Is EMF a Danger to You? – Faradays Underwear That Protects Your Private Parts Review

Tech has made our homes more connected than ever allowing us to have smart Wi-Fi bulbs and even smart kettles, while also allowing a lot of us to work on the internet, but is that actually a good thing? Depending on is EMF a danger to you, it might not be. IS emf a danger to you? - Faradays Underwear that protects your private parts

We often say that tech made our lives better but that it also made a lot worse in many ways. EMF? It’s an electromagnetic field produced by pretty much all electrical devices, and it’s also completely natural to this planet and us too. It’s also what allows your Wi-Fi to work. As you are reading this, no matter where you live, you are exposed to EMF. The question is whether EMF exposure is a serious health danger or a conspiracy theory.

Let’s get one thing clear right away. No major company nor the government is ever going to say that EMF is a danger to public health even if it is. That would spark the next recession overnight because every piece of technology emits it. 1 billion people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. When it comes to EMF, it hits the entire population.

Yet… it is also something that is natural to our planet.

Who’s right in telling us is EMF a danger or not? One one side, it’s in the interest of global companies to show that it’s not, but are 5G activists in the right, and to what extent?

We’ll tackle the issue from both sides, briefly also discussing the topic of 5G while also reviewing the Faradays Underwear to see if they are able to keep your private parts protected meaning testosterone at your optimal levels and better sperm count. Sounds good? Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter as this is just the first of this EMF related series on the health tech aspect of our site.

Is Emf a Danger to You or Is It a Conspiracy Theory?

Is EMF a Danger to You or Is It a Conspiracy Theory?

“Scientists generally don’t think EMFs are a health concern.”

Governments and companies will back it up with “4G was introduced and brought concerns too, but everyone is fine.”

What companies don’t tell you is that the studies and research they base their thoughts on doesn’t focus on the real issues that EMF brings and that makes it dangerous and often don’t account the intensity of EMF we are exposed to for long hours every day.

With that said, one of the mistakes EMF related companies often make is that they link towards studies that are very limited, often leading to a loss in credibility.

EMF product sites will link towards evidence supporting all kinds of tumors. The truth is that there’s a lot of mixed data on that topic which makes it complicated in many ways.

However, it’s absolutely certain that EMF disrupts the functioning of your cells which can then eventually lead to tumors amongst other things. If all scientists looked at is EMF a danger from that perspective, they would be able to conclude that EMF is capable of causing issues that lead to bigger issues.

Now, your cells will still work, but they won’t be working at their standard level (we actually mentioned Joov Go as a device that helps improve cell function recently) which means that every single function that your body needs to carry out, isn’t being carried out as well as it should be, eventually causing health problems but also body fatigue.IS emf a danger to you? - Faradays Underwear that protects your private parts

There’s also both scientific and medical proof that interactions between natural and artificial EMF’s effect especially the bone marrow which also means it affects the likes of your blood cells which are produced in the bone marrow.

We are going to be focusing on the other aspects that EMF is a danger to us in future content coming soon, but in this article, we are going to focus around keeping your private parts safe which EMF also has an incredible impact on whether that’s your testosterone level or sperm count which we’ll talk about after we discuss a bit more about 5G.

What’s the Issue With 5G If We Are Already Exposed to EMF Already?

Studies that were done on people living close to phone masts and relay antennas clearly shows an impact of EMF on blood count, which was drastically off.

4G? It has the frequency of under 6Ghz. 5G? It’s up to 100GHz. It’s a much higher frequency and a much smaller distance that it works in. That means that you need a lot more antennas installed, meaning much higher frequency at all times in areas with 5G. 

However, what most 5G opposers don’t mention is that 5G isn’t able to penetrate homes and buildings as well due to its limited range. That means that while 5G is an issue when you are outdoors, 4G that we are already exposed to might be a much bigger issue when you are at home as it’s able to penetrate walls a lot easier.

And that might not have any effect on you now or even next year, but it will have some sort of an effect on your body at some point. And it might even already be having an impact with some issue you have, but you might not know it.

Faradays Underwear That Protects Your Private Parts

One of the issues that EMF brings to men is lower sperm count and testosterone level with a much higher percentage of erectile dysfunction. The interesting thing about that is that all these things have been getting worse as phone technology was improving.

Since the 1980s, sperm count dropped by 65% on average. Meanwhile, testosterone levels dropped by an average of 35%.IS emf a danger to you? - Faradays Underwear that protects your private parts

EMF? It’s not just an underwear issue as it affects all of your body, but if there’s one part to protect for sure as a man, it’s your private parts. A lot of men looks for ways to increase testosterone. Maybe that was a wrong way to look at it. Maybe you needed to look for how not to make it decrease.

Oh, and as awful as it sounds, do you want your kids to be of lower quality?

Right away, avoiding having your phone in your pocket and not having your laptop on your lap is going have an impact as you are decreasing proximity which lowers the EMF exposure, but you are still going to be affected either way, and that’s where the Faradays Underwear that protects your private parts comes in as a solution.Is Emf a Danger to You or Is It a Conspiracy Theory?

How do they do it? By offering a silver-nylon FaradayTech™ pouch which simplified is a high permeable silver nanoparticle exterior. Not that it sounds are simpler. In basic English, it’s a pouch with the right materials that prevent EMF from hitting your private parts.

