Best Trousers for Travel? – Betabrand Dress Pant Sweatpants Review – 7 Months Later

Any pair of trousers can look good when you get it. But we are talking about best trousers for travel. When you travel, you ain’t bringing several pairs of trousers. Are you? You are looking for one pair that will do everything that you need them to do.  It’s not enough for trousers to just look good on day 1. They also need to look good on week 30, but most importantly must perform. This is the review of the Betabrand Dress Pant Sweatpants, 7 months later. Are they the best trousers for travel or are they just another pair of trousers?

Before we go into the review, let’s talk about Betabrand. Now, I’ve discussed Betabrand before, but it’s worth mentioning this again. Betabrand is the place where problems that clothing brings are solved. It’s a crowdfunding platform for clothing. Somebody has an idea. Betabrand turns it into a reality.

The Thing About Trousers for travel

Lifepack & Betabrand traveling walking

When looking for the best trousers for travel, the looks matter the least. Of course, you want to look good, but you want to go on an adventure. Sorry, let me correct that, you are on an adventure. You are looking to jump. You are looking to sprint. You want to do incredible stuff. Stuff that often results in trousers and jeans ripping which makes this an incredibly important post. For travel, you need comfort, you need functionality, you need the right pockets, and you need the right looks.

The Context of How I Tested Them

Comfort? Okay, let’s go back to my first journey with these in September. Location? Budapest. Destination? Ireland. A plane? Not an option. Not from Budapest. I know the price of a ticket, and if it’s not worth it, I won’t pay for it. What did I do? I went on a transport adventure of the year. Trains. Buses. Eventually a plane. No idea of where the train was heading most of the time. Simply a destination.  No stops in hotels or apartments. Just a constant journey. And I had the Betabrand Dress Pants Sweatpants on me all the time. And that was just the first adventure with these.

Me on a Train at 0.45
Me on a Train at 0.45

Apart from Hungary,  they have been in Poland, Cech Republic, Italy, France, UK, Ireland, Nothern Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, and Portugal.

Betabrand Walking France Lyon

Most people testing trousers won’t ever take them to the extremes I take products on. And because of that, you will often read clothing reviews that aren’t even valid. I once reviewed a jacket that cost $375 after a month. It had a hole a month later.

7 months. Walking up mountains. Running. Jumping. Stretching. Squatting. These were tested. The question is if they are the best trousers for travel.

Betabrand walking trousers in Lyon

The Most Important Aspect – The Stretch

This is the most important feature of any clothing product when it comes to travel. You can either get something that doesn’t fit you well or that fits you well but rips. Very rarely you get a pair of trousers that provides a perfect fit but also doesn’t rip when it comes to the movement that travels often requires.

Jumping Small Betabrand Sperry Chelsea Boots mens fashion

Before these, the last pair of trousers that actually fit me right ripped on the 30th of May, 2016. Since then I was going for bigger trousers as I didn’t want to be in a situation where my trousers ripped in the middle of a city. Oh, and by the way, I know this because I keep a journal.

I dare you to put trousers that are slim or skinny, and that fit your body perfectly, and to try to kick a ball with them, or to try to jump. Or sprint to the metro. It might work once or twice, but they will rip. These? 7 months of activities not made for products that fit so well, they are still around and kicking.

See what I did there?

The 4-way stretch fabric on these does an incredible job. And it’s a must. You want to be able to move while traveling. I get that you want to look cool but being able to move matters more when it comes to travel. These look good and allow you to move. If you are looking for the best trousers for travel,  these Betabrand Dress Pant Sweatpants provide the most important feature when it comes to trousers.  Travel limits you with clothing. You need something that won’t rip. Trust me, these don’t rip. Look at the pictures I provided. Any normal pair of trousers would most likely not survive that kind of stuff.

jumping up Betabrand
Jumping up. I promise I did not Photoshop myself in. This was taken on a mountain.

And a stretch fabric isn’t only needed when it comes to travel. It’s needed when it comes to business and many jobs too. For example, if I’m taking pictures at a conference at the front of a stage, I will be in a squatting position or such.

Are These Comfortable Though?

I said I traveled with them from Budapest to Dublin via buses, trains, and a plane. Non-stop. With these on. Normally, as somebody that travels, I would advise you not to wear trousers or jeans when traveling as they might limit your blood flow. Especially tight jeans, but these, you can wear them, they feel just like sweatpants when you put them on, except, they make you feel like so much more than just somebody that’s wearing sweatpants.

Betabrand & Thursday Boots

They are by far the most comfortable pairs of trousers I’ve ever worn. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have traveled with these so much. And they aren’t comfortable just because of that. They are also pretty great with temperature control. You won’t feel like your skin is turning to water with these.

Betabrand Dress pant sweatpants standing

The Pockets

Me in a Gary Vee vlog with big pockets

SEE That picture?  I was rocking these trousers last year. Yep. It’s embarrassing. If it weren’t for Gary Vee having a vlog, these would have never been captured.


These trousers, the pockets, as you can see, they do or did fit a lot. My phone fits perfectly, and that’s a 5.8-inch phone with bezels. They also aren’t very thin inside in terms of spacing. That’s great if you have thicker things to put in, not so great if you don’t as things love to slip out of these if you are sitting down which is not a great thing.

Unlike the trousers I mentioned a second ago though, these are somewhat decent at making items blend in when in pockets although as seen on the pictures, items are still seen, and that is not great in terms of thieves. You can’t steal what you can’t see. These show. But then again, due to the material they are made from, they kind of have to.

Logically though, you should try to limit what you have in your trouser pockets anyway. But it’s great to know you have possibilities, as you never know what travel will throw at you. Bigger is better than smaller. These will fit things.

Paris thinking modeling Daniel Wellington Trousers Betabrand

And oh, the back pocket has a zip which is a big thing that companies don’t include these days. A practical way to make that when you put something into your pocket, it will stay in your pocket.

The Quality and the Fabric

This relates to comfort. But this is also the only section that I’m not 100% positive about. While I’ve been in warm places like Lisbon with these, I haven’t worn these in temperatures of over 30°C or 86°F. I can’t give you feedback on that.

Betabrand trousers in lisbon sitting down

What I can tell is that anything under that, these will do a great job at keeping you cool. They are made of a breathable and decently thin fabric after all. I did not have a problem wearing them in Lisbon at all. In fact, I loved mixing style with comfort even when it was warmer.

best trousers for travel

While I didn’t test these over the temperatures of over 30°C or 86°F, you would have to be pretty insane to try to wear trousers or jeans in that kind of weather though. Get some shorts. I’ll be writing about the best shorts for travel soon actually. Same with shirts. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date with that.

Betabrand standing with lifepack

In terms of the quality of the fabric, these felt great when I got them, both in terms of the fabric as well as the comfort which I already mentioned, and 7 months later, that still applies. These are made from a super soft knit ponte fabric and damn, soft, they are. The only thing that I can say is that 7 months later, they are not as smooth as they used to be. You can feel cotton ball kind of thing on these.

So Are the Betabrand Dress Pant Sweatpants the Best Trousers for Travel?

My experience when it comes to travel and testing these out is undeniable. I don’t think anybody tested them as much as I did.

Betabrand Sitting in Milan

These are the best trousers for travel I have ever used. The best ever? Hard to tell, I didn’t try everything. But if you are looking for the best trousers for travel and get these Betabrand Dress Pant Sweatpants, you will love these.

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