Dry Days Mac – the Perfect Rain Jacket for Fall?

If you live in Ireland, there’s no such thing as a perfect jacket for fall because a perfect jacket for fall in countries such as Ireland works in every single season. With a few extra layers underneath during winter of course.

A perfect jacket for fall must not only look good, but it must also perform and provide features that make life easier. Dry Days Mac is made by Ministry of Supply. But is it the perfect jacket for fall?


You have items to carry every day. Your phone must fit. It must be protected. Same with your wallet.  If a company provides a great jacket, that’s fantastic for looking good, but what if your phone goes missing?

But yet, you still wear jackets that fail in terms convenience every single day. That’s probably because you don’t know any better. You think that jackets are merely designed to look good, and that’s it. And that’s true in many cases. But Successisforall is all about finding products that make your life better, that’s why this jacket was found. 

The Biggest problem with Jackets

The lack of pockets.

How many pockets does your current jacket have? Let me guess, probably two.

That’s okay until you need to bring your phone, wallet, passport, earphones, cables, and sunglasses with you. You could put these items into your jeans or trousers, but trust me, it doesn’t end well.

baggy trousers.
Me having too many items in my trousers. As seen in Gary Vaynerchuk’s vlog.

There’s one more trick if people are walking with you. They might have a bag. You might give them your items.

Regardless of whatever option you choose, it will be inconvenient. And that’s precisely why Dry Days Mac is so convenient. It has not three, not four, but five pockets.

I carried a passport, a phone, a wallet, sunglasses, two packets of tissues, a pen, a box for earphones, earphones, and all of that was within the coat while taking these pictures. And I did not feel like I was carrying them. It doesn’t look like I was carrying anything either.

But pockets are great until they don’t fit your phone. It’s 2017. Phones are bigger. Most companies didn’t realize that yet and still provide medium pockets which don’t fit phones.

Dry Days Mac has pockets that your phone will fit into. Having plenty of pockets is one thing but designing them to fit just about anything that you might want to carry shows that this jacket is not only meant to look good. 

But these five pockets aren’t just pockets. They are zipped pockets. Two on each side outside of the coat and one inside. Zipped pockets add protection. Without zipped pockets, everything you store in your pocket is at risk of being stolen or lost.

We have massive phones. We need pockets that can fit them and protect them. And this jacket does that.

A coat without pocket zippers is a recipe for worry. One wrong move and something is gone forever.

Convenience With a Limitation

But while this coat provides convince that really helps, it’s not convenient if you are small.

I’m not tall. I’m not the shortest either. I’m just under the Europen average of 177.6 cm or 5 ft 10 in. I’m 175 cm or 5 ft 7 in. I used to wear medium sized clothes. I then started seeing that perhaps a smaller size is better.

But with Ministry of Supply? I’m classified as extra small. That means that if you are smaller than me which is still almost the average Europen height, then this jacket will be too big for you.

Great for Travel

The problem with jackets is that they take up space. The problem with travel is that you are limited on space. If you are traveling and don’t want to bring just one jacket with you, Dry Days Mac is your solution for fall. It’s slim. Fold it a few times, and you will get it folded with a thickness of a jumper. That allows you to bring it with you easily.

It looks good casually. It looks good semi-casually. It’s a product made for travel. 

Especially if you consider its features. It’s waterproof. It’s able to withstand horrific weather conditions. You don’t feel the cold wind with this jacket either. It’s easy to carry. It’s also easy to carry things within it. If anything, it can be washed in a washing machine. The materials its made from allow it to keep you warm but also keep you cool.

This coat is slim. Fold it a few times, and you will get into to a size of a thicker shirt or a jumper. If you are traveling and don’t want to just bring one jacket with you, bringing one of those is the way to do it.

The Looks

What’s the point of having a coat if it doesn’t look good? This one? Before I got any pictures taken, somebody stopped, took off their earphones and asked where I got this jacket.

I see this jacket as a child of a topcoat and a windbreaker. It’s long. It’s handsome. It’s formal. It’s casual.  Of course, whether you like the design, that depends on who you are. You might love it. You might hate it.

But let us let pictures do what they do best and show what this jacket is like.

Quality & Design

The section about convenience already mentioned the pockets and how they are convenient but there’s more of good design present. The hood? It’s zippable too. It means it can be hidden when not in need. That adds to the design. It makes the jacket look better when it’s not raining but it also still makes it convenient as that hood is there if you need it. And speaking of the hood, it doesn’t flatten my hair as much because it’s bigger than an average hood. That’s a key to looking good.

This coat looks slim.

It looks like you will be cold wearing it but that is not the reality. That’s not the reality. The materials on it protect it from the harsh wind that might otherwise hit you. It’s moisture wicking. It’s waterproof. If you want to go adventures in extreme weather, this is the jacket do it with. And I’ll demonstrate that in future posts too.

Conclusion – the Perfect Jack for Fall

If you are looking for a perfect jacket for fall, this is it. No doubt about it. And if you live in countries where the weather is the same for most of the year, this is an ultimate jacket for that.

It looks great. It’s slim. You can fit items in it. It’s waterproof. It has a hidden hood. This is a jacket that will make your life better.

The only little problem I had with it was the zipping part of the jacket. It was hard to get it to zip and unzip. At first, I thought that it was perhaps some manufacturing problem, but after a while, I hacked how it’s meant to be zipped and unzipped. After a few days, you should not have a problem with it.

If you are looking for the perfect jacket for fall, while wanting something slim, then the Dry Days Mac is probably your best choice, as long as you are not too small for it.

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