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You thought that summer means sun? Maybe for you but not for all. For some, it means warmer rain. Making posts about great things for summer and overall travel is great but not enough people talk about the items that are needed in cooler countries. If you are in a country that experiences rain and average temperatures during summer and are looking for the best rain jacket for summer, we got you covered. 

Ministry of Supply Coat

Today we are going over the Ministry of Supply Waterproof Men’s Dry Days Mac Jacket which I reviewed before, and that will be the first review you will see when you search for it, but now I’m doing a review from a perspective of summer, and 7-months later. Is it worth it? 

How I Tested This Jacket

When you have millions of subscribers, you get too many products and thus can never wear one product enough to actually know if the product is worth it. I did not wear this product every single day for the last 7 months. It wasn’t a situation like with my Thursday Boots. But I have consistently worn it a few times a week. Whether it was in cold temperatures where I had to wear layers which this jacket is perfect for, or in pretty warm situations but with rain. And surprise, surprise, I even wore it in the snow in a place where it shouldn’t snow. 

Jacket in Snow

I’ve tested it with harsh wind conditions. I’ve tested it with snow billiards. I tested it with ridiculously bad rain. Traveling to over 10 countries with it or at home, I tested like no other did.

The best jacket for summer
These jeans stained my Sperry Boots

Is it worth it? That’s what you have to decide yourself after reading this. It has some flaws for sure. It’s also incredible at a lot of things. It depends on what you are looking for.

The Protection Against Weather During Summer

I mean this is what you are getting a jacket for right? You want something that protects you from the problems you might experience during summer without overprotecting you like something designed for winter would do.

ministry of supply in rain jacket

The problem is that most summer jackets do not protect you from the likes of rain or wind because they are designed for the “summer” and that comes with an expectation that it’s going to be warm and that’s just it. Denim jackets are a great example for that.

Depressing weather with rain with a jacket

In countries that that hot kind of summer does not exist, rain is a problem but the wind is more than likely the more constant problem that makes it seem a lot colder than it is, and makes you uncomfortable. Windbreakers are a common choice for wind because of that. But there’s a problem with most windbreakers. They aren’t waterproof, they don’t have a hood a lot of the time, and they don’t protect your neck from the wind.


Dry Days Mac jacket provides all of that. Protection against the wind whether it’s hitting your belly or your neck, but also protection from the rain. Whether it’s your hair or your upper body, this jacket protected me from extreme rain and even protects some of your lower body from rain too due to the length. Now, I will say, if you do use the hood though, your hair will get ruined. If you have a lot of hair, the hood is just too small.

All of that while also looking incredibly stylish which is another thing that windbreakers fail upon. I mean look at it. The first time I actually wore this jacket, I was asked where I got it. That’s how much people love it. It just looks perfect for just about any style whether casual or more formal.

The best rain jacket for summer


Protection against the weather is great but this is a page about products that help. If you are looking for the best rain jacket for the summer, you have some expectations. And when it comes to functionality, this is why I love this jacket the most.

most functional jacket ever

Remember how I mentioned the hood? Well, during summer, if you are in a country that it’s windy and rainy in a lot, it doesn’t mean that it’s windy and rainy 24/7. In fact, going for a product that only provides protection against the rain and wind but isn’t also great for when it’s sunny is a terrible idea.

The best rain jacket for summer

If it’s windy a lot where you are, chances are the weather changes many times during a day. And that’s something that a lot of companies do not consider. I don’t want to have a hood on my jacket until I need a hood on. Ministry of Supply provides an amazing way to hide the hood.

Best rain jacket for the summer

It doesn’t even look like it exists as the actual zip is invisible and the way the hood actually fold gives almost a cushion to your neck which does help with travel. Of course, a travel pillow will do more magic, but this does have an impact compared to not having anything.

Hiding stuff? Great. But what else is there to hide? Pockets. A lot of them.

Best rain jacket for summer

In my initial review of this jacket, I showed a picture that was in Gary Vaynerchuk’s vlog that had my trousers in it.  And gosh. What I did was completely ridiculous.

baggy trousers.

