Fear Is A Dream Killer. Fear Will Kill You.

Fear will kill you. Fear will kill your dreams, it will destroy your friendships, it will destroy your reputation, your success, it will take it all…Until you eventually die… A life spent existing, but never living…Unless you take action.

Greg Plitt died on the 17th of January 2015, he might have lived a short life, but a life worth living, a life that he did not spend existing but actually living. How did he do it? He went past his fears!

“Fear is self imposed,it means it doesn’t exist…. You can create it,you can destroy it too!”

Take action, do this simple exercise I once read in a superb book by OSHO called “Courage” Whenever you have the choice between the known and the unknown, always choose the unknown. It will change your life, it will make your life more exciting, worth living and it will stop your fear.10818006_1543923535848629_877060509_n

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying don’t fear. If you don’t fear anything then you will more than likely die. If you don’t fear running through a motorway, then you will more likely die. That’s a rather lack of survival fear. You need to posses survival fear as otherwise you will do things that can kill you. But I’m talking about fear of things that are preventing us from living, and don’t do any harm to us. Rather the fear of doing those things does that harm.

The simplest technique to let go of that fear is just to take action. There’s no magic formula. Practice is the only way to break this fear. Do one thing you fear right now. NO CHEATING! Call that sexy girl. Go on that trip with your friends. Show me that you are in control. That you have power. As if you don’t…Then fear will remain within you forever…And I suppose the question is do you want to simply exist…Or do you want to live? That’s your choice. 

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