Why Blue Light Blocking Glasses Don’t Work – Barner 2.0 Review (It’s Not What You Think)

What’s the first thing you do each morning? What’s the last thing you do before sleep? What do you do during your break or on the way to work? You either use your laptop, tablet, or phone. Pfft, I’m currently editing parts of this post while in bed. They say that we spend most of our lives sleeping. I’d argue that we spend most of our lives looking at screens. And that’s scary, especially if you read all about the impact of blue light prior to coming here to find about why blue light blocking glasses don’t work, with the hope that you won’t need them.

And we don’t blame you. The reason behind you don’t want blue light blocking glasses is also the reason behind why they don’t work. What is that?

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Don’t Work Because…

They are designed by the wrong people.

Let a coder create an app. They will do it greatly, but unless they also specialize in UI design, that app while being able to function well, won’t look well.

And that’s the reason why blue light blocking glasses don’t work.

It doesn’t matter that blue light can cause headaches. Neither does the fact that blue light causes eye-strain, ruins your sleep cycle, quality of sleep, while also affecting your energy levels during the day. None of that matters.

When you are selling glasses regardless of the type, you are automatically selling a lifestyle product, and lifestyle products need to look great first.

Looks Matter Even If You Say They Don’t

You might think that only idiots would care about what other people think of them or their style.

In a perfect world, we could all do as we want, but we aren’t in a perfect world, and in a world where people judge in less than a second, not utilizing your style to your top potential is putting you at a major disadvantage, in every single situation in life.

Whether it’s just glasses, sunglasses, or blue light glasses, people want to look great, whether it’s because people judge or merely because they want to look great.

Joanna won’t compromise on her look when going out to a party just so that her body benefits. Even if she wants to and does actually give them a chance.

And I don’t blame her.

My friend, Ryan McCarthy told me about how he saw two men at the dressing room at the pool the other day, since they really like to keep their pool clean, and they use the best pool pump for this, you can look here to find more about this. Both looked similar, slightly chubby, yet one put on a pair of runners (shoes for running) and a t-shirt while another put on a pair of nice brown shoes and a shirt. Immediately, even though he didn’t want to make an opinion, he did. Even though those two men look almost identical a mere 20 seconds previous.

People want to sleep better, but they only want to sleep better until they have to sacrifice how they look in front of others.

And that’s the problem with some of the best selling blue light blocking glasses like from those from Swanwick which are a great company run by a great man, James Swanwick. I tried wearing them plenty, but apart from their orange-tinted aviators, all their standard models looked ridiculously bad, like in the picture below.

Are blue light blocking glasses worth it for better sleep Swanwick glasses review
Swanwick Glasses

And that’s why most blue light blocking glasses don’t work.

So Blue Light Blocking Glasses Do Work in Reality?

If they look great enough for you to wear in them in the first place, then they will make a big difference in your life. Especially if you spend a lot of time using an electric display as just about everyone does.

However, it’s not as simple. Not all blue light blocking glasses work equally.

In this post, we showed both orange-tinted and clear frames, from two different companies. Barner? The company that we are reviewing in this post too, they only offer a more see-through design meanwhile the likes of Swanwick offer both the fully tinted and “computer-style” more see-through glasses. Which is better for you?

…In most cases, the partly blue light blocking glasses.

I’ve seen influencers post pictures on Instagram with their orange-tinted glasses during the day, and that’s exactly what you shouldn’t be doing.

See, blue light, while not being beneficial to our body at certain times and at certain wavelengths, is also incredibly important for our body. To take it away fully is as bad as having it in the first place.

It’s fine when it gets late. That’s when you can wear the fully blocking blue light glasses as it is beneficial to remove all blue light a few hours prior to sleep whether that’s from your light bulb or your laptop as it will help your body adjust to sleeping much better than with see-through blue light blocking glasses.

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019

If you get blue light blocking glasses that 100% block out blue light, wearing them during a day your body won’t know when it’s day and when it’s night as blue light regulates your circadian rhythm which is your bodies natural wake and sleep cycle.

That’s why in most cases, see-through blue light blocking glasses that don’t block all blue light are a far better option, for people that use a lot of technology during the day and that are looking to reduce things like eye-strain.

Especially since while it’s possible to get used to the orange tint, it’s not great to have if you edit any type of content.

Blue light glasses that don’t fully block out blue light, but some of it, eliminate eye-strain, still help vastly with the regulation of sleep,

That’s Where Barner 2.0 Blue Light Blocking Glasses Come In

Looks matter. You want to be confident about what you are wearing. That’s the key to a lot of things in life. And Barner allows for that.

The company itself is crowdfunded, and while they did have some delivery issues at first, it’s better to wait for a product than to have a product that isn’t worth your time.

And Barner blue light blocking glasses are worth your time.

Whether it’s their site, packaging, or accessories, Barner does it better than all competition.

Sure, at €59 they are slightly more pricier than some products from other companies, but sometimes (other times companies rip you off) you pay for quality, and that Barner delivers on that. Whether that’s their lenses that block 40% of the blue light on the 430nm – 450nm spectrum, and 100% of the blue light at 410nm, or something as simple as the lenses being scratch proof. I don’t always put my glasses into a pouch when not using them, and sometimes they are exposed to scratchy objects, yet they don’t have a scratch yet. If they did, I probably wouldn’t rock them. And that’s important.

So is comfort though. Especially if you are going to be wearing a product all day long while working. And the clever design helps with that whether it’s the texture to keep them in place or the overall slightly flexible frame that is able to adapt to your face. I’ve worn these glasses non-stop for 2 months, and I’ve not felt like I’ve had them on most of the time.

Just because a product looks great doesn’t mean it is great.

The quality of lenses is what should matter the most when it comes to blue light blocking glasses, and that’s where dropshipping companies fail at. Without the right quality, your lenses will get scratched easily, have too much glare, and won’t protect your eyes from blue light at a level that they should.  Barner 2.0 do cost €59, but they take care of that.  The lenses? They block 40% of the blue light on the 430nm – 450nm spectrum, and 100% of the blue light at 410nm.

If you are going to invest in a pair of blue light blocking glasses, invest in glasses of quality that will last for years, but also the ones that look great, and Barner is a combination of both.

Great looking glasses? It’s not as simple as one design, though. Depending on your head and style, the glasses that you feel comfortable with will differ.

It’s not that most companies just make incredibly ugly glasses. They often just make one or two styles. And well, that makes sense. It is expensive to make variations of products. But depending on your needs, you will need a different design, and Barner offers a bunch of them, with different color options.

That’s Why Most Blue Light Blocking Glasses Don’t Work

Blue light blocking glasses don’t work because companies fail to look at the aspect of design. Blue light blocking glasses market is growing incredibly, but if other companies don’t realize that design matters the most, Barner will soon become the biggest player in the blue light blocking game.

If they also address the marketing angles that they currently lack on such as SEO content. They don’t exist on it, and that kills most organic reach which is not a great long-term strategy. People are searching for articles like this about why most blue light blocking glasses don’t work as well as about blue light blocking glasses and for solutions to their blue light blocking related issues, and they don’t deliver content around that. Instead, someone else does, somewhere else.

And as to Barner becoming the biggest player, I wish them that. After all, one of the founders lived in Ireland before. Somewhere where I spent most of my life.

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