EPOS 670 Headphones – Best HeadphoneS for New PS5 and XBox?

With the PS5 and new Xbox coming out, you are probably looking to step up your gaming experience in all departments. Audio plays a huge role in that. Hearing what angle something is at, or that little sound that your other headphones can’t pick up, it can allow you to get much further. These are the EPOS 670 headphones and since they are a branch of Sennheiser, and since the next-gen consoles are coming out, we have high expectations. Are these worthy of the next-gen of gaming? And are they worthy overall for any type of gaming whether it’s on your PC or your phone? Find the answer to those questions on headphonage.com for the best gaming headsets.

To get more insights into these, apart from reviewing them from the perspective of headphones, we actually also sent them out to an Elite gamer, Kaz, to get his feedback.

The Design

We’ll be honest.


They put a bad label on gamers that they are these people with these weird, and almost nerdy style.

That’s one of the reasons we love these EPOS headphones. They just don’t do any of that. 

…Even though one could argue that these have a military-style theme, if you just show them to someone, they wouldn’t notice that. And that’s great.

They do feel a lot more plasicty than the Momentum 3 headphones and do rock a micro-USB which is just not cool in 2020, but even with that they feel very solid.

One thing we loved with the Sennheiser Momentum 3 is how they turn off when you close them. That isn’t a possibility with these. Matter of fact, you can’t really close them at all, and that makes them less travel friendly so if you are always on the go, this isn’t the best pair for that.

The Microphone

Communication in gaming is crucial.

If you can’t hear someone clearly, you won’t communicate well, and in cases where there’s weird distortion, you will lose focus, or well, your teammates will lose focus.

This microphone? Well, that’s how it sounds compared to the Momentum 3 headphones. That was shot in a super echoey room.

The microphone is also noise-canceling so if you have others in your sitting room or wherever you are, it’s great for that.

In fact, here are Kaz’s words:

What works very good is ambient sound in microphone cancellation or whatever its called…Guys on the party cannot hear humming noise of PS4 for example. Noise cancelling is very good on those headphones, works as it should.


Any piece of headphone can appear comfortable at first, but it’s only when you really wear them for quite some time, that you can tell if something is actually comfortable or not.

We don’t game enough to know that which is why we sent these over to our elite gamer Kaz for hardcore comfort testing.

His words?


As I said before comfort is the most important for me as I spend hours playing with the lads and never had any issues like headache, marks on my head, sweaty ears… It is very easy and intuitional to use the volume control as well as muting your microphone by lifting the microphone arm up. These headphones are the most comfortable I have ever had and I had quite a few, starting from low shelf up to mega expensive…

Sound Quality

This is without a doubt one of the best sounding wireless gaming headsets out there, and that is to be expected with Sennheiser.

Sound quality is just spectacular. I can hear things that I never heard before playing the same game with different headset.

They do come with 7.1 Surround making them perfect for that next-gen 3D audio experience in consoles.

That’s not to say that they are as great as the Momentum 3 headphones when it comes to listening to music, but these aren’t designed for music.

When it comes to gaming though, most importantly, these capture all the frequencies in games you would want to hear to get an advantage, and that’s what makes the EPOS 670 headphones incredible for gaming.

Of course, these are wireless, and that matters too. I did find that these don’t have a range that’s as great as on the Momentum 3, but unless you want to stay up to date with what is happening while in the bathroom, you are always going to be close your console.

Battery life

Battery life is excellent. One charge lasts for up to 12 hours of constant use. Anyway I never have a problem with battery.

Are the EPOS 670 Headphones Worth it?

These headphones do lack some basics like USB-C, but offer a much better battery life than the Momentum 3, and are future-proof for the new generation of consoles. They offer incredible quality of sound, a great microphone, and most importantly, as Kaz said, they are incredibly comfortable which matters the most.

Perhaps the best way to sum up these EPOS 670 is with this:

I have already recommended them to my friends, some of them bought it and are very happy. That says it all.

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