However, there is an issue with this type of protection. Scalar energy is emitted along with EMF.  Scaler energy? It’s a field that can be good but also bad depending on what emits it, and in this instance, it’s bad. Faradays Underwear will block EMF, but it won’t block scalar energy nor will something stronger due to the nature of scalar energy being that it can travel between matter. Explained briefly. (We’ll dive more into this in the future for sure.)

Faradays Underwear is still a pair of underwear worth having which we discuss in more detail below, but note that you aren’t fully protected.

Faradays Underwear That Protects Your Private Parts Isn’t Just Going to Protect Your Bad Boys From Being Bad Balls

One of the major issues company in the health tech sector make that we talked over and over is that companies that make health tech often fail at design. Swanwick glasses are one of the biggest examples of that. They work great but look bad, and the result is that it’s just very hard to wear them even when knowing their benefits.IS emf a danger to you - Faradays Underwear that protects your private parts

And we don’t blame people for not using things that help if they don’t look good enough. People judge and nobody wants to put themselves at a disadvantage.

The Faradays Underwear that protects your private parts, though? They look as good as you would expect from the top brands.Is Emf a Danger to You or Is It a Conspiracy Theory?

Even more importantly, it’s the most comfortable pair of underwear you will ever wear with its organic bamboo fabric. And I’ve tried a lot of other brands that did a lot more than Calvin Klein in that aspect. These are on the comfort level of my Tani underwear which is the most expensive underwear I ever had in the past, but that is on the same level of comfort and pricing as the Faradays Underwear that protects your private parts, with that EMF blocking pouch being there too.

Oh, and they look like a pair that will last. I’ve been washing these twice per week on average for around 4 months, and they still look brand new, although I do feel like their logo on their underwear will eventually peel off.IS emf a danger to you - Faradays Underwear that protects your private parts

Right now, they have only two options as far as colors and do only offer one type of underwear, but we are sure you will deal with that for health benefits.

Does EMF Protection Justify Their Pricing 

At first, we looked at this from the perspective of the fact that you can’t just wear EMF protection underwear once per week as EMF exposure is constant and that it might be better to invest in a device that will help your entire body deal with EMF and the other aspects that EMF causes.

But that’s only the case if you were to buy all the 7 pairs individually as it would add up to paying over $308 for a protection that doesn’t cover your entire body when certain devices available do for that price.Is Emf a Danger to You or Is It a Conspiracy Theory?

However, Faradays offer you 12 pairs of underwear for $289. That’s around $24 per pair, and you are getting the most comfortable underwear on the market, not made from synthetics while getting protection for your private balls. That’s the price of Kalvin Kleins which offer nothing in comparison, well minus their well-known brand name.

And here’s the thing, regardless of whether you believe that EMF is harmful or not after reading this post about is EMF a danger to you, you need underwear anyway. And that’s this underwear makes sense anyway and is a piece of underwear we highly recommend.

What Else Can You Do to Protect Yourself From the Effects of EMF?

Surpingsly a, a lot. There are actual ways of eliminating the effects of EMF on your body. And this is a topic that we are going to be diving into a lot in the coming weeks because it’s important to do so.

  1. Get a device that helps eliminate the effects of EMF issues (we aren’t going to mention any specific devices until we test them out fully by ourselves.)
  2. Use grounding. You can get grounding products like a mouse pad that connects to your plug, which we will mention in our next health tech post. Grounding helps with inflammation and improves sleep allowing you to reduce the effects of EMF. It’s not going to remove the issues of EMF, but overall will have a positive impact on your body.
  3. Use red light therapy. Red light therapy similarly helps with some of the aspects that EMF makes worse. Once again, it’s not going to eliminate negatives associated with it, but it’s still worth using.)

There’s a lot of sites reviewing tech but not enough sites reviewing health tech. We dive into that because that’s the most important type of tech, and not enough people know about EMF and its actual effects on health, and if you dig that, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

What Can You Do Right Away to Limit the Dangers of EMF?

You might not be able to afford to buy the equipment to protect yourself from EMF at this time. Someone will tell you that when it comes to health, that money doesn’t matter. It does matter. It’s easy to say if you can afford EMF protection products, but not so easy to say when you also have a family to feed.

That’s why we are offering a few simple tips that will help you limit the dangers of EMF right away:

1. Avoid using your laptop on your lap and don’t sleep with your phone underneath your pillow or on the bed.

2. Avoid using wireless headsets when possible. That’s a hard step to take for creators but perhaps invest in a better pair of speakers instead.

3. Ground yourself more. Being barefoot on grass actually does the trick.

4. Avoid using headsets when possible.

5. Spend time without having any technology around you.IS emf a danger to you - Faradays Underwear that protects your private parts

So Is EMF a Danger to You and is Faradays Underwear Worth it?

EMF isn’t a simple topic. One thing is for sure. It does have an effect on your body, and so do a lot of other things at the wrong proportions. EMF a danger to you? If you do not limit your exposure to it in the long-term, for sure. But solving EMF issues isn’t just going to make you the best human you can be by yourself. It’s a mix of everything that we cover on our health tech series.

A lot of our audience are some sort of creators and use a ton of technology, and it’s impossible to eliminate that aspect, but luckily it doesn’t mean that we have to suffer and luckily there are technologies for that, out there, but there’s also a lot that EMF tech that doesn’t work which is why we’ll update this post with links to products we write about, as we test out products.

As to Faradays Underwear? It protects you from EMF but not all aspects related to EMF such as scalar energy. With that said, you need underwear anyway, and if you have the money to buy 12 pairs, you are getting a sweet deal for the most comfortable underwear out there (level with Tani) that performs great, is organic, and also happens to look great.

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