Complete creator setup under $2000 (From scratch: Chair, Desk, Laptop, Parts…)

Working more from and decided that you need a better set up as a creator? In this complete creator setup under 2000 quite, we go over everything you need for that. Whether it’s a desk, a chair, a laptop, the upgrades for the laptop, or the tools.

The best thing? That we offer different options depending on your exact needs.

If you are a writer, invest in a better keyboard. If you are an editor, get a cheaper keyboard, but invest in an editing console.

The Chair (Most Important Long-Term When Building a Creator Setup)

The chair is the most important part of your setup.

This line of work, unfortunately (unless you have a standing desk) calls for a lot of sitting, and if your chair doesn’t help with that, in the long-term, you will feel the effects of it.

That’s why we do urge you that if you can’t now, that in the near future, you invest in the best chair possible. It will last you years and will save you a lot of trouble in the long-term.

What’s our choice for this though? Actually, a used chair.

Why? As you aren’t going to get a top-notch chair for less than €170, and anything less than that isn’t worth it.

That’s why you should go to a place with used/vintage furniture.

Not only will you discover how many great things are in these shops, but will also find a great chair or at least an okay chair, at its actual value.

We all want NEW NEW NEW, but used products aren’t bad. Most people sell them because they are moving or simply because they are changing things around.

…And if you are scared of germs, you can buy a disinfectant. 😡

This used chair was €8. Would we pay a full price for it? NOPE. But at €8, it’s not a bad deal.

Complete creator setup under $2000

The Desk

You thought we were going to mention IKEA?

Ikea is great for many reasons, but there are 2 reasons why we didn’t mention it when it comes to desks.

  1. Everyone already has an IKEA desk.
  2. Ikea desks, even though cheap, are very overpriced.

The much better alternative? The Denmark JYSK. Complete creator setup under $2000

We do recommend you get a standing desk at some point, but when it comes to being on a budget, that is not an option as standing desks are quite expensive at the moment.

Instead, get this…

This is the Tistrup desk, and it costs around €65.

It’s spacious, different from other desks, and is affordable. The great thing about JYSK? It also has a ton of other great desks at affordable prices.

The Monitor

If you plan to work from a laptop as a creator, STOP!!!Complete creator setup under $2000

Working on a laptop on YouTube brolls looks cool, but it’s not practical unless you are at an airport and that’s the only option you have.

It’s bad for your neck, it’s not efficient, and it’s super limiting.

A laptop screen is just too small to do serious work.

This is where this Samsung 32″ UR59C curved 4K UHD monitor comes in as the best deal as far as 4K monitors go.Complete creator setup under $2000

It’s not perfect as it lacks the likes of HDR, but the price is right, and it delivers.

Is 32″ not too big? Nope.

Complete creator setup under $2000

It allows you to work on projects that require two windows, with ease, and the curved screen, it makes that 32″ work as it allows you to see more in less space, making the screen the most effective, without being overwhelming.

If you are going to spend hours working, you need to get a monitor, ideally a bigger one, and let’s be honest, if you are getting a monitor right now, you just need to get a 4K monitor right now. And that’s not because you 100% need one right now, but because if your clients are looking at your work on a 4K screen, you want to see how they see that work.

The Laptop

This is the centerpiece of you as a creator, and your options will determine whether you are able to be an efficient creator or not.

Frankly, there’s only 1 laptop we would recommend you.

This is the best deal out there.

Complete creator setup under $2000

The ASUS VivoBook F510UA.

$500 for an i5 8th gen processor paired with 8GBof DDR4 RAM.

Maybe that’s not as impressive as it was when this laptop was originally released, but you can’t find a better-priced laptop out there. Everything else will offer you the likes of i3 or older generation processors.

But the specs aren’t the reason for why we choose this laptop The laptop alone, super affordable, but it’s not enough. We chose this laptop because of what ASUS did here. They gave you an option to upgrade.

There’s an M2 SSD slot and an extra RAM slot available.

And that’s why this laptop is worth it.

Meanwhile, other companies solder their components so you can’t replace them, ASUS gives you options.

And if you update those components, this laptop will be even able to edit RED 4K footage, in Premiere Pro, without any issues.

How do we know? As we’ve done it.

If it can do that, for 99% of creators, that’s enough.

…Well, unless you are using Da Vinci Resolve which also requires a nicer GPU.

(ASUS has since then released a newer version of this laptop if you would like to look at it instead.)

Upgrading the Laptop: the Hard Drive

This WD Blue 1TB M2 SSD is the star of the show.

There’s no better valued M2 SSD for this laptop out there.

Complete creator setup under $2000

And making the switch from a standard hard drive to an SSD is like switching from your standard car to a Tesla.

Upgrading the Laptop: 32GB of RAM

Here you have two options.

You either buy one 16 GB stick and add that to your 8GB to get 24GB of RAM, or you get two 16 GB sticks.

…It’s much better value to get 32GB in one go rather than 16GB.

Complete creator setup under $2000

This is where the HyperX RAM comes in as the best overall package.

RAM? It won’t speed up your laptop like an SSD, but it will vastly help when editing videos or even when having several pieces of software opened.

