The Best Shirt for Men? Ministry of Supply Apollo 3 Shirt Review

It’s easy to get a shirt that looks premium. The problem is that most only look premium, and a pain to deal with, especially when traveling. That’s why I tested this Ministry of Supply Apollo 3 shirt for a year while traveling to countries such as South Korea, Thailand, Iceland, France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Poland, and Sweden. 

If I’m going to call something the best shirt for men, I better be sure of it.



For me and most likely also you, wrinkles are the biggest problem when it comes to clothing when traveling. If you sometimes travel on a budget, you might not always have an iron, and if you do, it might be of quality that will more than likely damage your shirt. Ministry of Supply solves this issue, and that also applies to their polo and jackets that I previously reviewed. 

I’ve been testing this shirt for a year. And whether it’s a 12-hour flight or a 3-hour flight, whether in a carry-on or a backpack, regardless of how I put the shirt in, I never had to deal with wrinkles. Or at least, not with wrinkles that stayed for more than a few minutes. 

Is the Sony a6500 worth the upgrade


And for that reason alone, this Ministry of Supply Apollo 3 shirt makes sense to me and probably for you too. Having a premium shirt is great, but if it has wrinkles, you won’t look good anyway. And who likes to iron clothing anyway?

Your Shirt Can’t Just Look Great

Wrinkles ultimately are fixable with an iron. What’s not fixable is the lack of comfort. Something that every shirt I ever have worn is responsible for. Unless you have a shirt that’s too big, you are just wearing some materials that are put together. And those materials, can’t take stretching whether that’s you actually stretching your body, you holding to a railing on a metro, or you grabbing something from a high shelf. And that’s a problem.

I do not believe in looking great at the cost of comfort and convenience. It’s not that I plan on running with my shirt, but if you are ever running late, or just perhaps want to reach to the top shelf in your kitchen to reach for something, normal shirts don’t handle that well at all. 

That’s because standard shirts don’t have any fabric that helps with movements that require the fabric to stretch. After all, it’s the same with most jeans too. Ministry of Supply Apollo 3 Shirt? It comes with a 4-stretch fabric that every shirt should come with. It’s a reason for why I don’t wear any other shirts anymore. Things like taking a picture with a camera shouldn’t be a hassle.

Ministry of Supply Apollo 3 Shirt Review - best shirt for men

Technology matters more than how luxurious a certain material is.

Oh, and by the way, Ministry of Supply offers this type of stretch on other products too such as on their blazer or polo shirt.

What If There’s a Heatwave?

Ministry of Supply claims their shirts are 19x more breathable than cotton.

I can’t verify that.

What I can verify that if I have to go out in the heat that you shouldn’t be out in, I’d wear a Ministry of Supply product. Although I would naturally prefer the Apollo 3 polo for an obvious reason.

The fabrics are very breathable. If it’s hot, you aren’t going to feel great anyway, but if you were to switch to a standard shirt in the same temperature, you would right away want to go back to Ministry of Supply.

A nice little thing that the Ministry of Supply provides with the Apolo 3 shirt is ventilation around the armpit area that you can see in the picture where I am taking a picture with the Sony a6000 camera. If you sweat a lot, I do recommend that you just check out our blog about how to prevent sweat as those ventilation holes won’t stop your sweat, but nevertheless, it’s better to have that than to not.

Sizing Matters

Sizing is complicated.

Should you be able to give out to a company for you not being one of their sizes?

Companies can’t make clothing for every single size. And that’s why tailoring suggests.

Out of the rack though? 

The Apollo 3 shirt fits me pretty well. Lengthwise it’s perfect, and overall there for sure is far less unnecessary materials than on other shirts I tried. With that said, it’s not perfect. And neither is any other shirt. Unless you are a perfect size, it’s not going to be fully perfect unless you tailor it.

Will I? Probably not. It already looks better than most shirts on most people already giving me a major advantage as a result.

However, with that said, while the sizing is complicated, what I don’t like about Ministry of Supply is how they don’t make the process of choosing the right size convenient. Their site should have comparisons to other, more basic products that most of us would already have. They don’t, and that makes life hard. Especially if you live in Europe and have to pay a lot for shipping in the first place which we’ll talk about later on.

And the sizing itself. It’s not consistent. The Dry Days Mac jacket fits me perfectly as an extra small. The Apollo 3 shirt? Fits me perfectly as a small. .They aren’t universal enough with their sizing. If I’m buying a shirt from them and it fits me perfectly, I should be able to buy a jacket with the same size, without having to look at the measurements followed by an extensive investigation of other products I already own and their sizing.

Oh, and I would like to see this shirt as a shirt that doesn’t have to be tucked in. It’s not always convenient to do shirt for men ministry of supply apollo 3 review

Overall Quality?

 It feels like silk without being silk.Best shirt for men ministry of supply ap

The shirt itself perhaps doesn’t consist of the top materials on paper, but with Ministry of Supply, you are paying for the features, not the name. And while the shirt is not handmade in the likes of Europe or the US, it performs, and that makes it far much higher quality than other pricier options. And yes, it can be washed. A lot. While drying incredibly fast. Washing a product a lot without quality loss is not common with premium products, although price tags would suggest so. Not the case with this Apollo 3 shirt. It still looks exactly the same as when I got it. And that very important, especially during summer when you just need to wash clothing often. 

In fact, during these summer months, I was washing this shirt twice per week because it was just getting un-fresh from all angles. I wouldn’t have as much confidence doing that with other products.

Is This the Best Shirt for Men? to Sum up This Ministry of Supply Apollo 3 Review

The essentials to have in a shirt? Comfort. No wrinkles. Stretch. Breathability. Unlimited washes without a loss of quality. That’s what the best shirt for men needs. And to sum up this Ministry of Supply Apollo 3 review, this the only shirt (and perhaps other similar Ministry of Supply models) that delivers on these aspects. And that makes this the best shirt for men.ministry of supply shirt review

With that said, it could be made in Europe or the US just as it could be handmade but frankly, if a product provides incredible features, does it need to be handmade or is that a cool thing to have? What might not make this the best shirt for men or rather some men is the fact that Ministry of Supply only has warehouses in the US just like the likes of Thursday Boots. Thursday Boots Explorer review best boots for travel

And that means expensive shipping (sometimes around $50) and import tax which I hate. Especially considering that you can get the wrong size, and if you do, you will pay to return the items.



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