If you have a lot of items. Carry them in a bag. If you can’t do that, carry them in a jacket. But never in the history of ever should you wear your items in trousers. Ever.

And that’s why this jacket is great. We don’t always bring a backpack, but we tend to always bring more than few things. In 2018 one needs a charger, phone, wallet, wireless earbuds, tissues, and sunglasses. That’s what more than a few people will carry every day.

Most jackets have two pockets. If you are lucky, sometimes you get one inside too. When it comes to summer though, those pockets tend to either be too small to fit a modern-day object such as phones that are enormous these days or don’t have zips.

The best rain jacket for summer must have pockets. And they need to be functional. It’s a must. Dry Days Mac delivers both on pockets but also on their size. They are enormous. Some people might hate that.  I would hate it too while loving it quite frankly if it wasn’t for the fact that this jacket hides everything so well. The zips aren’t visible. Everything looks minimalistic while also being functional and slim.

Happy in a metro in Sweden

And going back to weather always changing, you need something that’s great for carrying when the weather is actually good.

Traveling with a jacket

And this jacket folds incredibly great. It’s the most compact jacket I ever used. A great thing to have when traveling.

Size comparison of jackets
A normal jacket on the left. Dry Days Mac on the right.  It’s three times as compact.

The Sizing

Sizing of Ministry of Supply

This is one of those things that will influence whether it’s the best rain jacket for summer. The fit matters, and if you are small, you will struggle with sizing. I’m  5 feet, and 9 inches or 175 cm and the extra small fits me perfectly. If you are smaller than me, the jacket will more than likely be too big for you. And that might not make it the best rain jacket for summer, for you. Protection is great but you also want to look good. Right?

Ministry of Supply

The Quality and Pricing 

Sizing matters but the quality and pricing are the reason why some people will not get this jacket and will not consider it as the best rain jacket for summer.

pose like a model

Firstly, if you are wondering where this jacket is made, it’s made in China. If you are anti that kind of stuff, this will not be the best rain jacket for summer for you.

But the real problem for most people is the price. Are you willing to pay $375 for this? That’s a big investment. Well, depending on how much you use it. If this is something that you will wear every second day, it’s essential $2 for per day of use. And less as the years go past. That’s a good way to break down the value of clothing. At the end of the day, a lot of people won’t be able to afford it though. And because of that, it might not be the best rain jacket for summer in eyes of a lot of people.

Best rain jacket for summer

But is this jacket worth $375? Yes and no. See, it’s featured packed like no other. It will keep you dry. Well, almost dry as if it’s raining heavily, the water from the jacket loves to drip down to your trousers, but it will keep your upper body dry, it will protect you from the problems you might have during summer, while providing all the functionality that you need in a stylish and minimalistic form. And for that, it is worth it.

Best rain jacket for summer

But, there is a problem. This is either a design flaw in this otherwise perfectly designed jacket or perhaps merely only a problem with my version as I didn’t see any reviews mention this. Either way, from the very first time I’ve used it, I had a problem using the zip. It would never zip properly. It was actually hard to get it right. A certain method was required.  Eventually, this zipping problem resulted in a rip of the zip from one side of the coat along with a hole in the pocket.

This might have only been a problem in my jacket but either way, that is not good enough for a jacket at this cost. I also witnessed the part inside of the jacket that allows you to hang it break. So while the overall quality and functionality of this jacket are top notch, it does have some problems. But those problems are fixable.

Jacket ripped

But even with that price and those two problems, everything you get with this jacket, from my experience makes it the best rain jacket for summer and not just. It’s like nothing else. And apart from those two problems, it feels like it is going to last for a long time.

Luckily, if you do have a problem with the zip and do feel like something might happen. You have 100 days to return your product to Ministry of Supply.

Killarney national park

What you do, that’s up to you, but we do have a newsletter, and we will notify you about perhaps the next best jacket, whenever we find out. Check it out.

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