Cracking the Code. Book Review. – Jaret Grossman

You’re hopeless.  Nothing is working. You try to get a job. You try to talk to people. Nothing. Nothing is working. How do you bounce back? If I was to recommend one book, if you don’t know what you are doing with your life and want to find answers, “Cracking the Code” is the book that will provide you answers, or rather, will help you find them.

Let’s face it, this isn’t the first book that attempts to help you figure yourself out, but it works.  It isn’t always about the content, though, it’s also about how it’s presented, and this book wins in terms of presentation. Now, I won’t say this book will work for you. That’s the thing, different ways of writing work for different people. That’s the reality. But if I were to put a bet on a book, I would put it on “Cracking the Code.”

I read many books on the same topic, when you read a certain amount of books, all of that information starts to repeat.  This book, I highlighted a lot.  Book prior, I only highlighted a sentence.  Matter of fact, “Cracking the Code” is probably one of the most highlighted books I own. (Can’t verify as I’m not going to go through each book to make it official.)


From my experience, the more I read, the more the information repeats. That’s why some people read books in one hour.  But this book, it’s different.



One thing that’s really worth mentioning. The layout. It’s modern. The problem with many books, authors tend to puke out words onto a page, and it’s often hard to follow, a great layout makes a book easier to read, thus makes it easier to follow. Colors really matter too, they do.

Certain phrases are made bigger, Q&A section is present, the text is bigger, exercises that you can implement are present. This book is written in a way that works, a way that works in 2017.


There are several key pieces of information that I took out from this book that helped me shape my life better._DSC9447


“Just because we cannot time travel, it doesn’t mean that the future isn’t going on right now or that it hasn’t already occurred.” That line. It got me thinking. Things aren’t what they always seem to be. (Shoutout to Prison Break for that line.) Just because you cannot prove something doesn’t mean it’s not there or it isn’t right. Cannabis. I mean you could and still can go to jail for a substance that can save lives. So much for alcohol being legal. Just because something is viewed as bad doesn’t make it bad.


“Speaking poorly about other people for their wrongdoings is usually just a subtle admission of your own weakness.”  Look at individuals around you, and you will notice this.

“When something “bad” happens, we usually see the event as worse than it really is, or when something “good” happens, we usually develop a false sense of pride.” 

While these might not necessarily teach me anything new, it confirms certain theories of mine. It confirms that I am not the only one with these ideas, which allows me to shape my life better.

What Jaret Does.

  • He helps you find your purpose.
  • Helps you do more.
  • Helps you develop greater relationships.
  • He makes you realize that you have far greater potential than you

Generally, there’s only one quote that really stands out in a book. In this, there’s many. It was a hard choice.

Quote of the Book:

“Science will lead you to believe certain things, but science is underdeveloped. What it says today, is totally different what it will say 100 years from now.”

Runner Ups:

“I read until I feel like it doesn’t make sense to me anymore, it is not really relevant to my life, or I just simply get bored and catch myself reading the same paragraph 3 times in a row.”

“Words on a page often contain a lot of non-truths to add fluff and the point usually isn’t communicated with the same level of intensity to make it stick.


If you don’t know where you are heading, this is probably the book you need. It’s either going to work or not. It depends on you. Whether this book contains all the information you need to change your life or not, it depends on you. One thing is for sure, this book will change certain aspects of your life, without a doubt, regardless of your beliefs, as it doesn’t enforce anything upon you, it helps you discover, rather than tell you who you are.  And the thing is, it’s free. You pay for shipment, other than that. It’s free. You can’t really go wrong.  Matter of fact, you might find yourself looking for more after it, and Jaret provides more on his site,

I did not align with everything mentioned in this book, that’s okay, it’s about finding what resonates with you, it’s your life at the end of the day. This book. 9/10. If you don’t know where you are heading, this book will put you on a right track. Cracking the code. Great book. 


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