Best Loafers for Water – Swims Stride Laces Loafers Review

There’s plenty of types of loafers, but most do not work with water. And that’s a problem as people tend to wear loafers in warmer weather, and the warmer weather tends to involve water, a lot. Except, water + loafers tends to = bin. This page is about products that help though, in this post? We are talking about the best loafers for water.

Best loafers for water - Swims Braided Lace Loafer Review

We got a pair from this company called Swims which ironically makes products that are very water friendly, in fact, you can pretty much swim with all of their products.

Water-friendly is not enough to get a pair of loafers though. Is there enough features on these Swims Stride Lace Loafers to call them the best loafers for water or should you just were your typical loafers and take the risk of destroying them?

What Are They Made Of?

best loafers for water

Water-friendly? What are they made from so? Right? What sacrifices do you have to make?

Well, you have to sacrifice on the typical loafer materials meaning that you aren’t going to get your suede or leather. And that’s perfectly fine! If you look at the features of these loafers, you aren’t really sacrificing but more so gaining!

For some though, the lack of suede or leather will be a deal breaker, and that’s fine as this is a post about the best loafers for water.

Swims loafers in water best loafers for water

These are made from rubber.

What rubber? I do not know. They might or might not be good for the environment.

Swims mention that they make products that last, and that can be repaired and that they are always making efforts to produce more environment-friendly products, but they don’t exactly provide any information on the materials used.

Oh, but since they are from rubber, there are far more color variations than on a typical loafer, available.

And that’s good because…

They Do Stain Easily

My loafers are white. And that means that any dirt in the water or on grass can stain these. And when it comes to the best loafers for water, that’s what you will be exposed to. That’s a problem if you constantly want to look good. If you don’t mind, a white is a great color that I love wearing. If you do mind, consider going for a different color.

best loafers for water stained

However, unlike most shoes and loafers, these are washable. I mean if they are water friendly, they have to be

Best loafers for water washable

And sure, you can wash a lot of sneakers, but they will not look the same after. And that’s the reality of washing products that are not really intended for washing but rather for light cleaning.

All of the materials that come with Swims are water friendly and can be washed in the washing machine and look like before a wash, but cleaner. In fact, they are the only pairs of shoes I ever washed that were so clean after a wash. And that’s great as even though they have great ventilation, the loafers itself can become quite smelly at times when you walk a lot during summer!

swims loafers best loafers for water

Oh, but by the way, most of the time a wet cloth is enough to clean them. I prefer using a wet wipe personally!


Why do you not want to wear sneakers or boots during summer? Your feet burn in them. It’s like they are trapped in a hot room with very little oxygen. It’s slightly better with loafers. Ankles can breathe and even feel the wind. These? Your entire feet can breathe.

The reason behind it? The mesh fabric around the top of the shoe and the sides. It allows for air flow from the top. The inner sole and the bottom also have bigger holes that also allow for air flow.

Super Quick at Drying

Those holes at the bottom of the Swims Stride Lace Loafers? They also act as a drainage system. All that water that might be staying in a shoe goes down and leaves. If not through the bottom, through the side. And that’s important. If you are looking for the best loafers for water, you need something that will dry quickly.

best loafers for water

You don’t want to walk around with wet feet. It might be good for cooling your body down, but it’s certainly not great in terms of comfort and for the health of your feet either.

They Did However Initially Give Me Blisters so Walk with Them First Before Taking on a Trip

The best way to avoid painful blisters is by trying out shoes lightly at first so that you don’t walk enough to get big blisters but walk enough in order for your shoes to adjust to your feet.

So yes, these give your blisters. So do all other shoes I ever tried except for the Thursday Boots and Babuk Urban Wooler Sneakers

Best loafers for water Swims Stride Lace loafers reiew

Either way, blisters are only temporary.

And the loafers itself are pretty comfortable. I mean, you won’t be writing about how comfortable these are, but you won’t be complaining either.

Why You Need Something That’s Water Friendly

best loafers for water

Of course one could take leather or suede loafers down near the lake in 30 degrees. One could chill. Eventually one might decide to go for a swim. You either take your loafers off or your ruin them. Taking them off? It creates a mess. The dirt in the water and after you step out of it sticks to your feet. You then make a mess inside of your loafer. Oh, and let’s not mention the fact idiots sometimes throw glass bottles of beer into the likes of lakes, a loafer can protect you from potential cuts.

Swims, they will protect you.

Oh, and let’s not forget about mentioning that you will not slip in these either as they aren’t just flat at the bottom and come with a grip that will allow you to even go up and down mountains provided you are willing to take the risk of breaking your ankles.

Are the Swims Stride Loafers the Best Loafers for Water?

The best loafers for water need to focus on water primarily. And as far as that goes, they are the best. Not only are they great to take into the water, but they also dry quickly and keep your feet feeling fresh while walking a lot while coming with materials that are extremely easy to clean. Comfort is there after you suffer from blisters, and you will be able to walk with these in most places due to the grip they provide.

best loafers for water

They also most likely the most unique loafers ever created as while most follow the trend of leather and suede, Swims takes a completely different approach.

And with the price tag of €130, you can’t go wrong with these. They aren’t just the best loafers for water. They are the best loafers overall for that price. You won’t find a better deal for this price.

loafers for water

Lastly, to finish this review, my only major complaint is the end of the laces. The little tiny pieces at the end with the Swims logo fall off way too easily. In my instance, I lost two of them. One on each shoe.

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