Do DNA Tests Even Work? 23andME Traits

I always talk about getting DNA tests done. I’m curious about myself. I want to know everything I can about my body. And then I want to brag about it. Not kidding about that. I can’t make changes if I don’t know what works for me. Data helps. DNA helps. I’m unique. That’s why data about me works better than average studies.

I got this test with 23andMe. Not cheap at all. But then again, this is your genetics that we are talking about.

Here’s how this works. You spit into a tube for an awfully long period of time. You then send that tube via post. They check. They update your profile. And yes, your postman is technically carrying your saliva. You can brag to him about it.

I’m not going to provide all of the information so people can’t clone me, just kidding, but you don’t need to know everything about me.

You’ll find out some things though.

Likely to Consume More Caffeine

That’s what it said. Ever since I used my DNA as an excuse for my coffee intake.

I do have problems with drinking coffee though, I do need to cut down. Seeing that I’m more likely to consume more makes me see the need to cut down.

Muscle Composition = Common in elite Power Athletes


A tournament. I’m in yellow.


I play football. Apparently, I have the sexiest legs on my team.

My muscle composition states that I’m more of a sprinter than a long distance runner. And that is bang on. I’m also the fastest on my team. I sprint a lot.

Likely Little Upper Back Hair

None. Absolutely none.

Likely Light Hair

As you can see, a lot of this stuff is exactly right.

I’m not going to go through all of these, but in terms of the 22 traits, 18 are fully right, with one of them being half right as I like salt as much as I like the sweet taste.

When it comes to the wellness report which includes the likes of muscle composition, 7 out of 7 are right.

Compared to the average 23andMe customer, your DNA Relatives are…

56% less likely to make new year resolutions. I’m actually a rebel. Gretchen Rubin talks about it in her new book. In The Four Tendencies, we find out that about, em, the four tendencies that people have. I’m a rebel. I don’t like new year resolutions. Ironically, rebels work better independently, and here I am writing this.

Ironically, rebels work better independently, and here I am writing this.

53% less likely to have sweaty palms. Sort of, I can’t relate. I think it depends on what I consume with me.

51% more likely to feel jittery after drinking caffeine. I don’t think so. 

51% less likely to be able to do a backbend kickover. I can’t even touch my leg with toes with my hands. Never mind that.

47% less likely to have skydived. I’m absolutely terrified of heights.

40% less likely to have worked as a lifeguard. I‘m terrified of deep water too.

20% less likely to drink instant coffee. I hate that stuff. Ask @victorajayiart.  I need real coffee.

19% less likely to swear while sleeping. It depends on the temperature.

13% less likely to drink energy drinks. I don’t.

13% less likely to have worn braces on teeth. I never did. Probably should in the future.

10% less likely to be a superstar. Actually,  I won an award for being the most likely to become a famous person in my school.

10% less likely to drink caffeinated soda. I drink soda once per year. Sometimes less.

These are not all of the statistics provided, but pretty much all of them match me.

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23andMe got everything pretty much right. It’s interesting to find out stuff about yourself. Most of which you already know. It’s like reading an autobiography about yourself. But sometimes having DNA confirmation of something you know has a big impact on your life.



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