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Looking for the best jeans for winter? Well, maybe you have seen our post that we did about the best jeans for everything where we played football with them. And they were from Mugsy Jeans.

Need a reminder?

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But one thing we didn’t talk about is winter. Are these jeans good for winter? We never wrote about it as while we did venture from pretty much everywhere in Europe with these to even the likes of Thailand and South Korea, we didn’t take them to any places with snow or cold temperatures as we were reviewing them for their “breathability” which is one of the key features of these. But is it an enemy during the winter?

the best jeans for winter

Well, we took them to Montreal in Canada recently, both the Studio Blues we already love as well as some of the fall versions which are called Fultons and Beans with the Beans being grey and Fultons being similar to Studio Blues which are the dark denim in the picture of me kicking the ball. Oh, and guess what the temperature was? –14°C or 6.8°F. So yeah, if you are looking for the best jeans for winter and are wondering if the Mugsy Jeans are still the best jeans for everything even in winter where some of the benefits might seem like negatives, look no further. This is the Mugsy Jeans review that will sort that out!

the best jeans for winter mugsy jeans

And if you never heard of Mugsy Jeans, we will talk about what you don’t know too!

Mugsy Jeans Are Jeans That Can Be Used as Pajamas, Work Clothing, Going out Clothing, or Exercise Clothing!

mugsy jeans best jeans for winter

When I say all of these, I mean that I actually use all of these for these tasks.

Okay, I don’t exercise in jeans because I don’t like to play football in anything but shorts but I did try it out for the sake of the review. But I do work in Mugsy Jeans, and I do also use a pair of their chinos as my pajamas as they are just so damn more comfortable than any pajama or piece of work clothing out there.

The reason they are so comfortable is due to the fact these come with a stretch fabric. This was the first company I ever found that provided jeans with stretch fabric for men.

And this is the reason why I recommend you get Mugsy Jeans over any other jeans on the market. You can pretty much do anything with these, and they won’t rip. And that matters in winter where it’s very easy to slip.

That’s the basic catching up if you haven’t read our prior post about Mugsy Jeans. It’s mostly either you wear loose clothing and are comfortable, or you wear tight clothing and are tight to a point you can’t move right and need to move your legs a lot in order to have some level of comfort. Mugsy Jeans eliminate that. But what about the winter element?

Breathability Is Not an Issue in Winter

These jeans are more breathable than just about any jeans on the market and when you are in -14°C or 6.8°F it might not seem like such a great idea, but the reality is that it does not make a difference. My legs were the least cold part of my body in Montreal.

I wouldn’t say I felt warm, but I felt normal, not too hot nor too cold.

best jeans for winter

If you are a cold person, maybe that won’t be the case for you but in that case, Mugsy Jeans are stretchy, and that means you can easily fit a layer underneath. And layers is how people live in Montreal anyway.

These jeans are great during summer in heat if you do end up wearing jeans whether that’s in Thailand or Greece or even as a western look which now is very popular, you can find everything including Kids Western Wear, this jean work  marvelous in hot season  but they also work in winter, and that goes back to the “best jeans for everything.” They just work everywhere.

More Choices Than Ever

Maybe the best jeans for winter aren’t just about the stretch fabric so that you don’t slip. Maybe they are about you not wearing your dark denim but wearing grey or something else? Mugsy jeans are expanding enormously on the choices and that matters in a world where men’s clothing is almost always of much less choice than of women clothing.

mugsy jeans best jeans for winter

Men like to dress up too. Why should we be limited by big companies?

Mugsy Jeans no come with several shades of blue, and the grey Beans which are some of my favorite colors right now. I always loved grey prior, but I haven’t worn any in forever since starting my journey with Mugsy Jeans. The problem was that they didn’t have grey jeans for a long while. Until now.

The Best Jeans for Winter When It Comes to Value

There are known jeans companies. Unfortenly most of them overcharge due to their known name. There are also more budget jeans that are mostly on the level of the overpriced but from less known brands. Oh, and then there are jeans on a budget that are of poorer quality altogether. Mugsy Jeans offer jeans that are more on a budget considering the $98 price tag versus the likes of $150+ but offer features that no other jeans offer at all. Breathability and stretch are the two key features that make jeans worth it.

When looking for the best jeans for winter, you most likely aren’t just thinking of jeans for this winter. You are looking for next winter too. Perhaps you want to buy one pair now, and one pair next winter, but you want jeans that last.

mugsy jeans best jeans for winter

These do. The first pair, we have been testing it for over a year. Overall, we have used Mugsy Jeans in 25+ countries in 3 different continents. Not one pair has a sign of wear, a hole, or any show of the fact that their quality went down.

Pockets Matter

You might have read our recent Shades of Grey Duffle Coat or Dolfie Paradise Denim Jacket review posted this week. All of these mentioned pockets and that’s because pockets matter so much! We carry more and more items and a lot of these items also got bigger. For instance our phones. When we wrote about Mugsy Jeans as the best jeans for everything, the new iPhone Xs MAX wasn’t out. Now we live in a world where even iPhones are truly massive, and the problem is most jeans can’t store the likes of phones securely.

Loose pockets and not big enough pockets have been my two main issues. Those two combinations result in things breaking or being lost.

The stretchy fabric on Mugsy Jeans adds tension to items inside of pockets making sure they stay in and even more importantly, the jeans have big pockets as you can see below where a 5.5″ phone with bezels fits perfectly with much more space left. Matter of fact, a 7″ tablet fits in these.

best jeans for pockets

What Are the Problems Then?

Mugsy Jeans are so great that it’s hard for us to talk about them in a negative way, and that perhaps makes you think this is some sponsored post where we have to talk about them only from a positive angle. No, it’s not.

best jeans for winter mugsy jeans seoul

But we didn’t really find any problems minus the fact that the stretch fabric has a specific rubber-ish smell on it. It does fade with time though.

The Best Jeans for Winter

best jeans for winter mugsy jeans seoul

Mugsy Jeans now have the variety of colors that allows you to be the most comfortable ever while wearing the shade you want but most importantly over everything is just the fact these make your life better. And that’s what this page is all about. About products that make your life better! That matters! A lot!

best jeans for winter

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