Content Creation on the Go – Must-Have Tech

There’s plenty of great tech that aids with content creations, but when it comes to content creation on the go, there’s only so much that you can bring with you before the convenience that tech is meant to bring become the exact opposite.

In this post, we talk about some content creation on the go must have, that we personally use with us. That’s whether you take pictures, shoot videos, or edit either of those.

A Power Bank to Charge All Your Tech

We wanted to start with the most important essential for content creation on the go, and that most important thing is a power bank because ultimately regardless of how much easier your life will be with the tech we will show here, if that tech is not able to work at any given time, it’s not worth bringing. And unfortunately, not ever place or means of transport has sockets or working sockets

Having a power bank that can charge all your tech is the most important thing to have with you when on the go, but having the right power bank is just as important.

And for that, our current top recommendation is the Tylt Awall. 100 watts, 20,600 mAh, 2 USB ports, and a socket. In a beautiful package that is easy to pack, and can be strapped to the side of the backpack if needed.Content creation on the go

The fact that it has a socket, it means that it can charge all of the tech that you have whether it’s your drone batteries, camera batteries, or in most cases, your laptop, whether in the air, on a bus, or a cafe that doesn’t think about creators.

If you are going to be staying in a city and will be able to charge your devices while on a coffee break then perhaps something like the SKROSS Reload 10. Not as much power but it fits nicely in a pocket.

Content creation on the go skross

Of course, Skross is a company well-known for its travel adapters, and depending on where you are going, you might also need one. For that, we recommend the Pro Light 3x USB.

A Backpack That Will Protect and Guard

It amazes me how many creators carry thousands worth of tech in their backpacks, with their backpacks biggest feature being that it’s from Nike or if rich enough, Louis Vuitton.

It’s incredibly easy to open up a backpack and take something out. It’s just as easy to take a backpack that you left on a beach when you went for a swim. It’s a natural thing to carry a backpack. The backpack shown here is called Lifepack Lite, and it comes from a company called Solgaard, that you most likely never heard of yet, but that we wrote about them since 2016.

Content creation on the go

Not only are the insides of this backpack made from recycled plastic, but the backpack also comes with Hex Lock 2.0 which will keep all that tech that you bring with you safe. Instead of having to worry about going in for a swim, you can just attach the backpack to a fence or a tree.

This is a post about content creation on the go but it’s easy to recommend things to bring, but in order to make sure that you can actually bring everything in this post with you, we traveled with everything mentioned in this post, with everything packed into the Lifepack Lite.

We are working on a full review of it as there is a lot to talk about, and in that, we’ll mention all the great things about it, but this is one of the best choices out there when it comes to content creation on the go. Apart from the lock, the backpack comes with 4 secret pockets that can be used to hide both your wallet, passport, or cards. With plenty of protection features such as padding at the bottom, or zips that are able to handle far more than the back should be able to fit.

Oh, and the front compartment fits two Tylt Awall power banks perfectly.

Content creation on the go Tylt

A Portable Hard Drive

If there’s anything we learned over the years of content creation on the go, it’s that you can never have too much storage.

There’s nothing worse than being restricted with content creation, especially when it could always be avoided.

Casey Neistat has a lot of hard drives. You? Perhaps you don’t need a lot. For many, one or two will be enough.

The cheapest 1TB hard drive from a trusted company on Amazon? Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB. $42. It’s not fancy looking nor USB-C, but it’s slim and does exactly what it’s meant to do, which is storing your data.

Need more storage or looking for something that looks a bit more premium? The 4TB WD My Passport Ultra is around $114 on Amazon. We’ve been using it for years.

WD My Passport Review One year later - The best portable hard drive for creatives?

DJI Osmo Pocket

We aren’t going be mentioning cameras in this post about content creation on the go tools because if you are here unless you only do editing or writing, you have a camera.

With that said, we are going to mention one camera that does not get nearly as much spotlight as it should. The DJI Osmo Pocket that we reviewed just recently is an incredible camera to have as a content creator. That’s whether for B-roll or documenting.

This is the only gimbal camera that fits into your pocket. And for that alone, it’s worth having.

It comes with a bigger sensor than you get on your smartphone and while it’s not of the quality of a mirrorless camera, I’ve tried vlogging with it both in Ireland, Iceland, and Canada, and it’s fantastic performer that shoots video that’s more than good enough to use on YouTube.


When we got it at the start, we thought it would just be a gimmick. Right now? It’s our most used video camera. Walking around with a big camera, all the time, it’s just not convenient, nor is the quality of a phone camera.

A Portable Monitor

Research commissioned by Fujitsu Siemens Computers shows that workplaces with 2 monitors increase productivity by 25 percent meanwhile workspaces with 3 increase it by 35.5%.

As I’m writing this right now, I’m working on two monitors, and I’m able to work far more efficiently because I don’t constantly have to change tabs or switch between the web browser and the folders tab. Everything I need is in front of me.

But while it’s easy to buy a second monitor for work or at home, getting a monitor for content creation on the go is hard because there are not many companies that make them, and most that do are either too bulky to put into a backpack or are overpriced.