People still think that 8GB of RAM is enough, and while for most it is, file sizes are getting bigger, and that requires more RAM.

The External Hard Drive

As a creator, you are going to run out of storage.

Since €2000 is quite on a budget for an entire setup, here’s our advice: Buy whatever hard drive is the most affordable wherever you are.

If you are looking for 1TB of storage, get the Seagate External Portable Hard Drive. On American Amazon, you can get it for $47, with the drive itself being almost the same price in Europe.

Most will need more though, and that’s where the good news comes in. The more storage, the cheaper the hard drive.

We personally recommend the 5TB Seagate Expansion hard drive though. It comes at around $116 for 5TB in the US, and we’ve personally paid around $150 equivalent for it when in a shop, in Europe.

It’s not the fanciest, fastest, nor of the most premium build, but it providers on what you actually need. With that being storage.

And it’s from a trusted company.

Keyboard (For Those That Don’t Write Too Much) – Rapoo 8100M

If you are a creator that doesn’t write much, you don’t need the world’s best keyboard when building your creator setup. You just need a keyboard and instead are better off investing the money saved on a keyboard, on an editing console.

This is where the Rapoo 8100M comes in.

It’s super affordable and comes with a mouse solving that issue too.


Keyboard for Those that Write – Logitech Craft

If most of your work as a creator consists of writing, you are going to want to get the Logitech Craft keyboard. It’s the best keyboard for productivity out there.Logitech Craft Keyboard Review Writing On It

Meanwhile, a lot of companies are producing gaming keyboards, Logitech released a set of products designed for work.

We’ve been using this keyboard for over 2 years now, and apart from the fact it has poor battery life, it’s an incredible keyboard for writing end even helps with editing.

It’s lit up making life easy at night, hard incredibly comfortable keys that are perfectly balanced so you don’t accidentally press the wrong buttons, but what really makes this keyboard stand out is the Logitech software and the dial.

The Logitech software? It comes with Logitech Flow which is incredible for connecting two computers together, meanwhile the dial, it allows you to get more done.

Once you use it, you can never go back. 

Whether it’s switch between tabs or adjusting something in Photoshop, the dial makes everything simpler, and yes, also more enjoyable.

If you don’t need the dial, perhaps consider either the MX Keys which is the Craft without the dial, or the Ergo K860 which is essentially the ergonomic version of the MX Keys, the MX Keys being half the price, and Ergo being almost half the price of the Craft.

The Editing Console (For Those That Edit) – Loupedeck+

We chose this as our favorite tech of last year, and for one very good reason.

Editing videos takes a ton of hours, and if there’s anything that will speed up that process, even slightly, it’s worth having. That’s why if you edit, you need this in your creator setup.

Loupedeck+? It can be used to speed up the editing of photos, videos, and audio, but the biggest benefits of using it come when editing video. This is where hours are saved.

That’s not just because of the buttons that right away explaining what they are for, but because of the dials.

Keyboards? They are great, but they are designed for writing.

This, this is designed for editing, and the dials that allow you to scroll through a timeline and adjust in ways that are not possible with a keyboard, they are incredible. 


And you know what? Editing with an editing console makes editing much more fun, and at the end of the day, content creation should also be about having fun.

The Mouse – Logitech MX Master 2S

This is the best mouse on the planet.

If you are getting a mouse for work, this is the mouse to get.

And this is something everyone will agree on.

Of course, at this point, the MX Master 3S is now out, but frankly, we still would stick with the MX Master 2S, especially if you are on a budget.

It’s a much better value package for almost the same mouse.

Sure, the MX Master 2S lacks a USB-C port, but this is a mouse that you only need to charge once per 3 months, or even less depending on how much you use it, and you still get all the awesome features that come with the MX series such as the infinite scrolling wheel, the incredible support for all surfaces, the Logitech software, and the awesome battery life.

We’ve been using it for over 2 years now, and the battery life is still great, everything still works great,.

The Headphones

You thought we would forget? Huh?

A complete creator setup isn’t complete without audio, but because audio is such an important aspect, this is where you should spend a little bit more.

…Especially if you edit videos.

If you have an average pair of headphones or speakers, and can’t hear the little issues with your audio, and somebody else that is watching what you did has a nice pair of headphones or speakers, you are decreasing the likelihood of satisfaction, and the worst thing about it is, that you never heard the issues.

This is where the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3 headphones come in as a best overall deal for your creator setup.

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Review

You get the best wireless audio codecs, you get incredible noise cancellation, great battery life of 17 hours, fantastic build quality and comfort, and not that it matters, but also the best looking headphones out there.

sennheiser momentum 3 wireless

If you are looking for just one pair of headphones that are great for many ways, this is the pair we would recommend. Of course, make sure to check out our full review on them.

This Is How You Build a Complete Creator Setup Under $2000

You probably don’t need everything mentioned in this complete creator setup under $2000 guide. Chances are you already have more than a few of these things.

And if you do, that’s great, you can get an incredible setup for even less, or you can invest a little bit more, in the other aspects such as the chair, the desk, or the laptop.

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