Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Worth It for Better Sleep? Swanwick Glasses Review

Technology is great. We write a lot about technology that helps. But while technology is great, it’s often also harmful, and blue light glasses? They are meant to help eliminate the harmful blue light technology brings. But are blue light blocking glasses worth it for better sleep, and are the Swanwick glasses worth it? Successisforall is meant to make your life better, and today we will clear up about whether they are worth it.

Are blue light blocking glasses worth it for better sleep Swanwick glasses

FYI, we are not a study links page. Studies are great, but they are subjective. We write about products that help us, not that help based on studies. With that said, to put simply, blue light exposure has a negative impact on your health, whether that’s eye strain or your sleep quality amongst other things such as disease, yet eye strain and sleep quality is what fascinates us the most as sleep is what can help us do more. But are blue light blocking glasses worth for better sleep?

Why Would Blue Light Glasses Be Worth It If You Can Turn a Filter on Your Phone?

This is the big question when it comes to are blue light glasses worth it. If you have a phone where you can press a button, and your screen will turn yellow then what’s the point of blue light glasses? The same thing. Right?


A yellow screen on your phone is great until you look anywhere else. What about your light bulb, TV, laptop, or your smartwatch? A night mode on your phone might help you, slightly, but it’s not as effective as every other light will hit your eyes anyway. And the blue light negatives will still be there then…

Are blue light blocking glasses worth it for better sleep Swanwick glasses review up

And what if you go out? All those screens all over cities?

Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Worth It for Better Sleep?

These are the Swanwick glasses blue light blocking glasses. They go around $69. I’ve had this pair for around 2 years. Used on and off all over the planet, whether it’s South Korea, Portugal, or Russia. Small luggage or a fully overpacked backpack with no cover over these, they have been through everything. And survived. And that matters as we aren’t just in the “this helps your life” game. We also test products from every single angle possible. If you are looking for a Swanwick glasses review to see if these are of high quality and will survive in the long-term, absolutely. And $69 is not a bad price at all for the quality.

Are blue light blocking glasses worth it for better sleep Swanwick glasses review

If you block out blue light, you will get better sleep, according to studies. But is this the reality?

Firstly, blue light is great during the day but too much of it at night disturbs your circadian rhythm essentially meaning your sleep patterns are messed up. Blue light exposure is linked to diseases too, but this post is specifically about sleep, if you are looking for a more in-depth post, we are working on one, even with studies included, but to put simply, too much blue light at night will result in your sleep length but also quality suffering.

And if you are wondering are blue light glasses worth it for better sleep, only if they fix this problem. Do they?

Well, let’s put it this way, I’ve read testimonies from people that claim that their life was changed after one day. I don’t believe in that crap. It’s a placebo effect in my humble opinion. The fact somebody thinks that blue light glasses will improve their sleep immediately helped them. You just can’t rate a sleep product after one night. And then there’s the whole situation of saying something in order for a company to share it…

Swanwick glasses? They work. But you won’t notice how much they work until you use them for a week or a few, and then stop. That’s when you see the real value of Swanwick glasses. That’s when they help. You will notice how great your sleep was with those. Does that mean you should get them?


Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Worth It for Better Sleep in Terms of Practicality?

Blue light glasses work. The Swanwick’s work and are FDA approved if you care about that kind of stuff. But at Successisforall we are also realists. These glasses? They block out 100% of blue light. Swanwick state that it’s 99% for legal reasons. And whether it’s 100% of 99%, they work provided you are not looking on the outside of the frame, that’s where blue light is visible. A way to solve it is by making a set that’s circular. But that’s mostly irrelevant. They do the job…


Blue light blocking glasses that fully block blue light are mostly unpractical as they are orange. They might help you, and that’s great, but we are realists here, it doesn’t matter how much they help you, most people are not going to wear glasses that fully block out blue light and improve your sleep because they don’t want to wear glasses with an orange tint. People want a good sleep, but they also want to feel comfortable with what they wear at parties, and orange tints might destroy comfort.

And there are 3 types of people when it comes to this blue light blocking glasses. The people that do not care about the studies or anything relating to blue light blocking glasses and their benefit and will never get these, the people that care too much about what people think and most likely won’t get these, and then lastly there are the people that care about their health, and will get these.

Most people will be that second type of people, and that’s not their fault. Even though, James Swanwick made this company because other blue lights blocking glasses were unstylish. These are a lot more stylish than things before these, but, orange is still orange.

Frankly, a lot of people can’t use them either. Maybe you edit pictures or videos at night. Color accuracy is vital, and these kill it. Orange tint completely changes the colors you see.

But Then Swanwick Did This…

These are the Swanwick Day Glasses that are not as effective as the previously mentioned pair but that don’t come with an orange tint. A business move done rightly as a lot of companies have been releasing them lately.

Are blue light blocking glasses worth it for better sleep Swanwick glasses review

These do not block all of blue light out, and that’s good, as blue light is needed, just not the harmful one, and not at night. These are great against eye strains for people like me that sit in front of a screen when they are not traveling. But they also block out a lot of harmful blue light, and this now goes back to us being realists, if you are asking are blue light glasses worth it for better sleep, these day ones are as while the night ones are optimum for better sleep, most people won’t wear them or they will eventually give up on them.

Are blue light blocking glasses worth it for better sleep Swanwick glasses review front

These day ones still do a great job and are a lot better to wear in public making it easier for people to try them out. And then, after they see how great these work, they can try the other ones out for the optimum effect. We are people. We want to look great. Orange tints don’t do make us look that great in the eyes of a lot of people. The see-through version that pretty much leaves everything looking the same does.

A Hack for Jet Lag

Best Seat on Ryanair for Free

A major benefit of blue light glasses is the fact that with them you can control your circadian rhythm. That means that if you put them on at the right times, these will help you adjust better. I’ve been 8 hours ahead of my typical time zone for almost a month now. Wearing the Swannies as they like to call them, helped a lot. You can literally hack timezones by wearing these!

But the Swanwick Glasses Have Some Flaws

You are searching for this post to find are blue light blocking glasses worth it for better sleep or perhaps because you wanted to see a Swanwick glasses review. Blue light glasses help. No question about that. But we want to look great, and these, they don’t look bad. It’s just that Swanwick glasses aren’t trendy enough in terms of glasses right now and overall variation.

And I get it. I understand the logistics. You need to mass produce in order to save costs and to produce a lot of styles, that would cost, a lot. I get that. That’s understandable, and to be fair, Swanwick does have a variety as far as the night glasses go, but I certainly hope to see more modern variations in the future.

I love style. People love style. And they will choose style over health. Guaranteed. And the people that won’t, most of them don’t even need to look up posts. They already have them. I know that I would look much better in a different shape of glasses for instance.

Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Worth It for Better Sleep Though?

Are blue light blocking glasses worth it for better sleep Swanwick glasses review front

If you value your sleep and your eyes. They will absolutely take it to the next level. When we don’t talk about clothing that helps, we talk about the tech that helps, and a lot of that tech really worsens the quality of your sleep!

People blame their poor sleep quality on their partners, age, work, and a lot of other things. Those are factors for sure, but blue light is most likely an even bigger one. Seriously.

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