This is the GeChic 1503i, a portable monitor that fits into the Lifepack Lite along with a laptop, and that is a great addition for anyone also seeking a touchscreen device.

content creation on the go monitor

Ultimately, any second monitor is better than 1 monitor, but if you are planning on getting one, this one is a great option not just for content creation but also for gaming on the go or just watching movies. Review on it coming soon.


Everything in this list important, but this item is our favorite because it’s the most fun and saves the most time. If you are going to be editing videos or audio, YOU NEED THIS!

Keyboards are designed for writing. Not editing. When keyboards were first introduced, nobody imagines that normal people would be able to edit from their computer. Turns out that in 2019, we can edit very well, even with just a $500 laptop. But we do it far much better, quicker, and with far more joy, if we have the right tool for it. And that’s what the Loupedeck is.content creation on the go Loupadeck

It’s an editing console for video and audio editing that won’t break the bank compared to other similar devices. Frankly, this device actually started out as an image editing console, but now supports video editing, and that’s where it will be the most useful for most. You can get away with a keyboard and a mouse editing pictures without it, in most cases, but video wise, you are possibly saving hours when editing with it.

Being able to turn a dial in order to move through a timeline or to zoom into a specific part, followed by pressing on a dial to cut that part, with easy access to Before/After, it’s not that you can’t somewhat recreate these actions on a keyboard, it’s that it’s so much quicker and fun to do on the Loupedeck. I suck at shortcuts and many to do. Nor is pressing a button as precise as moving a dial.

It’s one of those things that the longer you use, the better it gets because you can customize entirely as you want. 

Review on it coming soon! Don’t want to miss it? Subscribe to our newsletter!

If you also plan to bring a drone, while the Lifepack will be able to zip up both the Loupadeck and a portable monitor, I recommend that you choose between one, as you will sacrifice a lot on comfort if you bring it all.

MikeMe Gold

Audio is a painful thing to deal with as a content creator, nevermind when it comes to content creation on the go. You can fix a shaky shot in many cases but bad audio, once you have bad audio, unless you only use the video part of a clip, the footage you got is worthless.

And that’s where the MikeMe we have been testing out for quite some time comes in. It’s not a perfect microphone in many ways, but MikeMe is a startup company, and they are going in the right direction by creating problems that focus on the audio issues of people with the biggest one for creators undoubtedly being reliability to work wherever needed.

content creation on the go mikeme

It works incredibly for podcasts, works pretty well for vlogging, while being perfect for b-roll audio, a fantastic voice notepad, and the best microphone for phones. The biggest problems with microphones right now is that they tend to be limited to just one type of use. MikeMe can be connected to a camera via a microphone cable, to a computer via a USB port, to a phone via Bluetooth, and allows you to record to its own storage whether for a podcast or a note, with a press of a button. It doesn’t get more versatile than that.

And versatility is exactly what you need as a content creator on the go. Did we mention how small it is? 1/4th of a size of shotgun microphones. Fits perfectly in a pocket, and doesn’t take up any unnecessary space in a backpack.

MX Master 2S

Touchpads aren’t good enough for content creation on any form. They just slow you down.

On the go, you won’t always have a desk around you. And that’s where the Logitech MX Master 2S comes in. You get a rest for your thumb for those long working hours along with a set of buttons and even an extra scroll-wheel for accessing the things you need to access as a creator, with ease. Most importantly, the MX Master 2S works on every surface, whether grass, skin, or glass. And that’s why it’s our choice. Most mouses are great until you can’t use them. You never have to worry about that with this mouse.the best mouse for creatives Logitech MX Master 2S review


The mouse also comes with Logitech Flow, which allows you to connect this mouse between two laptops or computers, essentially connecting them as if they were one. It’s not something that we need to use often, but when we do, it makes a big difference in our work-flow.


This is something that won’t help you with content creation on the go directly, but that will allow you to be more awake when needed whether that’s after a flight to a different continent or simply a photo shoot during late hours.

Ayo is a wearable that you put on, like glasses, that emits blue light.

content creation on the go ayo

Blue light, while it has many bad sides and overall is not great for your eye health, is also known to boost alertness, help memory, cognitive mood, and elevates mood.

And that makes sense considering one of the negative effects of blue light is that it makes you feel awake when trying to go sleep if exposed to even an hour prior to sleep.

We don’t recommend using Ayo too much, but it is a great device for hacking your body and getting some extra energy when you really need it, such as for content creation on the go after a 10-hour time change.

Content Creation on the Go – Must-Have Tech

Some of the things, you probably heard about prior, some such as Loupedeck, MikeMe, or Ayo, you probably never heard about.

But everything that we mentioned in this post, we use, and we use proudly because it makes content creation on the go far better, faster, and more fun.

And like we mentioned at the start of this post, everything here, it fits into the Lifepack backpack. And if you also want to pack your DJI Spark drone and some accessories, while you might be much tighter on space, the Lifepack will handle it.

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