that kind of weather, playing naked would still be too hot. However, surprisingly, these did better than the Adidas jersey I was wearing.

If You Are Stupid Enough to Wear Them When It’s Too Hot…

There will always be that one person that decides to wear jeans when it’s too hot. These? You can roll them up. Into shorts.

mugsy jeans best jeans for everything shorts

And I guess, technically you can roll other jeans up too provided they are not skinny jeans. But you will get problems. Your blood flow will decrease, and they will eventually also fall down because they don’t have that stretch fabric that also has tension in them which Mugsy Jeans have.

You can roll Mugsy Jeans up and wear them as if they were shorts. Without having to fix your jeans up every few minutes.

mugsy jeans best jeans for everything shorts

They Look good while providing that comfort, breathability, and stretch.

They Aren’t for Females Though

This isn’t by any means a sexist thing. There’s plenty of brands exclusive to females, and in fact, I would say discrimination exists when clothing is involved as the women sections in shops tend to be much bigger than male sections. And I hate it. #equalshops

mugsy jeans best jeans for everything mountain

But, when you make a product that involves features that no other product involves, it’s only fair you make them for both genders.

I asked my girlfriend why she never wears jeans. She told me because they are too uncomfortable. Maybe if she wore Mugsy Jeans…

They Also Don’t Offer Enough Choices

I get that this post is about jeans and the best jeans for everything, but when you offer this technology, it can’t be just for jeans.  I want to wear these everywhere. And to do that, I need all kinds of shorts, trousers, chinos, and jeans. Mugsy Jeans are a company called after jeans, but I would love to wear a suit while being to jump up without any worry.

This is needed.

And while it’s not present right now, I know they are expanding all the time, so sooner or later, we will see it! And I hope that the female section will come too!

Massive Pockets Are Precisely What the Best Jeans for Everything Need!

It’s 2018. Phones are massive. Hopefully, your wallets aren’t, but if they are then, well they are massive. Our jeans pockets? Tiny. Ridiculously tiny. And pockets are one of the most important features when it comes to clothing. It’s an absolute essential. If you give me jeans that don’t have big enough pockets, I will not wear them.

Mugsy Jeans not only come with massive pockets that fit my 5.5″ phone, but there’s also so much more space left. In fact, a 7″ tablet would fit into these. Oh, they are also as far as how many items you can put into one pocket is concerned. Due to their stretch fabric that stretches when you put items in.

mugsy jeans best jeans for everything pockets

But that stretch fabric is also fantastic for security due to the tension that the fabric creates. I’ve had my phone fall out of my pockets when sitting down before with jeans. I know people that broke their phones like that. Mugsy Jeans, the stretchy fabric keeps everything in. Oh, and also, because it does, it makes it so much harder to steal something from you as you know about it whenever anybody tries.

mugsy jeans best jeans for everything pockets a

The Dark Denim Jeans Don’t Stain Anything

I’ve tried plenty of jeans. Most? More expensive than these $98 jeans. Some also custom made.

mugsy jeans best jeans for everything mountains a

Mugsy Jeans dark denim jeans are called Studio Blues, and these are the only jeans that never stained me. We are talking about tissues in my pockets. We are talking about my jumper. We are talking about my over €200 Sperry shoes.

The best jacket for summer
These jeans stained my Sperry Boots

The Best Jeans for Everything Are Mugsy Jeans

Mugsy jeans do what we love. Provide features. Features that make your life better. You might not see it that way, but when you are being chased by somebody, that comfort and stretch can save your life. And apart from the features, they also look extremely good, and most importantly last!

mugsy jeans best jeans for everything fall blog size

One might see it as an expensive price tag, but $98 is not expensive. In fact, it’s almost too cheap considering what an investment in your style future you are making with these.

mugsy jeans best jeans for everything walking

This review? It contained the Studio Blues which are the dark denim version, Lake Shores which is the light version, and Damens shorts.

Now, go get some!

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