Is Everlane worth it? Polo Review

Is Everlane worth it? That’s not a question due to how expensive Everlane is. The question of “is Everlane worth it” is asked because Everlane is actually pretty affordable especially when comes to the likes of polos and tees, and thus the question of whether Everlane products are good enough or are you paying for something of poor quality. I tested Everlane products since May. I’ve been to warm countries and some colder countries that ended up being warmer than the warm countries.

Is Everlane worth it?

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Not for everyone.

You Need to Be Tall Otherwise Everlane Won’t Be Worth It!

Imagine being 175cm AKA 5.9″ and your polo passing the fitting test but not in a matter that you would be fully pleased with. If you are smaller than that measurement, Everlane is not worth it. Not if you are a man anyway. As a woman? We’ll keep you updated on that in upcoming posts.

Is Everlane Worth it?

But if you are not on the higher side, you might have an issue ordering from Everlane as everything will look too baggy. I got an XS polo along with an S tee, and the tee was too big for me. And I ain’t the smallest man out there.

Just like with the Ministry of Supply, being small is not great.

If you are not my size or higher, forget about Everlane right away.

Are Everlane Products Sufficient Quality to Call Everlane Worth It?

Prices on Everlane differ, but the polos are priced at $35.

You can go into a shop into a somewhat known brand, and I can guarantee you that those $35 polos will be of poorer quality.

I paid way more for polos from known brands with the same quality. With Everlane, you don’t pay for branding. You also don’t go into a shop. You buy directly online, and that’s the reason these are such good quality. There’s no reason to pay for extra employees nor shops. You just buy online and that saves everybody money. Everlane also takes less profit from each product, but that makes everything more affordable.

Is Everlane Worth it

The Pique Polo Shirt goes for $35 but would retail for $70 with traditional retail. And that’s not just a random number given by Everlane. We write plenty about all kinds of products here, but we have way more products. Just that many don’t pass the tests.

If you are asking if Everlane is worth it, the fact you aren’t paying for the brand automatically makes it worth it as you aren’t wasting money for a logo. That also means Everlane needs to offer something that others don’t.

There are cheap clothes. There are cheap clothes at premium prices. Then there’s also premium clothes at low prices, and Everlane belongs to that range.

But What Exactly Is so Great About the Quality to Make Everlane Worth It?

At with we talk about products that really help. We talked about the best jeans for everything. We reviewed boots that can handle everything. What exactly is so great about the quality of Everlane? You for sure aren’t paying for special features with the polo. It’s for sure not Ministry of Supply polo quality. You won’t get that fully silky smooth experience and breathability on that level, but that’s just not doable as Ministry of Supply has premium features and premium prices. Everlane’s big feature is that they provide the level of the other normal premium priced companies, at a much lower price.

If you are here a lot, you know we love Thompson Tees. I myself sweat a lot, and Thompson Tees help keep that sweat from ever staining my clothes and also is a reason behind I don’t need to wash my clothes as much. It’s also an extra layer, and when it comes to heat, having layers isn’t great.

Everlane isn’t as great as the Ministry of Supply with their technologies in terms of breathability, but most people never used Ministry of Supply and the Everlane Polo? It’s the most breathable polo after Ministry of Supply I ever used.

And ultimately, breathability is what you look for the most in a Polo. You want to wear something without feeling like you are about to boil.

But my complaint is the fit. It’s not bad by any means. An average human would consider it great. But if you really want to be that person that doesn’t just look great but the best, some adjustments would be good. For instance, the sleeves could be slightly shorter for a more aesthetic look. There could also be less material on the shirt itself as it’s noticeable that there’s just too much of it. I would also like if the collar had more of a structure, but that one depends on the design itself and not the quality of the product.

And there’s nothing you can do about it as are you actually going to go tailor a product for as much money as the product itself?

What About After Washing

I don’t like washing products that I wear a lot as I fear the quality of them will decrease. And that’s true with a lot of products!

Unfortunately white is a color that requires washing regardless of whether you wear it out or not. Whenever you wear white, stains just love you! Regardless of how careful you are! And boy, if your partner puts on any makeup whatsoever, make sure she doesn’t hug you shortly after. It doesn’t end well.

Is Everlane worth it?


White colors require washing regardless of how I feel though. This polo has been through a wash in my grannies who washes things at much higher temperatures than I do. And it’s still around the same quality as when I initially got it.

The Great Thing About Everlane Products

You see brands change their style, add trendy text, colors, or styles. Everlane? It doesn’t do that. Everlane is about the basics that look great regardless of the season or year. And that’s one of the things I love. I know that whatever product I get from Everlane, it will be relevant in years to come, and the polo having already survived much more washing than any of my other clothes and being exposed to the sun in the past 5 months, I know that Everlane doesn’t just make affordable products but also quality products.

is everlane worth it

And unlike any other brand that sells prices, Everlane is very transparent. You know what factory the products come from. And that matters. If you are going to make products that are affordable, you especially want to know, just in case.

So Is Everlane Worth It?

If you are looking for tech in clothing, forget about. If you want wrinkle free and the most breathable fabrics on the planet, forget about it. Everlane is about providing clothing that would otherwise be expensive, at affordable prices. And a lot of times, that’s all you need. You just need normal clothing such as a polo but don’t want to overpay. Everlane won’t make you overpay. And recently, they also added international shipping.

Once you figure out your size and order your first item, I’m sure that you will never stop.

This is just a polo review. Fall is coming. You want to know about those products. Are they worth it? We’ll keep you updated on that!

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