Camera gear for portable creators for 2020

Always on the go? Looking for the best camera gear for portable creators for 2020 to start your content creation, right? In this guide, we’ll talk over some of our favorite portable camera gear, both that will aid in video production as well as in photography.

Camera Gear for Portable Creators Starts With Audio

Camera gear guides should always start with audio. You can keep a viewer watching with average video, but if your audio sucks, people will leave.

Sennheiser XSW-D 

This is where the XSW-D Set comes in as the most portable option that’s worth getting, that’s at a price that most creators would find reasonable.Sennheiser XSW-D Wireless Audio Review - Is the Sennheiser XSW-D Worth It?

If you are planning to do interviews or reviews, or even looking to record music, wirelessly, you’ll find this set to be the most convenient option, with a range of up to 100 meters (Sennheiser stated 75 meters, but we got 100.) and the ability to use with many types of connectors, which would not be the case with some of the competitor products.ME 2-II Clip-On Microphone Sennheizer

Here’s a sneak peek from a recent interview we shot with Ariel Garten from the meditation headband Muse. That’s how the audio sounds with the ME 2-II Clip-On Microphone that this set comes with.

We made a review of it in the past.

MikeMe Gold

Another solid option? The MikeMe Gold which is a bit of an all-in-one microphone.Is the Sony a6000 Still Worth it in 2019?

It’s a great option for podcasts, it’s a great option for group interviews when you don’t have enough microphones, it’s even great for recording sounds, and we really like what this somewhat new company is bringing to the market.

For instance, there’s a bunch of smart features in this microphone, such as auto-adjust gain.

Most importantly, we love this one because it gives you the ability to use it with a camera, with a computer, a phone, and yes, even standalone.content creation on the go mikeme

It’s not a microphone we recommend if you are going to be shooting in areas with echo though. That’s where a lavalier microphone works much better as it doesn’t pick up any of that echo.

For instance, that same review that we showed earlier, does not sound near as good, with this MikeMe due to how open the area was.

Portable Cameras

Sony a6000/6500/6400

There’s no better portable set of cameras for photography than either one of these a6000 paris

As far as the Sony a6000 and Sony a6500, we have made reviews on these two in the past, with a review of the a6400 coming soon.

This Sony series is so small that it fits into most jackets, without sacrificing on features.

How about we just let pictures speak for themselves?

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Which should you get?

If just looking for a portable set for pictures, the Sony a6000 is an incredible camera for that, and the cheapest of the bunch. It lacks a headphone jack, slow-mo, 4K, a fully rotating screen, and color profiles though, making it a tough sell for video. And that’s where the pricier a6500 and a6400 come in. Which of those is the best shot as far as video? Well, the a6500 offers stabilization, but Sony offers poor stabilization,  and if you get a Sony lens, you get stabilization with that on the a6400, while also getting a rotating screen that allows you to see yourself.

If just in need of portable photography, get the a6000 and invest the money saved in a lens as that will make a bigger difference. Otherwise, choose between the a6400 and a6500.

Sony also recently released the Sony a6600, which does have a few improvements, but considering that you can now get the full-frame A7iii for the same price, the a6600 even though small does not make a point, unless you have the money to have several cameras.

DJI Osmo Pocket

This is a camera that I expected people to be more impressed by.

Frankly, it’s our favorite camera for video of all time.DJI OSMO POCKET REVIEW

Sure, it doesn’t shoot the fanciest video compared to some of the cameras previously mentioned in this guide, but it do three things perfectly.

Stabilization. Tracking. Comfort.

The Osmo Pocket, which we previously reviewed, is the smallest gimbal camera ever created.

And while due to its lightness, it won’t always work as great as some of the heavier and bigger options for proper cameras, what you can achieve with it is still incredible. Especially with DJI’s tracking features that allow the gimbal to move accordingly by itself based on what’s happening. That’s a feature that you just don’t see with mirrorless cameras unless you connect your phone to the gimbal separately.

Like we already said, the Osmo Pocket doesn’t shoot the fanciest videos we ever captured, but it works everywhere, and that makes it a camera worth having. And as far as the quality is concerned, while not on the mirrorless camera standard, it’s far better than on phones, and you can even shoot with color profiles with it.

You can bring it with you everywhere, without ever feeling like you are limited. Not to mention that it’s the most convenient way to capture smooth content. That just makes it one of the must-have pieces of camera gear for portable creators for 2020.


Just like audio is one of the crucial parts of gear for portable creators, so is the lighting.

You either get too much, which is where filters come in, which we’ll talk about after we discuss lights, or you get too little light, and it makes your video hard to see, or otherwise grainy.

If you move between locations a lot, you for sure don’t want to deal with big and heavy lighting, and the truth is that in most cases, you don’t have to, with the right preparation and a portable light or too.

The issue is that as far as lights go, a lot of camera accessories are dropped shipped, of poor quality, and lack customer service.

That’s why we spent our time finding a perfect lights company.

These two lights are the best portable lights out there.


This light, it clips on the Osmo Pocket, but also something like a shirt, and well, it’s super simple. But the reason for why we love it is that while it’s not ideal for a light to shine at you, using this light in the pitch dark with the Osmo Pocket, it allows you to shoot in places where you wouldn’t be able to shoot prior.

It’s a great option for recording in complete darkness or close to that, especially outdoors, when you just want yourself to be seen.


The GODOX LED150 is much powerful than the M32 and a bit bigger, but with that comes far more abilities such as longer battery life, much stronger light, and more adjustability options.Camera gear for portable creators for 2020 - GODOX LIGHT

If you are looking to shoot video with a mirrorless camera in lower light conditions outdoors, or indoors when there’s not enough light coming in, this light is powerful enough to light you up. Get two of these, and you have an incredibly on-the-go lighting package that will take your portable content creation to the next level.

Although, of course, we do recommend you get some extra accessories to make sure the light isn’t hitting you too harshly and so on. Having great lighting is great, but you also need to know how to use it in a way that benefits you.


Camera gear for portable creators for 2020

The picture on the left? 1/500. The picture on the right? 1/50.

We don’t like shooting in sunny conditions as we do think pictures turn out the best in cloudy conditions, but the sun is inescapable. And in those situations, it’s either you put on a filter, or you are limited as far as what you can do.

And not just in the sun, the same applies when it’s snowy.

That’s where the Freewell filters come in.

Camera gear for portable creators for 2020 LIGHTS

This is a company that we can’t recommend enough.

We tried a bunch of other filters in the past, and not that they were bad, but those little things as convenience as far as packaging, it’s what made Freewell our choice.Camera gear for portable creators for 2020, OSMO POCKET FILTER

The filters you see, they are intended for the DJI Osmo Pocket, but they also have filters for drones, as well as now cameras, which we haven’t tried out, but we hope to do so in the near future.

Some of the Best Camera Gear for Portable Creators for 2020

Is this all of it?


Not even close.

We’ll be diving into a lot more in future content, but for now, these are some of the most important ones to look at.

But it’s some of the most important ones.

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